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  1. Location and rendering of the central plant: There will be a deviation from the masterplan. The NSMV, the TS Lone Star State will be moored at a new dock on the other side of the boat basin: The new engineering building (I believe starting construction next year), will be located a bit closer to the current engineering buildings (and have a bit bigger footprint) than identified on the master plan:
  2. The city is in the process of finalizing the Northeast Gateway Redevelopment Plan, a city initiated planning effort of the area around the front of campus, centered around the Texas and University intersection. Hopefully this comes to fruition as this will vastly improve the entrance into campus and provide an expanded urban core for the city. https://www.cstx.gov/departments___city_hall/pds/planning/small_area_plans/northeast_gateway
  3. Here's the building and landscaping layout for the plan above. Of note, catty-corner to this, the Normandy Square apartments were recently under contract and the listing shows as no longer for sale. Could not confirm a deed change on Brazos CAD but rumors on local forum, TexAgs, state Normandy Square will be redeveloped into midrise/highrise apartments Additionally, it was marketed on Cruxes as a student housing development site, fueling the rumor of redevelopment to higher and better use. If so, excellent news for Northgate and it confirms my previous prediction in this forum. https://www.crexi.com/properties/802930/texas-normandy-square-student-housing-development-site
  4. Bryan is growing up and dreaming big! This is located at the corner of South College and Inlow, in Bryan's "North of Northgate" neighborhood. "The City of Bryan has partnered with Lero & Associates, Inc. to acquire property, utilities and entitlements, and plan the development in order to secure a master developer to assist in creating a high-density, mixed-use community. To visualize the redevelopment, the city has partnered with OMNIPLAN, a highly qualified architecture firm. The project will utilize one of Bryan’s most viable redevelopment opportunities, align with future growth of the community, and continue to incorporate strategic partnerships to create a captivating and prosperous master-planned development." https://www.bryantx.gov/new-mixed-use-destination-envisioned-for-the-city-of-bryan/?fbclid=IwAR2YplOPrWzKFCB0tZfPJEYXY59JMOapw3D7UXLBUhrRS6FqLX52IgjH73o_aem_Ae5-RY-xufdphapqd7_DFN9GPcVri0ZlT24IimFDq9fblbeAsr9HuUK4538NafBWbJk&mibextid=Zxz2cZ
  5. The Powder Keg launched an NFT sale last year to finance the construction of this version of the building. The open-air venue is a temporary building. The new building will be at 1300 Brittmoore. No update available since the launch just over a year ago. https://www.powderkegcollective.xyz
  6. Texas A&M Space Institute, which will be housed in this building, was approved with Dr. Nancy Currie-Gregg being named director. She's got a great reputation in Clear Lake and in Aggieland. Fantastic choice. https://theeagle.com/news/a_m/a-m-regents-establish-space-institute-200m-a-m-facility-to-be-built-near-nasa/article_4ffe7f5a-3c6f-11ee-9df8-17ad1d7d7e58.html#tracking-source=home-top-story
  7. St. Mary's Catholic Center's new church was recently dedicated.
  8. Pinecrest Texas A&M, southwestern intersection of Cherry Street and College Main. 20 floors, 605 beds. Great Complement to the Rev. College Main is really becoming a great urban street!
  9. https://www.galvnews.com/news/galveston-council-approves-extension-for-100m-condominium-development/article_315b71da-3abf-5312-99e7-813216078972.html Extension approved by city council. https://www.galvestontx.gov/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Item/16498?fileID=36230
  10. PopStroke appears in Webster City Council meeting agenda materials approving an agreement with Vida Mariscos to build a location at Flyway.
  11. More information on a few projects: * The arts complex has changed location and significantly increased in price
  12. Texas A&M's Space Collaboration Facility, funded by the Texas Space Commission appropriations from the legislature will be located on JSC property.
  13. This facility will not be at the Spaceport but on JSC Property.
  14. Texas A&M Indoor Tennis Facility to be built at Midtown Park in partnership with the city of Bryan. https://www.bryantx.gov/new-indoor-tennis-and-multipurpose-facility-coming-to-midtown-park/
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