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  1. Was taking a virtual walk down Harrisburg and noticed "Fly Fly Pizza" is listed as a tenant. Looks like there's also a Fly Fly Pizza in Dallas? Either way, excited for some food in the area. Was hoping this was going to be the location of Angie's brick and mortar they've been alluding to.. Still holding out hope. Also confusing.. Popston is set to occupy Ste B so this could be logged in error.
  2. It looks like Jarvis Civil Engineering is leading the project. I'm curious if we can track down a plan with that info?
  3. Looks like it will be five story apartment building with a one story amenity center.
  4. Unfortunately I live right by here and asked what they were up to... no building yet, just fixing a broken pipe.
  5. I've scoured every source I can to determine who purchased and I have found nothing. Any ideas where else I can look?
  6. The two vacant lots adjacent to Valero at the intersection of Canal and Sampson (3301 Canal and 3402 Canal) are linked to the owner of "Concept Neighborhood, LLC", a business that "clusters and manages mixed-use properties in walkable urban neighborhoods". ALJ Lindsey is on the WW permits.
  7. Are we sure that the BFH -> KBRN sale was for the end of Bayou street? The entity that purchased the East River is a midway entity named "KBRN". There was a purchase by KBRN from BFH in August 2020. As of 2019/2020 in HCAD there's no property north of the Bayou on BFH's ownership list. I'm curious if Midway scooped this land up?
  8. Teaspresso has building permits approved so I expect them to actually build out their area soon.
  9. Sold to Goldking Realty Corp in March 2021. This group was also in charge of the Headquarters development in the lot next door. I hope we see some beautiful commercial transformation on this property. https://www.chron.com/business/real-estate/article/The-Headquarters-adds-coworking-venue-to-the-East-10845853.php
  10. We just stopped by on the way home. Great drinks. Very cool vibe. Highly recommend. Open concept with cocktails and snacks and eclectic jungle theme.
  11. It’s called Fitzcarraldo, the permit had a typo. Insta is @champagne.machete https://instagram.com/champagne.machete?igshid=13ddzn5mmf32y looks like soft opening started yesterday
  12. I saw they’ve applied for waste water applications on this block, the one to the east and at the old Rex supply building. Could mean good things as it seems that’s the first step prior to building permits. Sending the universe some building pmt vibes this week.
  13. Cool patio furniture has been added. @Montrose1100, the pillars of eternity remain. Helicopter moved to a more strategic location near the patio. Fence has privacy screening added. Hopefully we'll see this place open up soon enough.
  14. It's now owned by CDAB III, LLC. They have the same address as the ECOM Foundation that is a non-profit specializing in (among other things) ... coffee production. http://www.ecomfoundation.org/en/ This property is too valuable as a major industrial asset to simply be changed into a "cool" retail building.
  15. Roostar signage is up. Will try for a photo when there's better weather.
  16. Bulldozer(?) on the property digging stuff up today.
  17. Replatted to be "Milby House". Owned and submitted by Lovett. Looks like they purchased the SF Home on the corner of Hutcheson and Preston. Bets on whether they sell this for affordable housing like they did the lot across the street?
  18. Mark Dana has "EaDo Lofts" listed on their website with the typical cheap apartment look as the photo.
  19. Spoke to a guy named Antonio who is often on the property cleaning up. He mentioned these will likely be townhomes, though he called them "apartments". He pointed to the townhomes at 616 York and said they were by the same owner. Those are built by REME Homes. He said the same owner is planning a "food court" at the warehouse at 2501 Commerce.
  20. The old "Able Body" nestled in the Gulf Fwy/Scott Street round exit has dumpsters in front of it. Looks like it's being renovated. The address is now listed as "AS Lodge". Looks to be the same owners as the Midtown Lodge. It seems to be a "hostel" type of open bunk housing primarily targeting homeless and at-risk populations.
  21. Will this be in the building that was once planned to be the Straylight Run VR bar?
  22. Given the full operation of Olshan on all of the lots it occupies and no tidbits of planning for the property, I wouldn't expect anything substantial to appear within the next few years at least. Additionally, looking into Cathexis further, they are truly a holdings company. All local news regarding Cathexis only mentions them selling the land to Real Estate developers (East River land to Midway, some Greenway parcels, etc.) Last edit: The only real estate transactions listing BFG as the seller, or at all, are from August of 2020 when they sold a parcel of land in the Block 58
  23. 812 Live Oak has a permit open to convert it to a self storage center.
  24. Let’s merge this thread and the other for the same lot: @Urbannizer can you help?
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