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  1. I dont know about any land mines but my mother was a caretaker back in the 80s when I was a child and them me and my brother visited out there in the mid 90s and no one was there. We didnt see any barbed wire then. The place was awesome back in the day. It does exist and I dont know the extent of the interior damage this is news to me. I also know it was never called kongo loco or whatever. It was called MOJO lake for the sisters marilyn and judy oshmans owners of oshmans sporting goods. That's why you cant find the lake on a map it's not an official lake. This relic house was Marilyn's and Judy had another house across from it not like that tho. It was nice and more country. The front of it was all windows and one of the couches had a stuffed cow with it's back toward the window so when you walked on the deck it looked like a live cow sitting in living room
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