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  1. Just found this on the Gulf Coast Commercial Group website. They've clearly made significant changes to original site plan. https://www.gulfcoastcg.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/LowerHeightsDistricts-Marketing-Package-04.26.21.pdf
  2. I saw city workers with shovels, brooms and leaf blowers finally cleaning the bike lanes on Houston Ave bridge over I-10 last week. Only took them 3 months since the wave of 311 calls and emails to the BAC. Hope they have some sort of regular maintenance plan going forward. If it takes 3 months to clean a bike lane, I'm scared to guess how long it will take to reopen the fire-damaged MKT bridge over White Oak Bayou...
  3. Unrelated sidebar: I used to wait tables there 15 years ago when it was called Nick's Pasta Place. What a mess that place was. Anyway, some of the regulars would tell me about how the building used to be car dealership and a hot dog stand before Nick bought it and turned it into an Italian restaurant.
  4. @j_cuevas713 or anyone else for that matter, any luck on getting 311 to clean up the bike lanes? Crossing White Oak Bayou and I-10 on Houston Ave, the bike lanes were so full of trash, glass and gravel that I ended up jumping on the road both ways. Kind of defeats the purpose of having those bike lanes if you can't use them.
  5. With all do respect mattyt36, I think you meant "for all intents and purposes..." 😂
  6. I called the parks board and asked for an update on when this bridge will be opening back up. I was shocked to learn that it has sustained major structural damage and will need to be replaced. On top of that, there's no funding for a new bridge, so it's not opening back up for a long, long time. If you're wondering what you can do about this, contact your councilperson and ask for discretionary funds to be diverted to this project.
  7. Cars driving onto the "bike path" is also a problem across Sawyer St in the shopping center. And it always seems like drivers only look one way as they pull up to the intersection. Maybe painting a green stripe on the road where the bike path crosses those intersecting lanes may help the drivers be more aware that they are driving onto the bike path? I personally find it's safer to just bike on the road in that shopping center. I agree that the apartments are better than the warehouses. I'm glad they planted the trees there and I hope that the higher population density brings m
  8. On our evening walk last night, noticed this business had moved and nearby neighbor said this warehouse has been sold. Does anyone know what's going on here?
  9. TrainTrak

    1611 Ovid

    First Ward warehouses went on the market. This is located on the Heights Bike Trail, two blocks west of Spring St Beer Garden on Houston Ave, and one block east of Winter Street Studios and Sabine Street Studios. 1611Ovid-0HoustonAve_Sale.pdf
  10. Went to a preview event here last week. Food was great but what stood out for me was the views from the outdoor deck. Cocktail hour is definitely going on the list for out-of-town guests.
  11. 🤞Olympic-size outdoor swimming pool🤞
  12. Sawyer Ice House construction photo from today: And the apartments across the street:
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