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  1. The Domain proper in Austin is 303 acres. 100,000 biotech workers could definitely use a high density, mixed-use development of that size to live, shop, and eat in.
  2. Texas A&M President Kathy Banks confirmed today in her State of the University address that the Texas A&M portion will be a $200 million building developed with UH.
  3. The article also states the first buildings could begin construction within two years but first they will need to invest about $100 million for infrastructure. Elkus Manfredi is doing the master plan.
  4. This opinion piece has exactly the lack of context the Stop I45 group has in all of their statements- not surprised considering the author lives in New York. There's really no independent, critical thought at all in the opposition to this project. I'm extremely excited for the significantly improved access downtown will have to Fourth Ward, Midtown, and EaDo and the significantly improved low income housing that will be created because of this project.
  5. I guess I've never realized just how close Forth, the Mill, and East River are to one another (I don't spend a lot of time in EaDo/the East End). Hopefully East River catalyzes more dense developments (and taller ones in the future) similar to how the Domain in Austin has catalyzed dense ancillary developments around it.
  6. Hopefully this will encourage other cities in the area to start developing mixed-used and upwards!
  7. Collins had their ribbon cutting yesterday. https://www.click2houston.com/news/local/2022/08/31/watch-live-ribbon-cutting-ceremony-held-for-new-collins-aerospace-building-at-houston-spaceport/
  8. I’m hoping (and think it’s pretty likely) that they’ll be as successful stopping this as they were stopping Big Tex on 11th and Benny Thunders from being built.
  9. I wouldn't mind that. Especially if it came with that color water in the background.
  10. They're really fighting hard to save this parking garage!
  11. The Texas A&M University System will post the RFQ and RFP for A&M's TMC3 building in October. That could tee up a November or February Board of Regents approval for construction. https://assets.system.tamus.edu/files/fpc/pdf/Subcontracting/August 2022.pdf
  12. This page on Preston Partnership's website is implying phase 2 will be called "Remy on the Green" https://www.theprestonpartnership.com/06-remyonthetrails/
  13. Big day! The Board of Regents approved the construction of the Business Education Complex near Wehner, Bio/Bio, and the Business Library and Collaboration Commons (formerly West Campus Library).
  14. This development is pretty exciting for a town like Dickinson. It has the chance to be a really great spot despite its small size and it is truly mixed-use (rather than just a couple uses next to one another- looking at Flyway in Webster). Notably, the original plan for this property was a typical suburban shopping center but the city asked the developers to dream a bit bigger and they came up with this. https://www.remecompanies.com/_files/ugd/4f928b_40178470a45145ee8838eaea3d26f86d.pdf
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