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  1. Owners (both East End residents) did a Facebook live about the bar from the bar. Showed the interior. Currently under "videos" on the East End Chamber Facebook Page.
  2. Not a great sign. I appreciate them engaging the area with art and a drive-in theatre, but I would prefer to see boots on the ground. Makes me wonder what these "pending agreements with the city" entail.
  3. I'm thinking this just means they're gutting it for potential future users. Pretty sure EBR refers to the electronic review. '12 IBC refers to the construction code it needs to remain compliant to and SPK may mean sprinkler systems to remain intact? This is just from googling, could be wrong. Can you attach the permit?
  4. Arcade bar going in next to secret group: https://eightytwo.la/
  5. Any word on this? Their social media and website claim they're hiring and pushing towards opening, but the land is still listed as for sale on LoopNet. Curious if they have no real plans to follow through. Feels shady. What will happen to the NextSeed investments if they no longer pursue development? They raised like 175k.
  6. We went this weekend and this place is massive. Driving by doesn't do the patio size justice. Two bars (one inside, one outside) + Food truck in back. Tons of seating, some with shade, some without.
  7. mural by betirri going in on north side of the property.
  8. Cidercade opened in Austin mid-pandemic and are apparently doing okay.
  9. They're now posting on instagram as @whiterhinohtx - promoting sustainability and support for the rhinoceros and endangered animal species.
  10. "Common Desk" signage is up. Looks like they are currently setting up inside the south side of the building. No word on Bishop Cidercade. The Austin location just opened, which means it should free up their development team to target Houston. It's still listed on their website as "Coming Soon" with no additional updates.
  11. Building is painted. Sign for "Soccer Shots" is up. Field is being developed.
  12. Looks like there's an outdoor bar attached to the window and some plants/gravel going in outside.They're calling themselves a "beer garden" on their facebook page so I could see this becoming mostly patio.
  13. Building painted. Sign up confirming white rhino coming soon.
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