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  1. Currently, the sun sets directly behind this tower, when viewed from our condo; we're about 1/2 mile east down Westheimer. The other night, I happened to look that way as the sun was setting, and you could see the sun thru the building. It was coming thru an empty floor, like the old see-thru buildings during the recession of the 1980s. Didn't have my cell close by, will try to capture it again at some point, before the sun moves to far to the left. Very cool image!
  2. Talking to a friend of mine at Dinerstein, and asked him about this project. He said, among other things, that they plan a Q3 2021 opening.
  3. Will do. I'll give them a couple weeks to get settled before I "invite myself over".
  4. They're in! CO was issued Thursday, and they closed Friday. Already started moving stuff in, although they don't expect to start spending the night for a couple more days. So far, she's happy. Said it was "brighter and more spacious than I expected". New condo owners are always a little anxious, often moving from 5,000+sqft McMansions, into smaller condos. But it's the rare new condo owner who doesn't come to love it before long.
  5. My friend was told Monday they could move in next week. Late August has moved to early September. But they also said that was contingent upon getting the CO for their floor, which as of late yesterday had not happened.
  6. I looked, and I don't have any. While it is certainly a photo-worthy place, I guess taking pics when you visit a friend doesn't usually happen πŸ˜‰
  7. My friend bought this building (110 Milam) several years ago, and decided to save it. It was in ill shape, and needed more money than any developer is ever willing to put into a building. He decided to completely refurb/rehab it, and turn it into his residence. Several years and a shitload of money later... The bottom floor backs onto Buffalo Bayou. He acknowledged it was going to flood, and made it an open-ish storage area, with walls designed to handle water exposure. Each floor has a purpose--one for his bedroom, another for living/dining/kitchen, another for work space, etc. His living floor has these huge, commercial glass-paneled overhead doors (like Garage doors) along the back wall (facing Buffalo Bayou & west), that when shut provide a wall. But they can open with a button, and create an open-air environment. Those metal stairs on the side are to meet fire egress codes. On the roof is a stainless steel pool and deck. You can imagine the structural support he had to put in for that. He also collects cars, everything from Ferraris to classic oldies...
  8. One of my best friends owns that building. I've been in it many, many times. I'm off to Pilates, will post more info later... And yes, it's his house.
  9. Thanks, I forgot about that (don't know how, I drive by it all the time πŸ™„). They've been there a loooong time, well before the Helfman family owned it. I think it used to be owned by Bud Adams (the Oiler's owner), and in all fairness, is just a short hop down Kirby from RO. Bud lived in RO, and probably wanted to play off that name/location. Not sure if it was ever located anywhere else.
  10. This made me think, based on the "River Oaks" spread discussion in the other thread... is this the first recorded use of "River Oaks" in a name/description that is actually south of 59? πŸ™„πŸ˜’
  11. The Chronicle also has the press release in today's paper. I still think there is a mistake. You don't build a 25/26 story building in less than a year. But as someone who lives just a couple blocks up Westheimer from this, I hope they can. Because you know they're gonna create some traffic issues during construction.
  12. I thought anything inside the loop could be called "River Oaks" πŸ™ƒ. Heck, there's a project down at Shepherd & 59 called "River Oaks". This isn't even an announcement of a groundbreaking. It's an announcement of an announcement-to-be-announced of a groundbreaking. And they think they can build this in less than a year?!? They have to have meant completion in late 2022, not 2021. It's interesting that they're using Martha Turner to sell the units. Every, and I mean every, high-end condo building uses Douglas Elliman (FKA Sudhoff) to handle their sales.
  13. Here's an update from Stonelake Capital Partners, the people who built it... it addresses your tenant name question. I have a business relationship with them, so I reached out and asked my guy for an update: Thank you for the nice note! We have moved in and are loving it! We are anticipating a large tenant to take the top 3 floors and ultimately have their name on top of the building. We make up a very small portion of the building. The lights just went up and we are adjusting them to make sure the brightness/warmth is correct. They have been pretty bright so far! Hopefully they’re not penetrating your blinds!
  14. When we moved into The River Oaks, we were the 4th condo to take occupancy. It's definitely a weird feeling! OTOH, there were so many workers & crew still finishing the place that it never really felt empty. Although at night, you had the place to yourself.
  15. She was told the CO for her floor is due by the end of this coming week. They guaranteed her she would be able to move no later than Aug 25. No idea what a guarantee involves.
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