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  1. Not the same people as pita pal. That is the same group that owns headquarters. concept neighborhood is linked to two lots near Sampson/canal
  2. Starting a new topic for this: Concept neighborhood purchased the former WKM buildings surrounding 201 Roberts Street. See article below: The vision of the future "Model T" building (I believe this is directly across from New Hope Housing):
  3. Can one of y’all provide the text from this? https://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/real-estate/article/Exclusive-Axelrad-developers-East-End-17291259.php
  4. Mind if I clarify whether this is a joke or from a reliable source?
  5. Building pmt in the system! Let's goooo Also, I've seen some permits for night shift (fire, smoke, elevator) -- are these annually required of vacant buildings or could this indicate someone readying the property? Thanks!
  6. What does this mean? Masking a land play by paying for a cheap architectural drawing?
  7. There's a permit in the system for the 3rd floor to become an event venue. Great idea with such good downtown views.
  8. There's another WW permit in the system for this location.
  9. I am so butthurt I’ll never experience those enchiladas again
  10. The property (1102 Sampson) is owned by Chadha Vikrant on HCAD. Linked to 3202 McKinney Street.
  11. That makes sense! I didn't do too much research, just saw two demo permits and blindly associated them with the two buildings.
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