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  1. Does this mean they're finally doing something with that old structure at the rear?
  2. I walked over today, to get a closer look (and came back drenched--it's hot!). It looks like they're trying to save the trees. I don't know if they're going to move them, or build barriers around them, but it's definitely not your typical "doze 'em to the ground" process. Lots of them have those dirt walls around them.
  3. I drove by last week, first time in a while. We actually had a reunion lunch of a bunch of us who worked there back in... well, before most of you were born. 🤣 I got a crappy pic from my car before lunch:
  4. The owner is an old friend of mine. Did a lot of business with him years ago. They build a typical "Houston builder" mentality townhouse, nothing special, decent quality, lots of flash (SS! Granite! Island!). He is a PITA to work with. One of those "I'm smarter than you" type people.
  5. "An old furniture depot is being converted into a four-story loft building next door" Only if "converted" means demolished and a new structure going up.
  6. I haven't been down St. James in several years, my lawyer was in the 1717 St. James bldg. Isn't that area mostly office buildings, or is there already some residential there?
  7. It better not block my view of Westheimer. Right now I can see all the way down to the Apple store. Six stories is taller than anything on that side. I may need to get out my "Ashby High Rise" sign, and re-purpose it.🤪 NIMBY!
  8. I was doing the math myself, at the same time I read your post. Yeah, that's gotta be a placeholder amount, no way that type bldg should cost that much.
  9. He was. When we decided to dabble in the door finishing business (which eventually turned into a significant business for us), he introduced me to several (and I can remember him saying this) "people I needed to know".
  10. What a great photo! Many years ago, I was friends (both personal & business) with Ralph Davidson. How are you related?
  11. This is a high-rise, not a mid-rise. Twenty plus floors. And there is not anything like this in the area. That's what they were complaining about. Plus the added traffic.
  12. My company was on this very spot back in the 1970s. Until we burned to the ground on June 21, 1977. That's when we moved to 813 McKee (see my comments in the "Warehouse District" thread). We were at 2308 Polk, in an old wooden warehouse/office bldg. We owned the bldg, but the land was leased from Southern (Union?) Pacific. They had an active rail line, and we leased on their ROW. We had several other bldgs in that area, along Bell, Hutchins, Leeland, and Pease. The Houston Post was right across the street from us. Very sketchy area. You did not want to be there after dark, not by yourself. But times change! I still have some mementos from back then. Here is a letter that sorta survived the fire...
  13. The Dallas Fed is one of the Federal Reserve BANKS. Ours is a branch, and technically a part of the Dallas Fed. I remember the brouhaha when our branch initially had wording on it stating it was a part of the Dallas Region. With Houstonians love for Dallas, it was non-stop complaining until it was removed.
  14. All this time, and it's affordable housing? Plot twist indeed. If most of what Urban Genesis does is this, I'm surprised it hasn't been mentioned before now.
  15. Thanks for the updates. Is this the first time we've seen it referred to as "student housing"? The conjecture was it would be some kind of high-end townhouse/apt building. That's a really pricey area for student housing.
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