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  1. Went by this weekend, and its crazy to think this is actually happening and how quickly its moving. Like, every other week it seems they are making visible, substantial progress. Are they going to put fences up or something on the sides of the land bridges? You know people are gonna accidentally let go of a dog, or someone is going to kick a ball real hard, or throw a disc too high and its going to go over. I was wondering that once I saw the height of the land bridge.
  2. Wow, after all of this is done we're going back to sharing lanes to exit? The only difference being that 59S finally gets two lanes and 59N gets the new ramp? That is f***ing terrible if true. Guys and gals, they had ALL this time, ALLL this time during COVID to shut that down. And instead, we're doing it when everything is building back to normal? Defeating COVID took a bit of time, so they got a full year more than some expected. Incredible amounts of stupidity. I went back to work in the middle of 2020 out of necessity, sometimes I was alone at 8:50 am taking the 610 ramp. They couldn
  3. I use it everyday and its terrible. It works well, yes, if you exit Westheimer and then use the separate entrance. Once the Galleria/Westheimer/San Felipe street traffic is back to normal, its maybe at 60-70%, I don't know if that'll stay true. But on Saturdays, and any work day from 4-6, its worse than before. Its actually excellent, maybe even fantastic, for people leaving the Galleria/Uptown, which I suspect is a bit of the reason for the reconstruction. And yes, as @texas911 notes, the biggest reason is for linecutters, but that's basically everyone that gets in that lane. I'm one of
  4. Its super trash. When traffic is really back, its going to be WAY worse than before. You already have people driving on the shoulder now to get to 59N as opposed to waiting in that line with all the 59S traffic. Its absolutely wild. I see that this junk and I don't know how anyone looks at any TxDot proposal in Houston and go "yeah, this is smart." Plus, it takes forever. This is a tiny intersection and it already has pretty decent amount of work done, and its closing down til 2022. Houston freeways are eternally under construction and rarely, maybe 1 out of 10 times, does it get any bet
  5. The grass will have grown back by the time they get started on this thing given the rate of speed they are moving.
  6. Paging @wilcal, I feel like he'd know best. The part through TSU (I know its only a bit) does have lights, so theres that. I thought they used some federal money to help complete it, but I'm not sure if its the houston parks and rec or the City that would be responsible.
  7. I agree with the boss lady. Didn't want to say this sooner because I didn't know if people actually like this thing, but after many sad lunches I was like, was this built to be the most antagonistic thing possible? It was largely uncomfortable and those big steps sometimes hid whoever else was there so you'd be settling in for lunch and look over and be like "oh sh**" because you didn't notice another sad sap who worked in the area either eating their lunch or drinking out of a paper bag. Plus, it would get unfathomably hot (hence all the drinking going on in that area) I'm assuming because of
  8. It seems like TxDOT has been sniffing around and trying acquire land for the portions of this project that require more land. From a legal POV, how fun is it to watch local, state, and feds all in a legal fight (answer: so much fun because it isn't the most frequent thing): https://twitter.com/samjmintz/status/1399813701176287236?s=20
  9. Segment 3 is acknowledged to be the least impactful part, at least via Harris County's lawsuit, so I don't think its surprising its moving forward. In fact, I think in the other thread even the most ardent posters against the construction don't mind segment 3 going forward. I just say that to say that one segment isn't quite like the other and action on one part shouldn't mean that the whole project is moving forward. I hope Anomaly is here to stay (for a good while). True Anomaly is a great vibe. The beer is very interesting, they fill a niche in the Houston Market that is sorely over lo
  10. Really shows you that whatever is happening in the Heights is being done in a way that is appealing with a broad audience if its resonating with the residents of Seabrook (sort of in a "if it appeals to them, it appeals to anyone" thing). Some people, in my professional experience and personally observed, like to paint the "Live Work Play" thing as millennial. But Seabrook residents are not typically millennial-aged. So its cool to see that desire make its way throughout Houston, both via age and location.
  11. If I was the city, I would promote the hell out of this because now developers can develop in less expensive areas and talk about "galleria/TMC only 20 mins away without getting into a car" type stuff. If @wilcal is right, and you could go from Eastwood to Galleria maybe in 45 mins or so MAX, I would call that a big win. Why would the Afton Oaks people whine? Anyone take Richmond through there? People fly down that road at like 45-50mph when traffic is crazy on 59. This would cause some natural speed limiting and then people wouldn't have to idle in their driveway waiting for the perfect
  12. If y'all read Dug's article about the BRT line he mentions how the University line met resistance from those residents "west of Shepard" which eventually derailed ()the development. I can understand these detractors are a lot of people with money, but was that all of the opposition? I know Culberson was a naughty boy, so was it him and those residents? I was thinking about why now, like why did Metro feel these two particular BRT lines were the ones to push to get done (outside of the mandate by the voters). And I really think a good deal of it is Rice and their development around Wheeler
  13. @hindesky on the other side of the freeway at that same bridge, they've waited so long, you can see greenery sprouting at the bottom and underneath the middle portion of the vines. Its just the top that needs to come off. But if we're seeing green already, especially with all this raining, I would probably just wait it out at this point. My question is, there is substantive growth happening at the bottom of the vines/coming out of the ground, like you can see in the first photo but on a bigger scale, at further down 59 in the southern direction. Now did they traditionally prune those? Cu
  14. It makes sense, and I wouldn't be surprised if its because of pressure from entities within Uptown wanting to maximize the return on the Uptown BRT system. Its stupidly nice and while people are still slowing going back to normal why not begin the project. I've taken the BRT a handful of times, mostly for novelty and I'm near a stop, and I still don't know what I'm supposed to do with it unless I'm parking at my work and wanting to enjoy the galleria area. Connect it to Wheeler though, and ooooo boy. You know how many people could go carless to work? Or go carless to the galleria on the w
  15. You know how wild it is to get more than 1 or 2 spots on a committee like that, much less 4, just by asking for it and with limited leverage/negotiating power? Even if 4 isn't enough to be a majority or to be most of a majority, it at least lets you have multiple voices when putting together plans of action. The response letter from the Third Ward group, HCEDD is well written. However, the justifications for their request makes sense if Rice was the City, but they aren't and shouldn't be treated as this malevolent entity here to right any perceived wrong in relation to the direction of d
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