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  1. From @steve1363's video. This would be a massive, massive, massive change for that little section. Post goes from kind of an island to fully connected to DT.
  2. Unsure if ground lease is the way to go with the parcel. I guess maybe they are hoping for another gas station but there are numerous ones on Almeda already that occupy all economic levels, you have gas stations with good wine and beer selections, food options, cigar selections etc. And most of the big gas station brands are already represented. The only thing I can think of is maybe some kind of retail store? Access to it is great, but it can't be a specialty grocery retailer, those need to be embedded like on Westheimer in Montrose or Richmond by upper Kirby. If it went retail I could see a suburban-style starbucks, but starbucks is moving away from those larger footprints since their drive-throughs are so successful. A brewery or a beer garden could be successful there given the amount of renters in the area and the lack of such a thing near the park and TMC. The closest one is Savoy Icehouse and Under the Radar. Unless the owner is willing to put cash into it to expand the building or raze it to let the tenant build, I don't see how the lease option is that great and it limits it alot.
  3. @hindesky are they moving slow to you? Or is that just the nature of them constructing on top of that garage?
  4. Some more thoughts: Another aspect of this is that TMC is moving ahead with this while quite a few developers and such are slowing down because of global market fears, among other things. To me, this indicates a type of market resiliency that, in Houston, has only really happened for oil and gas and that was many years ago. Its the kind of event that may show a real shift in what will make the gears turn in Houston, both economically and politically in the next decade or so. Plus, while oil and gas is still wrestling with hybrid work schedules and increased parental leave and just general HR stuff that brings them in line with the types of benefits their engineers would see from more tech oriented employers, TMC just has its foot on the gas. TMC isn't perfect, and they've had some real issues over the years, but this is a massive flexing of their muscles that shows Houston isn't just an O&G town anymore.
  5. Man, I appreciate the working thats been done but 2024? Doesn't that seem a bit slow? Memorial built a land bridge in a two year span, meanwhile at Hermann it looks like they've mostly just moved dirt around and cleared stuff away and its been closed for most of this year. Just feels like Memorial got deeper pockets to get things done.
  6. @Paco JonesIt gained a floor since your March post! For this part of Richmond, can we call this development baby steps toward what Tirz1 wants?
  7. I've actually heard multiple developers say its just cheaper to build new in comparison to what that building needs. But like you say, its not so f*ed that the tear down has happened yet. For possible suitors of this program, I would look at office spaces that haven't been updated in the last 5+ years. Just keep going back until you hit some poor sap building with a subpar lease rate. The gap between A and B/C in terms of design and amenities just seems to be widening.
  8. I knew something was there, didn't know that was a hawk signal. I don't think its ever been activated while I've taken Fanin (usually late, late afternoons or weekends). Probably should be a light if I'm being honest, given the speed people pick up on Fanin. The HAWK by the museums have people complaining on reddit/twitter all the time about people not stopping and that's in an area where people do actually walk so cars at least know there are pedestrians in the area. Can't imagine a HAWK on Fanin would actually work. The museums have a tunnel, thats a cool idea @Sanjorade. Or the street could lose a lane, which, given how much money the Ion is spending and the business it'll generate for the city I'm sure if suggested would happen.
  9. At some point I wouldn't be surprised to see them put in a HAWK pedestrian crossing somewhere. Or add a light for the street between the apartment and the garage. The light is a little problematic because its so close to the light by Wheeler. Fanin, as much as I love it for letting me gun it down the street (its my street of choice for leaving Midtown/DT), has a speed problem that I'm sure the Ion group will eventually look to fixing, which should help you when you leave the garage and walk. Can't have high end cars leaving that garage during a special event just to get smashed by an Altima going 55.
  10. What a difference a paint job makes. If the downtown authority can get another conversion going, their program is already a success since it feels like they are making something out of nothing at this point.
  11. The Post is a lesson in what having a good marketing and networking team can do you for your business. You can tell they hustle and grind to add incrementally (the drone show is a good example) to a foundation they are continuing to build on. From a business standpoint there are a lot of ways this could have went sideways, and it still can, but so far they have really put together an attractive package. And more than half of building is still empty! Having just got back from the west coast, this is the type of development you'd see in a city with a strong tech scene (or is it just that all of the west coast cities have strong tech scenes). The longevity for those developments comes from people going there for the vibes, opening the laptop, doing some work, maybe eating, definitely drinking, and checking out whatever is going on for the day.
  12. We've had a number of buildings go up, particularly around the Galleria (and I guess Allen Parkway too?), that incorporate in some way those...fins? Naked-looking balconies? Is that what's all the rage? They make the building look like what we thought, in films, was futuristic back in the 1960s. I don't dislike it, I'm just trying to figure it out. Can we all pour one out for that medical building before we move on to the towers? Everyone and their mother in the healthcare community kicked the tires on that one. In the end the building was just a tad bit too old, and the price of land was just a tad bit too high. And a lot of people tried to make it work. It was kind of in the in-between: too big to be an ASC/specialty hospital and too small/weirdly put together to fit the ambitions of the mid-major healthcare people looking for a signature hospital without a good amount of reno. So when we're wondering about what it will be, it will most certainly be something big and tall otherwise private equity-type pockets would have gutted it and it would be some type of medical space by now.
  13. If I was them, I'd be balancing my need for privacy of the faithful vs inviting the public. Its a fine line but I think they are balancing it well. Whether the sightlines make for easy viewing, I'm unsure, but I know it will be very, very busy. They will have a good presence in the area. Their population here is comparatively large, and other Muslims will 100% utilize this space as well. This has fortress-elements, but I don't think in their case its a Houston-specific issue. If you check their Canada-based centers they have similar, more recessed layouts for what I can tell from google maps and the images. And if they do have a sizeable pedestrian presence, as I alluded to above, it further detracts from the fortress element. The layout makes sense, its a bit of a campus, and if I was going there for programming that spoke to my faith or heritage I don't want cars zooming down Allen pkwy to be in the background. Enough land was there to both add to the city at large and to Ismaili community, which is what I think they are trying to do.
  14. Big trash. I'm not usually part of conservation HAIF, but those houses have personality. This has absolutely none. You can put retail here that doesn't just suck. I'm sure they are going with overkill for the parking given how little parking there is for the other businesses on Shepard. Increases the value of the retail piece, in my mind.
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