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  1. What does this mean? Masking a land play by paying for a cheap architectural drawing?
  2. There's a permit in the system for the 3rd floor to become an event venue. Great idea with such good downtown views.
  3. There's another WW permit in the system for this location.
  4. I am so butthurt I’ll never experience those enchiladas again
  5. The property (1102 Sampson) is owned by Chadha Vikrant on HCAD. Linked to 3202 McKinney Street.
  6. That makes sense! I didn't do too much research, just saw two demo permits and blindly associated them with the two buildings.
  7. Two demo permits in the system for these buildings (in the pictures)
  8. No idea. I heard this from my boyfriend in insurance so there’s literally zero way to verify his statements. What he said is it sounds like it because it was so successful they’re trying to partially revive it? Not sure if it would be a new concept or similar. Feels like bad juju to reopen as is.
  9. Can you explain what an Expedited Com permit does? I was trying to google and couldn't find anything relevant. Thanks!
  10. Heard through the longest grapevine that Bobby Heugel (anvil, squable, blt, tongue cut sparrow) may be eyeing the former Night Shift location to try for a similar concept.
  11. Thanks for clarifying! This topic is about the purple. You can find information on the green here:
  12. @wilcalThe to-be built townhomes are already listed on zillow (https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/510-Sampson-St-Houston-TX-77003/2063375570_zpid/) Perhaps they're just gauging interest?
  13. Can you share the agenda item? Hopefully they'll demo the current structure. Who are the POCs on the topic?
  14. https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/510-Sampson-St-Houston-TX-77003/2063375570_zpid/
  15. They were having an event yesterday, not sure if they’ll do a soft opening before may 11. The inside looks great
  16. @thedistrict84 @IntheKnowHouston @wilcal @samagon@JBTX I moved here in early 2019. Before my purchase, I did some research on developments in the area and stumbled upon this subpage. It's become a bit of a hobby for me to drive around the neighborhood and monitor developments that are mentioned in this page, and to share when I see one that hasn't been noted yet. I've learned so much about permitting, construction and real estate. I feel like I've become an armchair expert. It's such a unique experience to watch a neighborhood develop and transform around you. I've become familiar with your handles. I see you here often. It has been even more enjoyable to share such an experience with you guys, as well. Thanks for continuing to share your finds with me and for never losing hope that an HEB is coming.
  17. I haven't seen anything. Is it just the empty lot you're referring to?
  18. There's a new Business Permit in the system for "Ture Anomaly Brewly - Navigation" Not the best spelling, but I smell an upgrade, perhaps in prep for the 45/59 expansion? https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/4001-Navigation-Blvd-Houston-TX/19841403/
  19. Plan Review permit in for Lustre Pearl: *LUSTRE PEARL 1201 ST. EMANUEL ST 77003 ONE-STOP RE-ROOF, RESTAURANT
  20. @Paco Jones where did you find this rendering?
  21. From what I gather as the most amateur person here is that they now have a permit in the system with their full plans. Those plans will be reviewed by the city for compliance to codes, etc. and if approved, it'll open the door for work to begin -- with additional permits required for each major item (building, plumbing, electrical), of course.
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