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  1. The lot next door had 2 warehouses. One of them got demolished and that's where the tanks are. The other warehouse is still standing. Curious to see if/how they integrate the remaining warehouse into this development.
  2. I think what happened is that they acquired the lot next door, and then they had to submit for new permits to change the layout. The ended up installing the underground tanks on the acquired lot next door. I hope this progress is a sign of renewed momentum. During the lull, Crockett got repaved between Houston and Taylor/Sawyer. Additionally, Coastline Pizza (across the street) should be opening soon. And Houston's first medical marijuana store just opened up next door. (https://houston.culturemap.com/news/city-life/06-21-22-medical-marijuana-houston-texas-original-714-houston-ave-open-hours-cannabis-gummies-tinctures/)
  3. 480 ton-miles-per-gallon. not the same as 480 mile per gallon. at 150 tons, an Amtrak train should get about 3 miles per gallon.
  4. Not sure if this has been posted already, but noticed these signs on the second floor of the existing retail building. Appears to be a Houston outpost of an Austin barbershop https://scissorsscotch.com/home
  5. Finally! Something other than a new apartment building.
  6. I hope this new apartment complex means the pedestrian crossing under the railroad along Houston Ave. will be cleaned more frequently, and possibly improved so that someone with a stroller or in a wheel chair could use it.
  7. Or a stairway from the plaza that can cross under Franklin and allow direct access to the trail along the bayou
  8. I heard a rumor that the same developer bought the two warehouses next door. Does anyone know if this is true, and if so, what's planned at that location?
  9. They recently finished up some sidewalk and curb improvements along Silver and Center. Construction of the 2 buildings for Phase II currently planned to start in 2Q2022.
  10. There was some discussion about this site when the concrete foundation was removed in Dec 2019: I checked HCAD and it still shows ATOFINA CHEMICALS INC as the owner. Amazingly the tax value of the 60,000 sq ft lot is $670K ($11 per sq ft). The appraised value of a typical 5,000 sq ft lot in the neighborhood is about $240K ($48 per sq ft). I guess the property owner doesn't have much of an incentive to unload it if the city makes it so cheap just to hold on to it.
  11. i have a friend who years ago went on a 10-day silent meditation retreat. and on the last day each of the participants got to sit down with the guru to him ask him one question. and when my friend got his turn, he asked, "help me understand who i am as a person." and the guru said, "easy, just look at what healthcare you roll with." all kidding aside, kudos to the enterprising healthcare professionals that provide the convenience, quality and customer service that allow them to earn a profit even with the higher overheads that come with these bougie developments. i do feel sad for any client that gets any sense of self from the luxury experience, pastries or massage chairs while they wait to get a new pair of prescription glasses.
  12. i wonder how much time was squandered by waiting to assess the damage in the first place. probably a full year. i also wonder if they considered re-opening the bridge but still continuing to work on it. they installed the metal support pillar in the middle of the bridge while the bridge was still in use. i realize there's a higher risk to re-opening now, but how much more dangerous would this bridge be then every other pedestrian bridge spanning a bayou in the city? i guess no one would be willing to put their neck on the line. which is fine i guess. but the lack of accountability frustrates me to no end. here's my forecast for when this is open again: winter 2022 (but in this case 12/31/2022). not to be confused with winter 2022 (1Q2022) when the connector should be done.
  13. hmmm, i'm guessing when they were planning on repairing the mkt bridge that caught on fire, they realized they could also do some of the prep work for this 850 ft segment. i really hope the planning for this work was the reason it took so long to get started on the bridge.
  14. Me one year ago: Surely this will take less than 1 year to fix...
  15. From the Sawyer Yards website. They're calling this the South Yard. I personally have thought of "Sawyer Yards" as what is depicted as the Main Yard, but they are clearly stretching the brand to all of their properties in the First Ward/Sixth Ward/Washington Ave Arts District etc...
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