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  1. Perimeter fencing up, maybe site development is imminent.
  2. Looks a little Fertitta Post Oak Hotel copy-cat... but I’ll take it!
  3. Straight TRASH design - reminds me of M5250 on Westheimer across from the Galleria (ONLY WORSE). This is why Houston needs some sort of Architectural Review Committee. Compare this design to what Lennar is currently building in Atlanta’s Buckhead area (which is very similar to Houston’s Uptown) to see why this sickens me!
  4. This from someone who has a total of 3 posts over the years? Do you have a source for this HVAC project? Why would a 15 year old commercial office building need upgraded HVAC systems? They last longer than that in starter homes. And why would the also fence off the former Houston Press building site?
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