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  1. The worst part for me is the trail access this will have (albeit to a still unrepaired bridge). The Home Depot lot would've been perfect for restaurants, bars, and small retail with a nice gateway from the trail. It could've been another cluster on that rail-trail that would've linked up with MKT, Heights Mercantile, and White Oak Blvd.
  2. As someone in the stated age group, that isn't the perception anymore. A year ago it was but now it's seen as pretty crime ridden. A friend that lives there won't even walk at night anywhere due to safety which neutralizes the walkability aspect of it. The Heights, Montrose, and Washington Ave area are seen as more desirable now. I'm really hoping the Ion and ancillary developments change that though.
  3. The logical intersection it would be referring to would be San Jacinto and Wheeler, I guess I'll forgive a Florida company for that mistake. If my thinking is correct it could fit in front of Greentown Labs and between the Ion and Greentown Labs. If this is actually what is happening it appears Rice wants to get in on the long term ground lease golden goose. The Texas A&M System makes tens of millions every year off of similar arrangements in College Station. I can only imagine what Rice would make off of these blocks.
  4. I went to Texas Live! in Arlington this weekend while visiting a friend and I really hope something similar but Houston, Astros, and space themed ends up on this site. It's a really cool and surprisingly unique experience for it being in the metroplex. Normally I would be against Houston doing a carbon copy of something in Dallas but this is the exception.
  5. I walk through this on my walk almost every day, so here's a quick progress update: Homestead: Buildout essentially done, they have a hiring sign out front. RayBan: Appeared on the signs within the past few weeks, they'll occupy the space across from Homestead. They have permit papers on the doors. La La Land Kind Cafe: Structural buildout looks to be almost done. Sheetrock is going up. Sweetgreen: Uhaul truck was outside with people moving things in. Highline Park: Structural buildout going on. Rakkan Ramen: Essentially done, should open soon, menu was outside to
  6. With NASA recently selecting SpaceX's Starship as its lunar lander for the Artemis program, I figured some people may be interested in seeing the development of the Starship launch site since Starship will be part of the Artemis program lead out of the Johnson Space Center in Houston. None of the images were taken by me. Overview Current view of the launch site with Serial Number 15 (SN15) ready for testing. Orbital launch platform and integration tower. The truss structure on the left will stack the rocket stages and will be 469 ft tall. The slanted co
  7. The last one is the Highway 36A proposal. The goal is to reroute truck traffic coming in from Port of Freeport out of Houston and through Bryan-College Station to Fort Worth. https://36acoalition.org
  8. The Fry's (a Kroger brand in Arizona) in downtown Phoenix is a pretty good example of this. Keep in mind it's not very tall though because this is Arizona, the state's tallest building is 35 floors.
  9. This thing sure is moving! Chancellor Sharp must've lit a match under the contractor's rear
  10. I believe it's near the Grayson at Baybrook and Lifetime Fitness near the mall. It has a Glenwest Drive address.
  11. Didn't mean to shoot you down! Was just sharing the info I had. While East River would definitely make for a great office environment for them, I'd love to see them grow in Clear Lake. I think it would be really awesome to have a major cluster of spaceflight companies down there and see how that area grows over the next 10-20 years. Any SpaceX presence is welcome anywhere in the city by me though, especially in a development as exciting as East River!
  12. Do you think it's talking about 2A? Based on the diagrams, 2A, 2B, & 2C would be the most natural progression for a next phase. I guess it could also be talking about 2D though. BuffaloHeightsPresentation.pdf
  13. They already have an office here in Houston (Near Bay Area Blvd and Saturn Ln intersection). It's a liaison and integration office for their Cargo and Crew Dragons since the planning groups at NASA Johnson are telling them who and what to put on the Dragons. Northrop Grumman also has a facility for this purpose for Cygnus as does Boeing for Starliner and Sierra Nevada for the Dream Chaser.
  14. Nah, let everyone find out when Karen chains herself to the tower crane.
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