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  1. There's a separate topic for Bayou 5th/MDI Supersite in the East End forum:
  2. If the president of the GEE is hopeful for an HEB in East River Project then so am I!
  3. Peeked in the windows here yesterday. They're already underway building a long bar inside.
  4. What number did you call? Did you ask to speak with someone specific? I'll do that! Thank you.
  5. Was it someone within Intown Homes? Do they have updates on their East End development near Sampson?
  6. I'm confused - Is this notice of public hearing on the land/site where the mid-rise that this thread is about is supposed to be built?
  7. Interesting, so they just nixed the apartments and going with more townhomes?
  8. Looks like they've poured the sidewalks on Jensen/Clinton Dr.
  9. Any insight into when they'll start the large 120+ home development?
  10. East River has an instagram that confirmed the Laura is named after the steamship Laura:
  11. @samagon and others - thanks for your mindful inputs. I see validity in each of your opinions. Any older establishments you'd recommend? Googling only gets me so far. Would love to support local legends.
  12. great news! What is pizza piaza and where is it going?
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