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  1. They also seem to have added more glass windows scaling the entirety of the vertical stone facade on the north end than shown in previous renderings!
  2. More glass being installed! More of a dark gray than black (with platinum trim).
  3. Yes, I’ve always considered this a solid 50-story tower. Not simply rounding up, rather, the specific design and height of the crown adds 3 stories to the 47. Similarly, I consider 609 Main to be 50 stories with a total height of 53 stories (not the 48 office floors officially listed). Casual observers would never know the first 2 “floors” of the 5 story crown are only mechanical and unoccupied.
  4. I was referring to the glass in the small 4 floor cut out of the podium which cannot be seen in the rendering you posted here. Only the metal screening covering the garage is shown here.
  5. Haven’t seen any comments here on the glass already being installed in the cut out section of the podium. It appears to be a lot darker than what I imagined. It looks to be black instead of the blue-ish gray that we are use to seeing on Hines’ Texas Tower and 609 Main.
  6. I don’t recall seeing any nighttime renderings but the daytime renderings seemed to indicate the lighting. It’s really bright at night with all 4 floors lit up. They were testing the lights when I snapped those photos but all 4 floors have been lit every night for the past couple weeks.
  7. I took this photo back in June and was intrigued with the apparent “spider web” like pattern highlighted by the sun within the translucent tubes. Something has always looked off to me as the stacked vertical tubes meet - the abutting seams just look dark and unfinished. Could there actually be a film covering the clear glass tubes? 👀 I doubt it, but it’s interesting speculation nonetheless.
  8. I love this building’s classic look. It’s Handsome and Solid! The architect was intentional in trying to avoid a total clash with the existing tower but don’t let that one angle in the last photo fool you, it’s far different from the Hanover next door. The best part is no 2 sides of this building look exactly alike.
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