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  1. https://eastendbackyard.com/ If you click the logo it gives you a brief fly around of the property. Says 1300 sqft indoor area, 20k sqft outdoor area including patio and community gardens. Slated to open in October 2019 per the latest updates on Nextseed.
  2. I’ve noticed some activity here - tractors, garbage bins, etc. fingers crossed this is the start of something
  3. Looks like they began construction earlier this summer.
  4. Interesting. Can't seem to find any more info on this "Night Shift" idea from Logan Beck.
  5. Said he's using his own furniture and art for interiors - wants it to feel like a wine house. Will be open by "end of summer for sure". Super stoked about this place. He mentioned that he lives nearby, maybe this will be his next Midtown. Also, he's opening a handmade pasta restaurant next door, open for lunch (hopefully it succeeds!) - adjacent to How To Survive.
  6. Mike Sammons podcast talking about How to Survive on Land and Sea: https://audioboom.com/posts/7306003-episode-101-mike-sammons-of-how-to-survive-on-land-and-sea
  7. For those curious about the East River Amazon Pitch, here it is: https://squarefeetdesign.com/project/east-river/
  8. Looks like Oso is going into the bungalow next door to where the salon was, per their website.
  9. Where did you find the minutes? Any new word on this/when they'll break ground?
  10. Does anyone have info on timing of real estate developments? I know Lovett can take years to start and finish an area. Curious where to find estimated completion dates.
  11. Any word on tenants for this site yet?
  12. This is awesome. Thanks!
  13. Hi! Noticed that 3509 Harrisburg has been vacant for some time. Any news on tenants taking up residence? It seems like a lot of developments in the area are starting up and then subsequently falling through over here.
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