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  1. Anyone know anything about this? Looks like it could be a cool set up but all they have is a corn dog stand from a carnival right now.
  2. Some additional companies listed on the permits: NextSeed, Popston, Hemp Works, Houston Slingshot
  3. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/local/gray-matters/article/The-case-against-HTX-10632825.php
  4. A lot of work being done at this sight. Some retail shops already set up on the inside.
  5. Building permit submitted and approved in August 2020. Looks like they may still be pursuing this after all.
  6. And that means .. a new gas station.
  7. Office space and convenience store to be built at this location (one block north of EEB).
  8. So I may have spoken too soon. Preston Business (listed above for the office and convenience store owns properties in 77003, but not the one in this thread. I believe the Preston Business permits are for land in EaDo. They currently own 3403 McKinney, 3419 Mckinney and 903 Sampson (red outline in picture below), one block north of East End Backyard. I assume the C-store and office space will go there. May be worth creating a separate page for that. 3202 Commerce (0 Commerce on HCAD) or the highlighted lot below is owned by Alt-H, LLC. Alt-H just received a commercia
  9. Tilt wall construction has begun. https://www2.colliers.com/en/properties/for-lease-retailoffice-redevelopment-at-south-gulf-plaza-coming-soon/usa-5815-gulf-freeway-houston-tx-77023/usa1072950
  10. Previous brick building demolished over the holidays. Looks like it has been replat to one large lot called "Powerhouse Reserve"
  11. Instagram bio says "coming april 2021" Additionally, under the "Local Spots" highlight, they have a video tour of the Common Desk interior from The Block across the street.
  12. Per the drive in website it looks like December was a "soft launch" with discounted ticket rates. I'm thinking they may be prepping for something more permanent. (https://rooftopcinemaclub.com/houston/venue/the-drive-in-at-eado/) I have a feeling the development of this lot for "The Mill" may not take place in the short term. I haven't seen any paperwork for restrictions or permitting yet.
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