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  1. i wonder how much notice the esperanza school (and the parents of the kids that go to school there) will get before this development gets going
  2. How ironic to call this "artisan" pizza. If you google "artisan" you'll get this: (of food or drink) made in a traditional or non-mechanized way using high-quality ingredients
  3. hmmm, first i think, that's nice. the generators at food trucks are so noisy. seems like a great idea provide solar power so that spending time at this food park will be more pleasant. but then i stop and wonder--they're going to build out all of this solar and battery infrastructure. wouldn't it make more sense to just supply power from the electric grid. would require far less of an upfront investment. you could source 100% of the electricity from renewable sources. i would argue that not buying the new panels and batteries makes it a more environmentally mindful option. maybe use some of the money you save to feed the homeless population in this area. but a power line it doesn't "look" like the more environmentally mindful option... ...i don't know that i would call this innovation.
  4. i imagine this type of marketing resonates well with the target demographic. creates for a good self-selection bias. if you're annoyed by their word choice (which i am), you'd also probably be annoyed by your neighbors if you lived here...
  5. Agree with @Houston19514. An easement is the right to use the property. Utilities have the power of eminent domain to acquire easements to provide services for the public good. I think typically the easements are acquired long before any type of construction work happens. If the construction work was recent, they should be obligated to restore your property. If the eyesore is the actual utility (i.e. they ran a new power line and there's a new pole sitting in your back yard) well then you're kinda outta luck.
  6. Pappas already owns a bunch of warehouses along Summer St just east of this property. It looks like they fabricate/maintain kitchen and restaurant equipment there. May also be doing vehicle/truck maintenance and modifications. It does seem like they could do so much more with the space--and maybe their long-term plan is to do that.
  7. i think it's also interesting to think about the financial implications of our car-based transportation system. while our tax dollars fund roads and highways, each individual also has to buy a car and then insure/fuel/maintain it (you technically don't have to own a car in houston but in reality you kinda do). sure you get some control over what kind of car you buy, but at the end of the day, owning a car is part of the "living-in-houston" tax. if you take the money that millions of houstonians spend on their cars and divert it into a public transit system, would it be enough to turn houston into a city where you don't need a car?
  8. The lot next door had 2 warehouses. One of them got demolished and that's where the tanks are. The other warehouse is still standing. Curious to see if/how they integrate the remaining warehouse into this development.
  9. I think what happened is that they acquired the lot next door, and then they had to submit for new permits to change the layout. The ended up installing the underground tanks on the acquired lot next door. I hope this progress is a sign of renewed momentum. During the lull, Crockett got repaved between Houston and Taylor/Sawyer. Additionally, Coastline Pizza (across the street) should be opening soon. And Houston's first medical marijuana store just opened up next door. (https://houston.culturemap.com/news/city-life/06-21-22-medical-marijuana-houston-texas-original-714-houston-ave-open-hours-cannabis-gummies-tinctures/)
  10. 480 ton-miles-per-gallon. not the same as 480 mile per gallon. at 150 tons, an Amtrak train should get about 3 miles per gallon.
  11. Not sure if this has been posted already, but noticed these signs on the second floor of the existing retail building. Appears to be a Houston outpost of an Austin barbershop https://scissorsscotch.com/home
  12. Finally! Something other than a new apartment building.
  13. I hope this new apartment complex means the pedestrian crossing under the railroad along Houston Ave. will be cleaned more frequently, and possibly improved so that someone with a stroller or in a wheel chair could use it.
  14. Or a stairway from the plaza that can cross under Franklin and allow direct access to the trail along the bayou
  15. I heard a rumor that the same developer bought the two warehouses next door. Does anyone know if this is true, and if so, what's planned at that location?
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