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  1. You can see this one from Kroger. Is there a way we can make a poll to see what’s everyone’s favorite development in Houston right now? This one is mine. POST, The Allen, Regent, Hanover Square, MKT, and La Colombe are all some of my favorites.
  2. Was coming from the SE today and tried to take a pic. This pic doesn’t do the view justice, but this will have a great impact on the skyline view from this part of town. (UC closer time the right of pic)
  3. Hard to tell from this image, but will there be some sort of lighting at the top and going down the sides? Also, I’m going to love the silhouette of this viewing from the west!
  4. Best view hands down of Houston’s SKYLINES is that 610 Eastbound–>288 northbound overpass! The colors from the med center buildings glowing in the foreground, downtown looming in the distance and the uptown skyline watching over.
  5. Hey it’s been killing me for a while now, but I can NOT find what this development is on this forum. It’s not the Pling but it’s next door to it. Across from the Natural Pawz on Westheimer. Near the Westheimer/Helen intersection. It’s two stories and looks pretty big (for where it is on Westheimer.) if this topic exist please merge.
  6. I wouldn’t mind a rebuild. I really liked this gas station. They always had a treat for my dog and were extremely nice. Never any bums hanging outside.
  7. Merge if this topic exists. Couldn’t find it. The Shell gas station that has been closed for about two months now has been demolished. This is the gas station right next to Buffalo Soldiers Museum and across from HCC Central.
  8. The clear tubes are beautiful! I agree with monarch, I would have loved to see more of that!
  9. They FINALLY turned the lights back onto the building! Waited for months to take a pic for y’all!
  10. https://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/topic/17090-south-main-innovation-district-in-midtown-former-sears/?do=findComment&comment=608866 Yes, it looks like Rice will also develop this entire block.
  11. The Pacesetters Personnel Services (PPS) has closed!!!! It’s all boarded up! Of course we knew this was part of the Rice Development but I’m just so happy to see it finally gone! That has been ground zero for the homeless in the area. Granted, now they are all congregating along the fence. Now all that’s left to be closed is that sketchy MetroPCS/Corner store.
  12. Exciting news! With BBs right across the street, this seems like the more attractive classier big brother.
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