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  1. Yeah, I know people halfway through this thing said they were reserving judgment and I think we can now safely say that this building is a LOOKER. By itself, the rooftop and the lights are eye catching, but placed amongst the trees and the backdrop of the other buildings its even more stark (in a good way). Now I just cross my fingers that landscaping is done well.
  2. Sorta sad to see it go, I had some weird but funny stuff happen to me at that store. As an actual place to do all my grocery shopping it was... OK. Convenience I'd give that Kroger a 10/10, but for actual food stuffs I preferred the fiesta on 59. I know people love that old Kroger but in the last year or so I'd gotten some sorta crappy produce like apples and garlic and avocados that were mostly over-ripe/going bad. Meat kinda sucks, is a bit expensive too. Buuuut, its convenient and not crowded so I go/went there often. This plus that other lot with the half price and mattress fi
  3. I guess we haven't been taking pictures of it, but the glassell social stairs and that roof have had construction going on for a few months now. I liked running up the stairs and pretending I was rocky, but a few months ago the guard said it was temp closed. So I'm sure when we get back up there, something HAS to be different given all the time. And yeah, it was real, real hot up there in July/August.
  4. One can only hope. Growing up in and around the area, and then seeing this placed there without ridiculous fanfare and what not is something I don't think I could have imagined. Its too nice, but maybe thats the point. Now these people can take their kids somewhere nice that is closer to home and doesn't require you to navigate all this traffic to get to a park and then parking fees or signs you don't understand. On the flip side, it expands potential Houston tourism/arts to its southern-most point (within the loop) and with it all the negative externalities some may prescribe to that.
  5. I've been wondering this: is there an advantage over using steel vs concrete/wood? I've seen your question in other threads and just wondered since no onw has really answered it.
  6. The easement on the West side...perfectly solves the issue of linking Hermann/Third Ward/UH to Memorial Park/Galleria. Its almost too good. I'm assuming this map is correct as it came from the 2014 article about this:
  7. It says skyline terrace so can we get on the roof?!? If all of those places could get on the roof, that would be cool, would be a huge boon to a fitness studio now with Covid and the ability to have exercise classes on the roof. And the parking lot didn't seem that big, or at least the imprint didn't when I drove by it last week.
  8. Its almost spoilers to see the 3rd floor ceilings now, its that interesting. It seems like the light changes a bit depending on the viewing angle? Or is that the camera? If it does change, that would be so cool. Also, all that modern/avant-garde art in the last picture @rgarza is intriguing, especially that yellow cylindrical container with the canvas on top 🧐
  9. Any update for Q2/Q3? With all the new rooms potentially coming online, I was wondering if there were more up-to-date official numbers counting the amount of housing in the pipeline.
  10. These kind of takes are my favorite on HAIF, discussing the architecture of a park. I love the Lamp posts with the hanging lantern but the brick they are on, not so much. If we're talking taking in motifs from the surrounding homes, then yeah, alot of the houses closer to 59 have older looking brick in them. Is there such a thing as distressed looking bricks? They shoulda used that. If there really are some porch swings, that is v montrose-y based on the surrounding homes lol. And the gazebo being to the side, and not directly in the middle is a weird, but then if you think of con
  11. Two thoughts: So I just want to ask a question if anyone has any insight. Considering the upcoming election, do y'all think an increase in Dem voters and the reflection that will occur in Austin might give TxDot pause? Given that Dan Crenshaw is now running ads about Clean Energy and Green Communities, I'm not sure widening a freeway is really at the top of the now-typical Texas voter in a metro area. I know TxDot is tecccchnically not a political entity but obviously they are part of Abbott's administration and comply with his agendas. Kind of like the pandemic data
  12. Not to jump into something that you guys are quite knowledgeable about, but couldn't Southwest moving into Terminal A just as simple as Southwest seizing on an opportunity caused by either a United or market weakness due to COVID? I can't imagine anything happening to Hobby with that announcement, its definitely the more...cohesive of the two airports, just in terms of food/bars/entertainment and alot of that, to me, happened after Southwest basically took over the place. But of course its smaller.
  13. I'm torn. I agree with you in part since a row of mixed use down the Parkway, with the Whole Foods just right there, would make it a pedestrian paradise. But a part of me says that because it is such a prominent location it makes even more sense to have such a public cultural/spiritual place go into the space. The Menil/Rothko Chapel helps give Montrose a sense of permanency, and provides a v positive space for gathering and reflection for the neighborhood and Houston, that I love the thought of having that replicated.
  14. Smart. Newer models, per CNBC (shoutout to Tilman's data dumps on Tuesdays lol), aren't showing a decent rebounding in the hotel/travel industries until late 2021/early 2022 so if they can push it back a little so they are opening just before things are starting to look normal, or right at the start, it would make good business sense. I want this to go up as bad as anyone, and I think they will hit whatever timeline is set out because its Caydon, it just has to make sense per national market conditions.
  15. Not quite the signage I expected us to get from an establishment as fine as Acme Oyster, especially for their first foray into Houston, but I guess thats ok...😉
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