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  1. It looks like the land has been re-platted in the tracing maps for HCAD. I'm curious if this means work may start soon.
  2. Houses on the property are demolished as of this weekend.
  3. Where is this development relative to HAM?
  4. Looks exactly like the senior living facility on commerce. Not a huge fan but better than abandoned warehouses in my opinion.
  5. Looks like Scott Street Lofts has received residential building permits for the following.
  6. It just feels like we'd see more of this "small town" development happening other than just waterfront reinforcement. The pending lease commitments make sense.
  7. Feels like in the time they've worked on the bayou 2404 Navigation has almost been entirely built. Any reason this is lagging so hard?
  8. There should be a phone number on the permits? I would trace that down.
  9. Noticed there's metal framing for door/windows going into one of the former garage spots. Any idea if it's giant leap?
  10. Update: Guys are back on site working internally.
  11. Noticed a lot of activity here this weekend. I assumed whatever was this was had long been shut down. Is there a business operating here? Multiple cars and front gates/doors were wide open.
  12. Interesting. The realtor who listed it (along with the guy in charge of Sports Creek) were behind Bumpy Pickle and the development across from Voodoo Queen. I'm assuming that one fell through, as well. All of the phone numbers were the same. @Eastdwntwn, good timing. Looks like 319 Milby is - at least - not currently for sale. Fingers crossed something will happen with that development.
  13. @thedistrict84 I don't disagree, this area has more than the average ( a lot more ). I would prefer HHA require an even spread of multifamily developers in greater Houston to require 1-2% affordable units instead of 100% in low-income areas and 0% in others. Especially since profits usually hit well below 98-99% capacity.
  14. Roof support has been added and the two structures have been combined into one unique building with asymmetrical roofing. Sorry - forgot to snap a pic.
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