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  1. Tx-Dot's proposal, outside of the elevated bus lane (which would be cool to see), is so dumb. I also am impressed by them wanting to add lanes and do other construction stuff right on the doorstep of the Heights. Like, none of this makes a nice area any better and in fact just does more to increase car related incidents and all the externalities that come with living near a massive highway. Living most of my life near freeways and feeder roads in less desirable parts of Houston, I genuinely thought increased lanes on highways and stuff didn't happen when you got closer to more affluent areas.
  2. Why does that glass look so attractive? Is it the color of the glass, or is it because its new? I can't tell, but that brick plus that glass is gonna look great. Also, I know we lamented the loss of the old library, and some part of me does too, but a rooftop reading deck sounds great.
  3. X.R.

    Bayou Place

    Yo, that is some great planning. It looks like they are getting at least some of what they want. Bayou Place has always seemed odd, I did not know it was converted from an old convention center. I swear, Blue Fish made more money from attorneys who couldn't find parking and just paid to valet than what they made from serving actual food. Would love to see that place go, its kinda whatever. But please have a small screen theater over there. Its nice to be able to go there for movies.
  4. Gonna be real sad if those things are parking lots for long. I know people will say you can drink across the highway, but the whole point is to, you know, be around the park doing stuff, maybe stop in at the merch store before going to grab a drink. I wonder if they will do like a foodtruck park in those lots on game days, that would be cool. Otherwise, 4 years is a long time to wait.
  5. This seems like a lot to me, but I'm not quite an airport/airline expert like y'all are. I used to travel a lot, and was kind of embarrassed by both Houston airports until the reno's in HOU were done, then it just left IAH (minus terminal B). I liked the United wing of IAH, but everything else felt like it was from the 90s. I saw the video and the renderings from that pdf @Houston19514 posted, so is this a massive overhaul of the airport, or just an update? Can I finally be happy with my city's international airport? Plus, is the new baggage system a big deal?
  6. Hines' developments around town have been super mindful of bikes and bike storage, I'll go out on a limb here and the lane and bike usage in general will be heavily integrated. Especially so given what they are aspiring to with this development. Doesn't the Tap basically die right there anyway though once you get across 288?
  7. Thinking about this, the area around the stadium has always been a very affordable gameday experience, especially those two bars. Alcohol/food was reasonable, and atmosphere was generally v relaxed. While I hope they build something exceptional and inviting, I also hope they don't lose sight of the general astros fan. It can't all be 8 dollars beers and 15 dollar craft burgers for the faithful showing up at 1 on a Tuesday or a Fri/Saturday game during a season when they suck (and the astros have had more than a few of those). The dynamo organically have a great gameday experience because
  8. I don't mean to legislate how people use their garages, but forreal, cmon. You have to park your car a few extra steps away so the rest of the city can have a protected bike lane, is that so bad? A certain bike lane in the city took the closest street parking away from my house, and like, I just park a little further away when I do park on the street. @wilcal is that what they were upset about? Am i understanding that correctly? I'm a little annoyed because sharrows generally suck. The sharrows for the austin/la branch bike lanes only work because the cars around the park area generally a
  9. all that broken concrete...is this really Houston 😭 I hope this reno is massively successful, then we see some tree's around this area and you might actually see joggers and what not actually taking the city in at < 30mph.
  10. For real. The two/three tone stone looks great from the highway, and those balconies look nice from the street. I had low expectations, for some reason, but this looks like a good addition. Also, check that rendering, museum district has to be nearing some heightened (for Houston) amount of density, right? You'd think at some point it would start to attract some kind of retail or something.
  11. By the time we hit two mil vaccinations in Houston and we get thumbs up to start lowering our guard, so early summer probably, this part of Montrose is going to be demonstrably different, with this and the other projects and the new pocket park. And this place will be close to opening up, given its current pace. All the while having an open-air design which alleviates some COVID-concerns. Fantastic timing and design. Thanks for the pics @hindesky I'm predicting this part of Montrose to be BUSY.
  12. Ummm wow, did we know this was happening: https://www.hermannpark.org/plans-projects/the-commons-at-hermann-park/ ? That part of the park is my favorite, no one is there and its an excellent spot to take kids or to go chill. Its been our COVID go-to. Which apparently the Park doesn't like, lol: While this sizeable portion of the Park includes a natural point of entry into the Park, it is currently under-utilized and virtually ignored by the public, creating congestion and over-utilization in other parts of the Park. Architect Marlon Blackwell will be designing all of the structures a
  13. Talking to my commercial real estate clients, apartment developments stabilizes property values in the surrounding areas because you know what that land will be used for and it will probably remain so for a while. A 10-20 story luxury apartment complex will have a good lifespan. Also, depending on the development there may be additional boons like improved curbs, drainage, trees/greenery, lighting, refreshing of CenterPoint wiring, etc. Those all increase property values. Then there is the buying power of those individuals entering that area, and if its a large enough complex the purchas
  14. Hope I don't get killed for this: this exact building was the one, maybe 8 or so years ago, that really turned me off from this part of downtown once I started working in and around DT. The building seemed cold from the street level and theres a ton of concrete in the patio/front area around the art piece and also by the office building across the street with nothing to break up the monotony and coldness of the concrete ( a few trees didn't help). I always found it strange that someone was like, yeah, this is great. That rendering posted by @adr is 100x better. Also, wearing a suit in tha
  15. That Chevron's gas prices are ghastly. That stretch of San Felipe is wild. It starts with a tiny gas station then goes high-rise going up, already built high rise, another high rise, this site, one of the busiest targets in town, mid-rise apartments, thennnnn suburban-style residential. If anyone doubted what the galeria-area/uptown will become, whats happening on San Felipe should show let everyone know that things are getting super dense. When I take the back roads home, I fee like its kind of apparent the influence this has on the surrounding areas, including the apartment by that cen
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