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  1. Oh wow! This just made my day. I love coming to this page because it always brightens my day with each added bit of good news. I live in Ventana and this area DESPERATELY needs this development. K & H are the lots that will get rid of majority of the riff raff in the area. Those are the areas they tend to congregate the most.
  2. I woke up at 6:50am this morning and was really considering going (woulda been maybe a 10 minute walk) but I knew I wouldn’t be one of the first 200 people. I’ll head over after my workout today.
  3. I honestly thought that gas station/shawarma king location was going to be a Starbucks. To add a little positive energy, if executed properly, this would have great freeway presence. Believe it or not (sans construction) driving down inner loop 288/59 u get the ‘urban’ look you don’t see often from Houston freeways.
  4. Loft18 Houston images from instagram account.
  5. Project Panic signs already on windows next to 9Round on Main. https://projectpanicescaperooms.com/Austin/
  6. Went to JRs last night and there were a lot of people at Postinos. Don’t know if there was some event going on, or that’s just what a typical Thursday will look like there, but I was very impressed with the exterior and the way it blends well with the gayborhood. I was skeptical and worried. Just curious to see what the Saturday nights will look like. I’m putting my money on Rich’s taking over SoBe. If that happens then this will feel like it did in 2014!
  7. This is the former Sears Auto Shop lot. I spy “Garage with Retail”!!! 👀👀
  8. Really excited about Out Of The Closet! For several reasons! Mainly because it’s a nice nod to old Montrose (thrifting, lgbt) but their cause is amazing, too! Love businesses that put the community first. U can get tested and shop while you wait for your results. Saw the flyer for them maybe about four or five months ago when I went to Teahouse off of Shepherd and Westheimer. Glad to see it’s coming to fruition.
  9. I drive by this every day and was wondering if anyone had any information on what this is going to be. This is between the Mosaic Condos and the Shell gas station on Almeda and N MacGregor. This is a smaller building with what looks like a drive thru window. So I’m assuming this will be some kind of fast food joint.
  10. Front Burner also has Legacy Hall (Extremely popular food hall in Plano) in their portfolio. What if, in keeping with current trends, this becomes a food hall-for Uptown Houston! The Finn Hall of the west side. That would definitely correlate with this area’s upscale retail and restaurant mix. Great location with freeway and street presence. Just speculating and wishful thinking but that would be amazing considering the Galleria’s new eateries are on the pricey side (see: Nobu) and nearby River Oaks District has the same pricey restaurants. This could be where the new trendy, local, smaller restaurants thrive. Heres to hoping.
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