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  1. Yep. JSC has been an uncapitalized asset for decades. That is changing. It seems inevitable that Clear Lake will become the "space TMC" but engaged leaders can help it be more successful. Just at Houston Spaceport you already have a major astronaut training facility (jets and the Neutral Buoyancy Lab) so with Axiom I think this has the potential to launch (again, pun intended) the Houston Spaceport. I really hope the whole area reaps the benefits and I think it will. Clear Lake needs some work and redevelopment to support world class work like this. Just last week Nanoracks (headquartered here
  2. Just want to make sure everyone understands the gravity (pun intended) of this. There are three space stations (realistically) under development in the world. China's space station, the lunar gateway, and Axiom's station. The lunar gateway is being led by NASA Johnson and Axiom's will be developed and built right here in Houston. Axiom's station is the first commercial space station that I believe will actually make it up, NASA has already given them money and access to a port on the ISS. There have been many proposals but this one is the most serious to date. They are building modules to atta
  3. Radom is one of the most exciting developers to watch right now. I'm so excited that they are getting bigger and bolder with each successive project (Heights Mercantile, MKT, and now this project)! I'm sure I'm not the only one that can't wait to see what their next project is!
  4. The academic building renovation is complete or almost complete. The residential building has begun construction (I think mainly site work though). The office building will be next and has not started yet.
  5. This is giving me Domain (in North Austin) vibes. Hopefully this is able to spur some ancillary develops like the Domain has, which started as one development and evolved into a total neighborhood redevelopment by many players.
  6. My guess is it will break ground after the next legislative session. Texas A&M Health, MD Anderson, and UT Health Houston all have requested specific funding for it in the form of TRBs in their legislative appropriations requests so they're probably strategically stalling the project. If they don't get the funding from the state, it will likely still go forward, it will just be funded from the Permanent University Fund instead. Also of note is that Baylor COM is no longer listed as a founding institution, I guess they are focusing on the McNair campus. https://assets.system.tam
  7. Isn't the cap supposed to be on the other side of Downtown (the east side)? Over I-69 and the relocated I-45? The bridge you're referring to is on the west side connecting downtown to fourth ward(?).
  8. I love the pedestrian alleyways this project has. It reminds me quite a bit of some of the older developments in Tempe and Scottsdale, Arizona. Most of the buildings are only one or two stories but they're packed in very closely with patios and alleyways like this to make them enjoyable during the entire year. I wish that is something we would see more here when low rise buildings are built.
  9. Just after Houston survived Laura, TAMUS broke ground today on the next phase of Innovation Plaza. The Texas A&M University System is wasting no time! https://www.tamus.edu/texas-am-breaks-ground-on-innovation-plaza-in-texas-medical-center/
  10. The Texas A&M University System has branded the buildings going up at Innovation Plaza. The building under renovation right now that will open later this year to support the EnMed program (Engineering Medicine) will be called Discovery Tower. The student housing complex will be called Life Tower. And the commercial building with the parking garage will be called Horizon Tower. https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/texas-news/texas-am-system-brands-buildings-at-innovation-plaza-in-houston/2393968/
  11. The Texas A&M University System capital plan has been updated to include their contribution to TMC3 ($100,000,000 building) with a proposed start date of the current fiscal year (ends in August, I believe). This is in addition to the $18,000,000 approved back earlier this year. https://assets.system.tamus.edu/files/treasury/pdf/FY20/Quarterly_Updates_to_FY2020-FY2024_CapitalPlan_3rdQtr.pdf
  12. I think the idea is to have the people actually providing the care and using the new innovations create them. In engineering, knowledge of operations and how the solution needs to work greatly benefits the design process. Bio-med and bio-tech engineers, while quite talented and useful, aren't in the trenches providing the care (unless of course, they also are MDs).
  13. The idea is that medicine needs more engineers in the field to make treatment more advanced and cheaper. (Aggie engineer here, student when this all was announced although I'm in aerospace, not medicine) They pitched it to us that in engineering school our way of thinking is changed to a creative problem solving capacity and that we seek to understand instead of just memorize (I've been told by friends that med school professors love having engineers in their classes for this reason). Rather than just knowing what the body does, in med school engineers seek to understand the how and why. They
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