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  1. On 6/22/2019 at 12:39 PM, Triton said:


    That angle is so off it's not even funny. What is this, in Montrose?? Looks like their other apartment complex off of Dallas.


    The image is from one of the other properties they constructed, Tinsley on the Park formerly Broadstone Tinsley Park. It's included to show one of the amenities the property will have.

  2. On 7/2/2019 at 10:07 AM, Avossos said:

    Dumb question probably... I know where the new apartments are.


    Are townhomes going in on the West side of the current apartment?

    Is the Co-Op going in to the East of the current apartment?


    Are both going in West? Thanks in advance...


    Co-Op includes both the townhouses and the apartments. Both will be on the lot west of Broadstone Summer Street


    Edit: East to West

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  3. Swamplot article with the old renderings from EDI. 






    THE SHOPPING center at the southwest southeast corner of Montrose Blvd. and 59 known as Chelsea Market has just recently gotten the chain-link wraparound, as shown above from the west (top) and east (above). Its days had been numbered ever since plans showing a Broadstone apartment tower in place of the 3-building retail complex surfaced online last year.

    Renderings of the tower, to be named Broadstone Museum District, show it rising 16-stories high:


    chelsea-montrose-02.jpg  chelsea-montrose.jpg

    You wouldn’t know it from the images above, but that’s 4 stories lower than The Carter (formerly Chelsea Montrose) highrise next door.

    The garage and leasing office entrances, off Montrose Blvd.:


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  4. Definitely agree with kbates2 about how it will change the feel. We had a property in Midtown that had no more than a handful of AirBNB units and the residents weren’t pleased. The ABNB people would treat it like a hotel, no cares, since they would be in and out. I’m surprised they released so many units to them as well. Only thing that makes sense is they will be generating income right away and won’t take as long to stabilize. 

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    On 5/15/2019 at 1:03 PM, IntheKnowHouston said:

    A bar from Guava Lamp is in planning for 2409 Grant St. Currently, Hamburger Mary's resides here, so I don't know if this bar will be its replacement or will be an added venue.


    Here's what I know of Buddy's so far:


    Their logo was added to their Instagram page around a month or two ago.


    Their Instagram is @buddyshouston


    And their website is http://buddys.bar




    The bar is not affiliated with Guava Lamp. It's a former employee that worked at Guava Lamp some time ago that is opening the bar. Buddy's will actually be located on the west side of the building, where Mary's Alibi and Bayou City were previously located.


    Buddy's is said to be a country/western bar and are currently awaiting permits/licences with the city to open. 


    Back to Hamburger Mary's - I did hear their lease is set to expire and may be relocating. 

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  6. On 4/23/2019 at 1:51 PM, Alec said:


    I like this idea for Houston, but I'm not sure a location with a 48/100 transit score will give it the best chance of success. Maybe this is a design based on street parking and not transit?


    I know they are currently working with the city on a plan to extend or create a bike trail on the east side of the property, which would run between Co-Op and Broadstone Summer Street, with it connecting to Spotts Park. I believe there should be parking on the ground level, like one of their other projects as well. 

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