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  1. @hindeskyfor that drainage, are they trying to get water to flow into the system faster? I ask because as an additional reason for this taking so long, on top of the reasons listed in this thread, is potentially that they wanted to make as direct a connection to the large underground drainage pipes in the area. Did this area flood? The reason I bring it up is that when they corrected the big street dip on la branch in the museum area I was talking to the city contractors, and they said part of the reason some of the recent projects take a bit longer is because midway through the approval process for the la branch upgrade/fix, so about a year ago, the city looked at where water was flowing in each area around DT and decided to make as direct a connection as possible to the larger underground pipes. Thats why for the three recently redone corners in the museum district have grates/drains that look like the picture above. Just food for thought. I rode my bike through the area on Sunday, and man Midtown is going to have some significantly verdant areas after this is done.
  2. I know there has been some hand ringing about gentrification in this area, and I have done quite a bit myself, but its projects like this that make me feel like the right spaces are being cultivated in Third Ward. Love that this is being restored, thank you all for this update.
  3. Have had clients kick the tire on the building. It has OR rooms and a sophisticated vent system. Functional medical property in Houston is at a premium, especially that close to the med center. If this gets torn down, the only thing that makes sense is a big vertical. Whoever buys it should just operate a COVID testing site out of it until its groundbreaking day if they tear it down, its basically turnkey for that purpose right now. @houstontexasjack any thoughts on potential development? And yeah, the district real estate is hot right now, lol.
  4. This is the type of organic, smaller business enabling growth you'd want to see. If this does happen, would be very cool and it helps add another node of development on that strip of Fanin, so instead of zoom-zooming people might slow down and smell the roses a bit and catch a bite to eat. You got a handful of medical offices opening or opened up near there, and this. I like where this is going, nice variety.
  5. It was an incredibly idiotic statement, especially given his district which contains a) higher density than a lot of Houston and b) quite a few people who actually use bikes to get to work which anyone can see on the sidewalk when one drives around his district. I do love what the city has done for all the neighborhoods that have bike lanes running through them, but District J needs them just as badly, if not moreso, than many of the neighborhoods that have them. Would love to know the number of people who don't use cars in his district to get to places. I would imagine it is higher than the Houston average, which would make his comments out of touch with his constituents. They deserve better.
  6. Yeah, I agree with @bobruss. It weird that people focus in on the effects of the ION, but don't realize that whats happening at TMC3 and here will extend the influx of newer-built homes you see on Holcombe/Braeswood up and outwards toward 3rd ward. They juuuust finished the beautification and street repairs around TSU and the bayou bridges have been or are being refreshed with pedestrian bridges, and you know those add to marketable "walkability" for those homes. Got the newest HEB around just down the block. Getting rid of a fenced off warehouse and replacing it with a new development with a big pond and all sorts of food and drink is going to do alot more for that area than some people think. You have some of the best bike riding/jogging amenities in the city. Alot of things are clicking into place. Anecdotally, the child care options in museum district and TMC are pretty full. Full enough that two of the existing institutions each opened a new location within the rice/museum/tmc area during the pandemic...and those are full now too. Its really only a matter of time.
  7. That thing is a beauty, especially when considering the oaks. I'm not the biggest preservationist, but someone gotta figure out how to use this space without taking it all out 😬. Maybe a restaurant with a five year lease that alternates its theme every year? I'm just spitballing 😝 I'm sure the ownership group is mulling their options. I know finding and keeping tenants in the retail space just across the highway has been an up and down experience, based on what I've heard from clients (also, COVID's effects can't be downplayed on the foot traffic in the area) but with Chelsea having come online, Boone Manor coming online soon (.3/.4 mile walk), and the museums finally starting to get back to true pre-COVID types of foot traffic and programming, we probably will hear something soon. Its just too good a spot, with easy access to a busy road and so many pedestrians, to just let it sit and count on the land value increases to justify the investment.
  8. Do we have any idea about the timeframe for any of the improvements? Do they have funding? I'm assuming not because I can't find any announcements. I've kinda eagerly been awaiting this, and the only thing I've seen are little signs saying keep off the grass cuz new stuff is being grown there, and this new stuff is part of the future they are building. Or something like that. Either way, doesn't seem like much is going on.
  9. well, despite some doubting the power of the lawsuits and the fed gov't, TxDot's hand's were tied and now are untied. The lawsuit hasn't been dismissed, just a stay while the parties work towards a resolution, and the fed eased up. Not sure how much of a leap it is when they both can re-tie TxDot's hands for certain portions of the project if they don't like what's happening. Which really should tell us that our elected powers that be are comfortable with mostly everything but the Eado part. Now that the infrastructure bill has passed, can't they tap into some of that money for the cap parks? If they could, I think at least some of the angst would go away.
  10. I'm not ever really negative on HAIF, but that looks like ass when considering where this is. But I'm sure Gensler knows the significance of this site and the area, so I have faith. If they come out with a basic podium structure though, we might have to mobilize a resistance force.
  11. @ToryGattis with the explanation now that the construction has been unpaused. It seems like things are picking up, and that the project may be approved in pieces. For now work is greenlit for the 59 portion by midtown/museum, the part of 59 leading into 45, and the part of 45 that feeds into i-10. The Eado part is still on pause: https://twitter.com/torygattis/status/1465769685849415688?s=20
  12. Lisa Gray, formerly of the Chron, has her new space City Cast Houston and her first podcast covered the ION, if anyone is interested https://pod.link/city-cast-houston/episode/81b21c4013645adf54dcbe304f79746b
  13. Wait, based on those renderings, I'm guessing the old Fiesta is gonna get raised to the ground? Or something is at least going on top of it? If so, the minimalist improvements makes sense. Plus, the chicken place that took over shipley's old location doesn't look so out of place with its outdoor patio and stuff if Ion District will put up buildings behind it. Transformational is thrown around alot, but this is at least something very, very unique. Something we haven't seen before in the H. The renderings also highlights that the city/metro need to do something with that empty lot by Wheeler. If they don't want to spend any money, just make it a food truck park or something, easy cash flow for the city, gives people opportunity for successful business. I dunno, but if more stuff is coming, that empty lot is going to look weird.
  14. I'm thinking the combination of: Rice having more money than they know what to do with; the fact that the better the Ion District does the better it is for their school and internships/jobs they can market to the kids; the City clearly (local group limitations considered) willing to do what it takes to push this through; and that the Ion and Greentown are succeeding where office space is still heavily influenced by COVID makes me think we should both keep up our hopes. This thing can look LA/NY/BOS/ATL/CHI/TOR/SD I don't care, just get us 50-75% of the new stuff and it changes the fabric of Midtown.
  15. A target or neighborhood walmart makes too much sense. Either one would do crazy numbers, the montrose target and the lower heights/upper washington target both sometimes run out of baby wipes, some fruit and veggies, and cleaning products. Just crazy. I think this is a welcome addition to midtown. Right there by that chipotle and pho saigon, that area gets alot of foot traffic, this one should do fine.
  16. I was reading through some of the comments from the local groups who are celebrating this, and there may be some value in having Rice reallocate some legal capital to either making a separate agreement with the local groups or giving them a larger say in the re-investment into the area that Rice promises to make. Based on the comments online and whats been published, alot of people are passionate about this and if they can get council members to pause like this then maybe its worth listening, dunno. Buuuuuuut that is all contingent upon them getting their legal situation together. For example, Greentown Labs had quite a few medium to large law firms around town donate time to them in the startup phase here in Houston (reviewing and negotiating contracts, helping with intellectual properties, formation, ect). The local coalition basically needs to go and do the same, see if some decent sized firms in town, or nationally, wouldn't mind helping them out with negotiations and the contracting, tell them whats reasonable and whats not in their experience, etc. I cannot imagine laypersons, or a small outfit, doing this by themselves. That isn't smart, and it could cause more harm than good if they are passing up on reasonable opportunities that Rice offers for things that no real estate/govt attorney would consider possible. edit: For example, Jane from Baker Botts saying "All they want is x,y, and z and Rice should be able to accommodate this" is so much easier to gain traction on than whatever is happening now.
  17. Yeah, even if they didn't have such a great least I don't think corporate Dillards would want to let that space go. Free advertising b/c of proximity to the highway, it was sporadically busy during COVID (maybe people didn't want to go into the actual mall), and it has easily accessible parking. You'd prolly have to pry it from their cold dead hands (given how brick and mortar retail has been tho...). When I worked at Macy's a while back, they internally would say that Galleria Macy's was at least a top 5 earner in the country. I'm sure Dillard's has similar internal numbers for that site.
  18. Are we saying the women's center has character? I feel bad that the women's center isn't gonna be there anymore, but check out Pasadena, Friendswood, Deer Park, old Pearland, and Soho if you want to see brick buildings that prolly still has asbestos in the roof tiles.
  19. Delays caused by "architect revisions" sounds ominous. Hope it all pans out as planned. If the retail there is successful by finding some patrons in the local neighborhood, I can definitely see this becoming a "thing" with some of the other future medical spaces in midtown (of which I've seen quite a bit of proposals). I know the doc group in this instance, they could put this thing next to the Midtown McDonalds and they'll be successful 😂 so im not worried about that. Also, 😂 @phillip_white for the "erector set" comment.
  20. Wellllllll, it doesn't offend me. I just think its an odd look when you have Rice creating these beautiful spaces by the Ion, and later on taxpayer money will be going to beautification and public plazas/space that are right next to...large fences around parking lots that clearly are there to keep the security of the vehicles inside of it. It wouldn't instill a ton of confidence in anyone to actual utilize those spaces. Plus, they have security people around so I honestly don't understand the need. Edit: A solution: If you're gonna spend all that money to do make everything pretty, and you're in charge of making pretty public spaces, maybe just build a permanent wall with a gate?
  21. Its not thaaaaat bad now, and its much better than it was. Shipley's was doing good business, that thing was busy most of the time when you'd go in, and the homeless was much worse then. Its especially not that bad compared to other cities. Also, lulz at them being behind on taxes, thats just a bit funny. I would like the fences to come down around Greentown labs and the parking lot next door. It feels a little standoff-ish with the neighborhood. Unless they are saying things aren't done yet, then I can understand. Otherwise, take the fences down!
  22. y'all crazy, thats insane development when considering what it was and what its looked like for the last 20 years. The website says metro-rail access...thats a stretch, right? lol
  23. Wow. If this does get built and now we have more office space and retail, I don't think you can ignore how evenly split the land use in the museum district is. You have office space, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, museums, the park, the golf course, churches, apartments, condos, townhomes, free standing homes, meditation spaces, and the zoo all in a relatively walkable space. I'm not sure there's anything quite like it anywhere else in the H. And I love that the rooftop terrace made its comeback on this building.
  24. Agreed. But its Hines and they don't really underdeliver so I'd still have some faith. Plus, its giving me Woodlands vibes and honestly as someone with clients in the healthcare/pharma space its the type of look and feel many of my clients are attracted to given their current spaces. My clients in the woodlands like the water/pathways, and this has that too. While we may want X, Hines might have to deliver Y because its what the market wants.
  25. I was on the live zoom/google call, and I wish I could have given some affirmations or something. The museum district has benefited greatly from the city's initiative, and because of it we see more parents walking with strollers and kids than ever before. Also a lot of joggers, bladers, and walkers. We got significant improvements because of the bike lanes, the local elem school, and certain people requesting sidewalks and ADA improvements. I'm sure it came before other more deserving areas so it doesn't feel as equitable as I would like, but its so nice. I don't really understand why other neighborhoods aren't taking advantage of this, or why people are fighting it like the garden oaks peple: https://www.theleadernews.com/community/oak-forest-residents-at-odds-over-sidewalk/article_caa89f8a-1bd1-11ec-ab02-534e61a541e8.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=user-share It feels like the COH is dedicated to the pedestrian experience in a very significant way and I hope it continues because it benefits people's quality of life in various ways and their property values (for those who don't engage in any of the above listed activities).
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