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  1. To ask the dumb question, what is the significance of a TOD designation? Extra walkway requirements?
  2. Are you able to see the plans included in the permits? IDK how to pull that.
  3. "Fenway Development", linked to Lovett/InTown offices at 1520 Oliver St, is submitting permits for this building. Any idea what's going on here? Seems like it'll remain commercia.
  4. They have unbuilt homes for sale already, too. Specifically those facing commerce.
  5. They submitted WW permits for the lots at Harrisburg and Milby just to turn around and list it for sale so hopefully they follow through on the residential development.
  6. https://www.har.com/mapsearch/?map_tools_nwlat=29.75375547112513&map_tools_nwlng=-95.34757514735783&map_tools_selat=29.741993052571203&map_tools_selng=-95.32917916101589&zip_code=77003&for_sale=1#g83811141
  7. Going back for approval, assuming RK is waiting for this prior to listing it on their website.
  8. The Night Shift bar on Harrisburg and York is amazing. Right at the Metro Coffee Plant stop.
  9. What's a Toffee? This is new terminology for me!
  10. Land for sale. Cross your fingers. Variance request going forward on July 22 to remove the through street and create one large unrestricted reserve
  11. Pretty sure night shift is open
  12. Expecting a soft opening from night shift in the next week or so from rumblings in the hood
  13. Brave Architecture is the design firm on the permits. Nothing on their website yet: https://bravearchitecture.com/
  14. Couldn't find a page for the Headquarters location but there's a new coffee shop (Corazon Coffee) going in there.
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