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  1. @phillip_white, I read that on their website, but the main page (www.kaldis.com) also says "pre-leasing for 2020", so I'm holding out hope that's wording to make it sound more alluring and not confirmation that is in fact a coworking space.
  2. I have a feeling it'll be another co-working space. So many in the area with these large buildings in random locations.
  3. If that's the case, should we separate these posts to create a "Save the East End" post to discuss the impact of the HHA dealings, legislation, and afforable/mixed/low-income developments in the area?
  4. Can you explain the impact of the firing on the East River development? I've seen news about the legislation against the TxDOT/COH approvals of the low income housing, but curious what this means for the KBR/East River site. Thanks!
  5. Building permit in the window says the refurbishments are to change it into a bar.
  6. Found a company "White Rhino Cantina" registered with active sales permits for the co-located address (319 Milby St.). They have a Facebook and an Instagram, but neither have been updated in a few years. Curious if the same company is still planning on this location. Looks to be a Mexican restaurant with a beer garden. The land owned is the current building and the lot next door with the Winnebago in it.
  7. Anyone know what's going on here? Corner of Milby & Garrow. Saw them rebuilding the exterior walls and now they have siding board up. Construction workers there every AM when I drive by.
  8. Maybe irrelevant to this specific thread, but I heard that Tout Suite has "every intention of remaining in the East End" after the expansion.
  9. Saw they had gutted the interior yesterday evening. Tried to snap a pic but not the best quality. One less abandoned building in the area!
  10. Should we change the name of this thread from "Milby Junction" to "3715 Harrisburg", @Moderators?
  11. Copa Cabana Club for sale 280k. Could make an interesting corridor of Milby + Harrisburg if a commercial group scoops this land up. https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/306-Milby-St_Houston_TX_77003_M90677-61512?cid=prt_patch_listings_web_forSale
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