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  1. Nice video. But... I know that area fairly well (as most of you do also), and I'm having trouble figuring out certain shots. Did they remove some buildings from some views on that video? For one, I never saw The Huntingdon, which is right next door. And the view looking west (Galleria) seems to be missing lots of buildings that should be visible between the Revere and the West Loop. Just me?
  2. The CCSC is now open. I wish they had put some windows on the North wall. It's just one giant "wall". Bor-ing. Homeless people? I need to look closer, I haven't seen any. Maybe you just saw me wandering around in my "work from home" outfit... loose fit sweats, baggy tee, "no haircut in nine months" look. 🙃
  3. That area's come a long way. I worked there, corner of Polk & Emancipation (then called Dowling) for several years in the mid 1970s. We were right across the street from the Houston Post bldg. Vagrants everywhere, and you always wanted to leave work before it got dark. It was not unusual to hear gunshots at night.
  4. Small world... I was talking to my nephew in NYC yesterday, and it turns out he was highly involved in this project. I should preface with I never really knew who he worked for, or the details of what he does, I just knew he was in urban planning (Masters from NYU). I also knew he was working with Rice on long-term development ideas for the Village, as he had flown back to Houston (he grew up here) a few times for meetings (pre-Covid). So we're talking yesterday, and I mentioned that Rice had another project going--the Ion--and he says "Yes, that was my project also". What?!?
  5. Email today... (bulletin attached as PDF): ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It brings our Team great pleasure to present to you the first of many construction updates. Throughout the remainder of the buildout phase, Aspire Post Oak is thrilled to provide to you an insightful overview of our ongoing progress. Once per quarter, you will receive our exclusive bulletin dedicated to delivering the latest updates and information. We are approximately one year away from opening and would like to express our appreciation for your continued support and patience. As time draws
  6. Currently, the sun sets directly behind this tower, when viewed from our condo; we're about 1/2 mile east down Westheimer. The other night, I happened to look that way as the sun was setting, and you could see the sun thru the building. It was coming thru an empty floor, like the old see-thru buildings during the recession of the 1980s. Didn't have my cell close by, will try to capture it again at some point, before the sun moves to far to the left. Very cool image!
  7. Talking to a friend of mine at Dinerstein, and asked him about this project. He said, among other things, that they plan a Q3 2021 opening.
  8. Will do. I'll give them a couple weeks to get settled before I "invite myself over".
  9. They're in! CO was issued Thursday, and they closed Friday. Already started moving stuff in, although they don't expect to start spending the night for a couple more days. So far, she's happy. Said it was "brighter and more spacious than I expected". New condo owners are always a little anxious, often moving from 5,000+sqft McMansions, into smaller condos. But it's the rare new condo owner who doesn't come to love it before long.
  10. My friend was told Monday they could move in next week. Late August has moved to early September. But they also said that was contingent upon getting the CO for their floor, which as of late yesterday had not happened.
  11. I looked, and I don't have any. While it is certainly a photo-worthy place, I guess taking pics when you visit a friend doesn't usually happen 😉
  12. My friend bought this building (110 Milam) several years ago, and decided to save it. It was in ill shape, and needed more money than any developer is ever willing to put into a building. He decided to completely refurb/rehab it, and turn it into his residence. Several years and a shitload of money later... The bottom floor backs onto Buffalo Bayou. He acknowledged it was going to flood, and made it an open-ish storage area, with walls designed to handle water exposure. Each floor has a purpose--one for his bedroom, another for living/dining/kitchen, another for work space, etc. Hi
  13. One of my best friends owns that building. I've been in it many, many times. I'm off to Pilates, will post more info later... And yes, it's his house.
  14. Thanks, I forgot about that (don't know how, I drive by it all the time 🙄). They've been there a loooong time, well before the Helfman family owned it. I think it used to be owned by Bud Adams (the Oiler's owner), and in all fairness, is just a short hop down Kirby from RO. Bud lived in RO, and probably wanted to play off that name/location. Not sure if it was ever located anywhere else.
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