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  1. I know they told the museum district people 20 months or so, but still yeesh, thats a painfully long construction timeline. They had people out there this morning with yellow tripods and cameras doing work. Dunno what it was, but there were two crews out there. I guess this is beginning to move.
  2. October 2020 is pretty far out, and a little disappointing to be honest. Its been fairly dry the last couple of months, so I thought they would be flying through that building. I assume that they are doing all of the landscaping and gardens for the museum too because there's no way just that building alone needs 1 year and a month to be completed.
  3. "As of December, the submarket that encompasses Montrose, the Museum District and Midtown had seven apartment projects under construction, according to Houston-based ApartmentData.com. That area was second only to the Katy-Cinco Ranch-Waterside submarket, with 10 projects. As of May, there were 3,974 residential units proposed for the Montrose-Museum-Midtown submarket, the most of any submarket in the Houston area, per ApartmentData.com." Holy crap. That is craaazy amount of residential units for what seems like a small part of town. And Katy-Cinco Ranch-Waterside would make sense with all the development over there. And that comparison is nice, cause it really shows that this portion of town is competing, in part, with the growth seen in what I think is widely known to be one of the fastest growing parts of the H. I would cross post this to Downtown Apartment thread because while we're like "man, 400 units!" midtown/montrose/museum district is like "man, 4000 units!"
  4. The roof is now gone, baby gone. They really going after it. The endowment must have finally paid the subcontractors. 😂
  5. "Only going to be a bbq restaurant"?!?!?!?! Are you from Texas? BBQ is the most holy, this should be pinned to the top of the forum.
  6. Well, the are temporary. The armadillos are confirmed coming in, along with the green paint that they've already started. The green paint goes a long way. Plus, I think these type of markings, which are becoming more prevalent, is pretty clear: https://twitter.com/TyronMcDaniel/status/1171206705306226688?s=20
  7. Now that @Houston19514 mentioned congestion pricing, I am sorta sad that so much of 288 is going to involve a toll. If we're being honest, the 288 expansion was needed (it was a parking lot going from the Land of Pears to...anywhere in the city using 288). It is truly congestion traffic, as opposed to shitty freeway design. Its kind of shitty to those people since house prices aren't really crazy in new Pearland (can still get a house for 200k or so, but only with a decent downpayment) so I dunno if paying 3 dollars every day (going and coming) is going to make those people very happy. Plus you got sunnyside and orem and stella link over there, and those lower income peeps use 288 too. Living in the land of pears/sunnyside and workin in Med Center/downtown is going to be a good more expensive. I say all that just to mention that we're about to have a massive highway improvement project finish up by end of the year (and dont forget the beltway 8 expansion in that area too). There is a loooot of land just south of 610 and north of the belt in that area, so we can see if all that finally gets infilled or not with this massive expansion down south. Potentially a perfect test case.
  8. Treated as a transit corridor? That sounds unusual, no? I don't imagine there will be anyone there to fight the variance request 😂. They blow out holes in the Ion building and now needing the variance for the lot, do we know the timeline for this entire thing? I thought it was like 2021 or something. I would imagine building a garage wouldn't take very long, and the retail, depending on what it is, would benefit those apartments that are next door to that lot.
  9. Yeah, mid 2000s to early 2010s had downtown filled with TSU students and the random people seeking a good time that wasn't oriented with Washington or Midtown. Now its much more stable, with an established sense of who they are, unlike (I would argue) Midtown/Washington. Main/Market Square park has even attracted Tipping Point to re-open their sneakerhead/limited retail shop up over there. Its becoming, against all odds (if you remember going to Franks at 2am for pizza in 2011 and the absolute desolation all around their parking lot...whew), an established area where 21+ can go to have a chill night, a crazy night, and anything in between. Which is to me a hallmark of a good nightlife district.
  10. When you don't have something, and are stuck in 80s style infrastructure, and get thrown into the future, it can be jarring at first 😂. They just need to throw the signage up on there to educate people. That cyclist sounded pretty happy though, and then was like "nah, cars don't know what to do." haha
  11. I believe he or she is referring to the perceived sporadic and stagnant development that goes on between the 610 loop and Beltway 8. Or in this case, the area between 610 and Sugarland.
  12. Is it just me or is this flying? Also, its a great sign for this development that in Q3 2019 you have tenants already lining up for a Q2 2020 move when the projected office space hasn't really gotten off the first floor yet, so to speak. Its going to be added pressure to deliver on time. This could also speak to a market that is ready for a development of this sort, since nothing like this is really out there in that area.
  13. It seems that whole section, with the windows to the right in that photo, are coming out. They are currently using a jackhammer attached to a short crane to knock out that portion of the building. I think that all of this will be those massive windows we saw in the rendering? If so, they weren't playing around with that render. You can also see people working on the wiring on the second floor through huge holes in the building, lol. It looks funny.
  14. So I guess those tarps are protecting the insides as they knock out the brick. Crazy.
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