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  1. Coincidentally, another guy who owned several buildings in the same area (and a friend of mine) just passed away last month: H. Milton Howe. Milton bought a couple of those old, empty warehouses, and tried to create a movie studio business. He made one into a sound stage. He really pushed to develop the arts potential of this area. We called it the Warehouse DIstrict back then.
  2. Somehow I missed this thread the first time around, maybe the name change made me see it... I owned this building, and worked in it, for twenty years. Mid 70s thru mid 90s. In the left background is the Dakota Lofts. That was Bute Paint back then. Then RD bought it and made it his first loft conversion project, I think in the early 90s. We were still there when it opened. The area between us and the bayou was all open lot for years. Them Metro bought it for their bus barn. That area has always had immense potential. I loved the location. Had a couple other buildings in that sam
  3. I worked at a company that used that line & yard. We were at (roughly) Polk & Dowling, and there were trains being switched thru there all the time. We had a siding that came to our building. We had one large supplier that shipped by rail (Magic Chef appliances, for you old-timers). The switch yard lines were only about 30-40 yards west of our building, so we got the horns. All. Day. Long. I lived in Southampton back then, and the only time I ever saw a train on those SWFwy tracks was the circus, once a year, which always made the news. Then at some point, they shut down. Although
  4. That's what I was referring to, in my post a couple above yours. Curious about it.
  5. I need to check in with my friend who bought there, and was one of the first to move in. I used to see her several times a month, but since Covid, I've only seen her once or twice. Last time I talked to her, she loved the place, but had a fair number of small, niggling problems. But that was months ago.
  6. I drove by this the other day. It was from the freeway, so I didn't have much time to look, but I thought I saw part of the old structure still standing. In the back left corner (SE corner). Are they saving part of it? Or were my eyes freeway confused?
  7. Quote for truth. One of the busiest, most visible stretches of Westheimer--Highland Village, RO District, etc--and it's paved like a third-world street. They recently finished the stretch east from BS to Kirby, so now let's go westward!
  8. Remind me here... (if you're old enough), after work, a few of us used to go to a small bar, that I think was on Jack St. It was on one of those small streets south of Richmond, in the curve of 59. It wasn't a big name place, mostly people who just knew about it. I'm thinking Sam Segura (sp?) may have had something to do with it. It had a couple letters on the door, that was the only signage I can recall. Let's call it 1977, plus/minus a year or so.
  9. Good point, and one condo buyers are becoming aware of. When we were condo shopping in 2018, our realtor (luckily, a close friend & condo expert himself) educated us on this. How a small building either lacks amenities, or they cost a fortune. How big buildings, maybe 100+ units, have issues of their own. We hit the sweet spot with 69 units. Large enough to have full amenities, not so big as to have traffic jams at the entrance.
  10. Most people who move to condos don't do it for the money. It's not whether it's more or less than your SF residence was, it's "condo life". As someone who made the house>condo move a couple years ago, I can tell you from talking to my fellow residents, there is not one single person who factored money into the equation. It's the lock & leave lifestyle, it's security concerns, it's having packages accepted for you 24/7, it's not having to worry about the roof or the A/C or the yard or the pool or floods... or anything. Maybe at some price point, or in some parts of the country,
  11. Condo, expensive, near River Oaks, where old people go to die... yep, Mausoleum 🙄 (And I say this with all respect, as I live in a hi-rise condo just down the street). Seriously, it doesn't help that this is being built on (and thus, designed for) a postage stamp sized piece of land. So instead of a more spread out base, you get this tall, skinny bottom that looks just like a... mausoleum.
  12. This has been delayed at least a year. Originally scheduled to open in 2021, it *may* start construction this year, with some openings in 2022. Fingers crossed! From the original article...
  13. I love how the flyer shows West U home values up to $10.9M, but poor River Oaks only has home values up to $9.5M. And this is now in Upper Kirby! PS: It's not, UK stops at Shepherd.
  14. I worked in that building (circled) for about twenty years, from the mid-70s to the mid-90s.
  15. Aspire sent out an email yesterday... here is the text of the email, and the PDF attached... {whoops, too large to attach, if I did this correctly, it will link to the file} https://drive.google.com/file/d/16_JIbTd1__8AHOBTQOdQ-uGyDbvoN60J/view?usp=sharing Season’s Greetings! Here is your first gift of the season. Attached you will find and enjoy our latest and greatest edition of the Aspire Post Oak quarterly newsletter. This bulletin includes spectacular photos and more exciting details about our amenity package, interior design, and unique home featu
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