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  1. https://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/topic/17090-south-main-innovation-district-in-midtown-former-sears/?do=findComment&comment=608866 Yes, it looks like Rice will also develop this entire block.
  2. The Pacesetters Personnel Services (PPS) has closed!!!! It’s all boarded up! Of course we knew this was part of the Rice Development but I’m just so happy to see it finally gone! That has been ground zero for the homeless in the area. Granted, now they are all congregating along the fence. Now all that’s left to be closed is that sketchy MetroPCS/Corner store.
  3. Exciting news! With BBs right across the street, this seems like the more attractive classier big brother.
  4. Was on my balcony last night and forgot to take pix, but the bottom panels (Pool terrace level downward) were lit up and changing colors. I want them to go all the way up. I’ll try to take a pick tonight if they’re illuminated. Didn’t know it was going to have that feature. Really great addition to the skyline. We need a little more light in our skyline nothing too tacky like Vegas but I’m waiting for something like Los Angeles’ Wilshire Grand Central. I circled the ones that were lit up.
  5. They are working on the sidewalk on San Jacinto.
  6. The other day when all Harris County parks were closed (due to Covid-19 fears) I suggested to my friend we should go to a park in Fort Bend County instead. We chose Memorial Park in Sugar Land. As we exited University Blvd I noticed something that always annoyed me about these very established and built out suburbs. Key words: built out. There’s this LARGE area of undeveloped land that always tend to be right off of the freeway. It’s prime real estate. Its hard to describe so I’ve attached pictures. I have a pic of the map view and the street view. I included Clear Lake because I doubt those spaces are big enough for anything significant, but it seems like a waste of space. And I’m assuming Smart Financial owns that vacant lot, but what about the lot across the street. *Built out-everything that surrounds these empty and wasted spaces are almost all fully developed. Sugar Land, Clear Lake, Pearland all developed. As opposed to a small new community like Springwoods Village, Manvel or Fulshear. I say all of this to ask, why do cities leave such prime real estate vacant for so long? In pearland and Clear Lakes case-why let these areas go so long without landscaping them (water fountain, large signage, statues, water feature) I circled the areas I’m talking about in red. My initial frustration was when Pearland Town Square first opened. I used to go there. I moved out of the city for 5 years, moved back and it still looked the same. Now another 5-6 years have passed and it looks THE EXACT SAME. As if they’re in the middle of landscaping it or something. Now there just a large muddy puddle of mess.
  7. The Texadelphia is closed. Smh. I go to that Kroger ever other day and it NEVER looked like people were there. Shocked it stayed open this long.
  8. Drove past this place Saturday night and it looked REALLY nice on the inside. (You can see the inside clearly from the street). Lots of cars and valet. Great to see something happening on that corner. Normally full of male prostitutes.
  9. 9Round Fitness has closed their location here. Signs are down.
  10. Didn’t find a topic on this but didn’t think it was worthy of starting a new one so I figured this would be the best place for it. SOBE planning on opening up this Spring. They’re looking for staff. Looks like we’re getting a bit of old gay Montrose back. Just miss Mining and Meteor.
  11. Dominos Pizza coming to this development. Sign is up. Wings of Houston moved here, too. I wasn’t too sure if they were open or not.
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