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  1. Some permits for the church work were approved (grading/fill/drainage) etc
  2. There's a plat in the system for Ly's Liquor to replat their lot (and surrounding locations, i.e. the old East End Fitness) into one plat.
  3. Parking Variance permit submitted on behalf of Pruitt by Ironbridge Realty.
  4. 4514 LYONS AVE 77020 - Permits in to convert hospital to apartments. Not sure if this is the best place for the thread, but it's just north of I-10 so it's considered "East", right? Looks like a cool project to follow.
  5. One of the first confirmed leases I've heard of is Broham Grocery (a small box, artisan bodega currently in north Houston). Owned by Chef Jonny Rhodes of Indigo. He also owns Food Fight Farms. His mission is to combat the lack of food availability in lower socioeconomic communities. He's specifically targeting the fifth ward as the primary community served with this new location. Excited he'll be a member of the community. https://www.instagram.com/broham_groceries/?hl=en
  6. All good, yes, but odd that they're still marketing an unrealistic timeline on social media.
  7. Remember when they said “T - 7 weeks” 11 weeks ago? An iceberg moves quicker than this.
  8. Permit says construction of 38 single family residences so you won some brand new townhomes! https://gray-wood.com/homes/
  9. I noticed the empty retail complex at this corner is now fenced in and has a dumpster on site. Any ideas what's going on?
  10. People in the area are pissed about it. I think naming the baseball fields is appropriate, but why not pave our roads first??
  11. https://www.read-king.com/property/±287-ac-sale-east-end Just a cool 8.1M
  12. Weird space for a brewery. I was hoping for more spaces that made logical sense being on top of YP living (workout studio, cafe, etc).
  13. I'm surprised we haven't heard of any leasing confirmation for the GFR yet.
  14. There are fences up on the Jensen portion of East River property.
  15. I think I stand by this original statement still. The plat tracker has "Andrew Allemand" listed as the applicant, who is a representative from Iron Bridge Realty that specializes in land sales. I would expect when the lady at Pruitt the said "we've sold" was probably speaking in a similar context to that of the Olshan employee, which means the company will be moving from the property and the land will be sold, similar to the Olshan set up. The lady at Pruitt said they'd remain on site until next August, so I wonder if this is them getting ducks in a row prior to lands sales, and to make the land more attractive to potential developers.
  16. https://www.instagram.com/p/CSdKWNIgyYC/?utm_medium=copy_link
  17. *asks the universe for groceries and food vendors*
  18. I'm not convinced that's the full reno. H2B Engineering is the design firm behind Heights Mercantile, Buff Bayou Brewing, a few other retail spots, one truck yard location and a few country clubs and theaters. The lady at Pruitt said they'd maintain operations on the property until August 2022, I'm curious what purpose this reno would serve in the interim? I'll keep my fingers crossed for a mixed use facility like Heights Mercantile. http://www.h2bengineers.com/retail-and-hospitality.html
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