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  1. So these canopy's and alcoves correlate to the gardens and meditative spaces they are creating around this development? Rode by yesterday and was trying to match up the schematics to what we're seeing. Edit: Looks amazing, btw
  2. @hindesky is that the mockup for the garage? If so, I guess this and that garage by Hermann park where they put that vine wall facing the park will be the two "green" garages near the city core. @CREguy13 Would not be surprised if demand exceeded expectation, given the comments. People within the tech industry in Houston on this forum had initial doubts re: occupancy, with good reason, to me, given Houston's relative lack of tech startup dollars when compared to Dallas/Austin. But, anecdotally, I've had friends come to Houston to interview at the medical/medical device incubator and say that those are pretty competitive as space was limited back in early 2019. So, maybe? @Moore713 yeah, was thinking the same thing this morning as I went by since this place sticks out like a sore thumb when compared to the stores in front of and behind it. You'd need a whole ecosystem there (small gyms, to go food, CVS 😝, etc) to support and they have alot of space to work with. I used to go to the barber shop pre-covid, hope Spot sees business from this.
  3. I would say so, in relation to GP. Fridays and Saturdays it would get busier earlier, although during the week when I went its always been pretty lowkey even after. yeah a friend went to Bamboo thinking it was the Vietnamese place with the great peking duck (it is certainly not that place) and was like "uhhh this is v mediocre." But, I enjoy BB lemons hamburgers (tho they are temp closed) and Nippon is enjoyable.
  4. Well, tech and startups are faring better than other companies during this time so I guess I shouldn't too surprised that they would have a full house but...I'm still pretty surprised that they may indeed be full upon open. That would be incredible and definitely exceeds my expectations for Houston's appetite for this development. Also, from the article it seems that these commitments have been there for a little bit, thus sort of confirming our thoughts that the CEO stepped down because she had gotten them to a positive place and wanted to take on some other challenge. Hats off to Rice, the Ion is on schedule and packed!
  5. What sucks is that row of food places and such just across the bridge just needs to hold on another year and then they'll have new people moving in here, the Allen Harrison place deeper in the museum area, and then the tower that will be opening just down the road. I know it will be hard though. Grand Prize will be busier than ever with this development, there goes our favorite hole in the wall.
  6. why would you get rid of the outdoor terrace when its basically the only saving grace for restaurants right now? I like the design otherwise!
  7. If its going up I have heard from multiple commercial real estate firms that everyone is doing everything they can to make sure it continues to go up unless they hit massive,incredible issues with cash. The reason being that everyone is salivating on being the "new" construction opening in mid 2021-2022 when things are thought to go back to normal. Bank/industry metrics are rating these 2021-2022 opportunities as can't-miss type investments. My money would be on the new crane being utilized.
  8. I rode by there last night on my bike because of the this thread to check it out. The lighting looks great, its to unfamiliar that I was like "where am I?" The part of the PDF showing the aerial view accentuates how much is going to change, having that outdoor space up top and have much more green is really going to change the way people view the shops. Rather than this lunch haven and not much more, I can really see this attracting people to utilize it after hours, potentially before sport events (when they eventually come back) or just unwinding after work. I can't help but think if this was only done 5 years ago how much more desirable downtown office spaces would be. But, thankfully, talking to a developer friend, he was saying this development might get a COVID-inspired boost in 2021 when its one of the only "new" office-adjacent spaces to come online during that time.
  9. There hasn't really been a parking issue this summer obviously because of COVID and the lack of people going to the park/zoo. Been plenty actually, outside of Lucille's lately (my god they are busy) and the area around Allen Harrison. The funny thing is that since I've gotten here about 3 years ago, the neighborhood has gotten younger but the level of wealth is greater (just based on cars driven, the fact that it doesn't seem like the kids of the new neighbors go to MacGregor Elementary, the price of the homes bought, etc). And most of the new people are obviously docs/nurses. The Allen Harrison apartments are going to start at near 2k a room for smaller rooms. The point I'm trying to make is that through sheer price of the rent/lease/mortgages alone, they are already not midtown. But with walkable places and the development it could spur, they are uniquely positioned to benefit from giving access to the funner aspects of Midtown/Downtown, while providing homes very close to the Med Center for those people. I mean hell, before Covid started I would see golf carts from the Med Center dropping off/picking people up from their homes since its so close. So much potential here.
  10. Would vote for this in the next election to be built, or am willing to beg the Kinders to help fund.
  11. Has Sawyer Yards vibes but with a bit more flavor. Is that a trolley or the light rail, lol? As someone who works in the legal field, I am amazed at what has happened and is happening in this area. 10 years ago you would have been laughed at and potentially called stupid for suggesting this could exist in this spot. And the best thing is that this naturally flows since as Luminaire said you get UHD students, people living in the new construction in that area of downtown, the legal peeps working over there, and then on weekends its just a few stops from the already vibrant mainstreet scene. Thanks @Urbannizer
  12. Anyone have an update as to this development? I did a bit of rudimentary searching myself via the methods I've noticed others on this forum use, but came up empty. I was thinking about it as I went jogging by the site last week, and musing about the need for more affordable housing.
  13. I'm going to guess synergism. Given how much work Hines and Gensler do in the city, and that this was planned "for years," someone at TMC3 must have known about this and vice versa. And if they knew/know about it, then you can't help but think that they will work together to not...cannibalize each other's potential. This is pretty astonishing and wayyyy out of left field. Checking the forums and going around town I just kept thinking we just needed to keep the momentum going from all of the projects currently being built, and here.we.go. With Hines behind it, and given how fast Texas Tower is moving, we should bet on which project begins to open up significant spaces first, this or TMC3. Absolutely nutty.
  14. So many high net-worth docs in Houston beginning to diversify in ways that you don't see docs doing in other medical heavy cities. Part of that may be because Houston's medical market is populated by so many big, heavy hitter docs whereas somewhere like Dallas its much more corporate. Really like the vibe of the building. The glassy overhang and the view must be real nice. And its in a part of Midtown that can use the development. Win-win project.
  15. Yup. I'm surprised more smaller places to get a bite to eat/drink/chill aren't going to open up around there, now that you got them, the condos, houses, and the Southmore just generally in that area. I personally would not mind a taco truck or three, but hey, what do I know. Tough time, I know, with Covid. Most of our office is back at work, and the food trucks have started coming back already, so just a thought.
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