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  1. This should be moved to 3501/3509 Harrisburg topic. This is the plot of land owned by Platform Group. Likely replatting to accommodate their newly planned development at 3509 Harrisburg (Corner of Harrisburg + Hutcheson). @Moderators, can you help with this?
  2. Waste water permits in the system for 3314 Harrisburg Blvd by Niazi Family Investments, the owners of King Fuel, Inc. (the gas station on the corner of Harrisburg + Milby). They own quite a few parcels of land in the area. In my experience, WW permits indicate the start of a project or the preparation for a land sale. Can't find any additional information on the land use plans right now. Their parent company is linked to a billion different smaller entities:
  3. Framing off the front parking lot entrance. It looks like the parking lot runs adjacent to the current free standing building and the new construction will be on the street side of Velasco.
  4. @wilcal, no new info. Here's what I know ^. I've seen a few permits for industrial updates go through, so it seems they're primed for work.
  5. There was a concrete truck out last week, but they only poured the parking lot. No foundation yet. Not sure why.
  6. They already demolished it. Guys on site aren’t sure what’s going in
  7. I'm just not a fan of how dealco is renovating these blocks. I know beggars can't be choosers but some form of greenery or minimization of concrete and asphalt in this heavily industrial area is much needed.
  8. The current Houston Saw location was listed on LoopNet for the past few months at roughly 1.2M and is no longer listed. Can't find any indication it sold. Does anyone have any insight into this?
  9. That would be unfortunate as all each of the other dealco buildings seem to have sufficient parking behind them.
  10. They’ve framed out the buildings and we’re laying plumbing last week. Will probably pour foundations shortly.
  11. Warehouse being demolished, any ideas what’s happening here?
  12. Apparently there has been some activity in the Phase 1 area, “moving dirt” is what I heard.
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