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  1. Just checked HCAD and this land is owned by a Lovett/InTown holding company so I'm curious if they're just going to develop the MF aspect themselves.
  2. Got it.. so realistically that building won't be changing any time soon given that the preleasing sign has been up for almost 2 years.
  3. https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/3801-Garrow-St-Houston-TX/4699194/ 3801 Garrow is now for sale. Hopefully that means the Aff Housing plans there will ultimately fall through for something more commercial. I feel like the Milby/Harrisburg corridor is primed for development.
  4. The lots by my house are the same.. It feels incredibly slow given that another developer has surveyed and started development (already framing) since then. I've noticed they're dumping land across the area and posting it for sale through CBRE. Our area has yet to show up on the site, but I'm curious what their plans are for Houston development.
  5. This belongs in the "Fitzcarnaldo" thread. Different plot of land on Navigation.
  6. Why does every affordable housing complex look the exact same?
  7. Mark Dana Properties will be the builder per the new plat report: http://www.mark-dana.com/properties/texas-properties/ Anyone know how I can update the title to clarify this is a multifamily development? I made a few pages with just addresses and it's getting confusing. Thanks
  8. https://houston.culturemap.com/news/real-estate/04-02-21-east-river-east-downtown-midway-the-laura-apartments-buffalo-bayou-beehives/
  9. I believe the development at Scott and Clay is being marketed as a senior living facility.
  10. What happened to the 800 Middle Street affordable housing development plans?
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