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  1. Awesome perspective of Industry Building 1 and helix garden from TMC's Facebook page!
  2. Next week the Texas A&M University System Board of Regents will vote on the " Authorization to Negotiate and Execute a Ground Lease of 2.6252 Acres of Land and Other Agreements Related to the Construction of Up to Two Research and Educational Buildings on the TMC3 Campus Located in Houston." Not sure which parcel they are referring to but the last site plan I remember alluded to Texas A&M Health going directly north of the industry building currently going up. https://www.tamus.edu/regents/wp-content/uploads/sites/28/2022/05/RegularBinderMay2022.pdf
  3. Looks like this site plan and cutaway includes the new ACBs from when Duncan and Mays were built. I would assume it's still mostly accurate? Mays at right and Duncan at bottom.
  4. That would be an even bigger coup than Austin getting the Tesla factory. Important to note that Axiom and SpaceX have deep ties that are only getting deeper. SpaceX is currently Axiom's transportation partner and likely will continue to be once the Axiom becomes independent of the ISS. SpaceX has also stated they have little interest in developing habitats for the Martian surface which I think perfectly tees Axiom up to step in and be their habitat partner. Maybe Axiom also jumps in to develop the Artemis Base Camp on the lunar surface for NASA?
  5. Photo from TMC's Facebook page. Can't wait to see some of these first phase buildings start to complete!
  6. Axiom broke ground on their spaceport headquarters today! https://www.axiomspace.com/news/axiom-hq-spaceport
  7. That's just Dallas culture vs. Houston culture... "In Houston, we’ll engage a burgeoning arts community in the most diverse city in the nation, which we believe will result in a groundswell of revolutionary artistic expression.” - Dale Sheehan, executive creator director https://www.abqjournal.com/2497979/meow-wolf-will-expand-to-grapevine-texas-in-2023-houston-in-2024.html
  8. http://www.downtowntirz.com/downtownhouston/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/Board-Book-4-12-22.pdf Cost information has been added to the original document packet sent to the FHWA. Additionally, two more exhibits were added that discuss the future of Pierce Elevated and effects on parks on the west side of downtown.
  9. 8-floor student housing complex in permitting at College Main and Cherry St called the Everett. This is right down the street from Parallel's project currently under construction. College Main will soon be an urban street too! https://www.cstx.gov/common/pages/DisplayFile.aspx?itemId=18469393 Parallel's second project in College Station (between Wellborn, Maple, Louise, and First St) is slated to begin construction in June.
  10. Can't believe I haven't posted this yet, Aggie Park is a redevelopment of the area between Kyle Field and the Corps Quad. It will include a lake, grand promenade leaded up to the east side of Kyle Field, and an event center for Ring Day. Construction camera: https://app.truelook.com/?u=ma1629835378#tl_live The Gardens: https://gardens.tamu.edu/leach-teaching-gardens/
  11. It requires an appropriation from the Texas Legislature and his signature which is far easier than a PUF restructuring (constitutional amendment). He has said it's part of his agenda for the 88th Legislature so it will be seriously talked about it within a year.
  12. Well good morning, Aggies! https://www.thecentennialcampaign.com Football Indoor Performance Center: Academic + Wellness Center: Indoor Track Stadium: One step better, although our steps are measured in increments of hundreds of millions of dollars
  13. Abbott recently proposed a $1 billion transfer into Tech's endowment to quell people who want to open the PUF up to more universities as a more realistic option. Probably the same thing happening for UH.
  14. There are renderings floating around but they were not approved due to the location (right next to the pond). Instead, this building will be on the right as you near the library in the area enclosed by the road, service driveway, and library building. Additionally, there is a request in with the Air Force for one of the current Air Force Ones (I know that's the callsign and not the aircraft name but that's what everyone knows them as, you nitpickers) when they are decommissioned which were introduced during President Bush's presidency. I think the library has a good shot at getting one, especially since the request included a letter from the late president shortly before his passing.
  15. Also can't forget to mention How to Survive on Land and Sea just a couple blocks down (with the incredible Ghost Hand Pasta occupying their kitchen, if you haven't checked them out and like pasta you absolutely need to).
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