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  1. Well ... it turned out to be not very much. It's now a small striped parking lot surrounded by a high fence, barbed wire, and an electronic gate. No clue whose it is. Maybe overflow parking for the Holiday Inn a block or so away?
  2. The long-vacant lot on the southwest corner of Silber and I-10 has been paved over and a construction fence is up. Any clue what it is?
  3. Yes, I've noticed that, too. I drive by it every day and can't help but wonder if (1) they had structural design problems, (2) they're changing their minds now that they see how odd it looks, or (3) they are caving in to the "robot" comments here on HAIF and are modifying the look. It does seem to be WAY behind compared to the rest of the building!
  4. Here's the Chronicle story: http://chron.com/disp/story.mpl/front/4494021.html
  5. Does the closing of Eatzi's negatively impact or delay this project in any way?
  6. The land is theirs. It was purchased years ago. Now they are raising money for the theater itself: http://www.adplayers.org/capital.html For those of you anxious to see a theater in the Galleria/Uptown area, I'm sure A. D. Players would appreciate your financial support!
  7. I learned it from an e-mail sent by my neighborhood's civic association (Rice Military): "After 29 years in this location in Rice Military, Rainbow Lodge will open the doors of its new restaurant at 2011 Ella Blvd. (East T.C. Jester at Ella Blvd.) on December 1. Please join us as we bid them farewell and wish them much continued success at their new location."
  8. Maybe I'm slow, but I just learned that Rainbow Lodge is closing its doors at its current location (Birdsall and Memorial) and reopening on Ella in December. Any ideas what might be planned for their current property? (I've searched this forum and Googled, but cannot find anything about this.)
  9. Here are some pictures from Houston's First Baptist. There are a few pictures of the building, along with other pictures from the life and history of the church. http://houstonsfirstorg.actsgroup.net/main/photo_gallery.htm
  10. If you're talking about the one a few blocks down from Denny's, it's a brick company's store. They've been there for many years, but are finally building a brick structure for themselves. (For those of you who do not know where this is ... if you were to exit Washington/Westcott off of I-10 and head north, the building is on your right before the road splits into Old Katy and Old Hempstead.)
  11. I hurt for you, my friend. Just say no to the chains! Life is too short and H-Town has too much to offer! It would be great to have local businesses and restaurants move into the shopping center. I'm all about going to Houston-based businesses -- the food tends to be better and it helps support small business owners. Starbucks vs. Daily Grind? Chili's vs. Jax Grill? No contest! Not that I expect Daily Grind or Jax to move in, but you get my point. Just no chains!
  12. Thanks for the press release. I did not read anything specific about the Foley's nameplate switching to Macy's. It did, however, mention that the Marshall Field's nameplate would switch to Macy's. Maybe I was wrong about the Foley's name being done away with?
  13. Not sure if this is the best place for this question, but here it goes ... At some point in the near future, the Foley's name will be replaced with the Macy's name. (As a native Houstonian, I'm not taking to that very well, by the way!) I am concerned for the smaller and older Foley's located throughout the Houston area -- Northwest Mall, San Jacinto Mall, and Almeda Mall are just three examples. It's hard to imagine the Macy's name (arguably a higher-end brand) on those properties. Has anybody heard what the plans are for these and similar Foley's locations?
  14. I agree, KinkaidAlum. Reading these forums is a perfect cure for anybody who is too positive or optimistic about life. The pessimism and bitterness out here is unbelievable! Back to the topic ... Build the park. Make it big. Fill it with a variety of things to do. Provide plenty of parking that properly balances the need for parking with the needs of the trees and vegetation. How about this? Underneath some of the larger trees, build hollow glass columns that extended down into the garage. People can get a subterranean view of the park with a close up look at the roots.
  15. This is my first time to post out here, so I hope I've picked the "right" forum for this! Does anybody have any info on a potential grocery store along Washington Avenue? Any rumors? Any known plans? I have not heard of anything ... just wondering if anybody "in the know" has! As a resident of the area for over 8 years, that would be the icing on the cake for me. And as a spoiled inner-looper, driving ALL THE WAY over to the Kroger on W. Gray is getting old!
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