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  1. From Davis Commercial site: 215 Westheimer Rd. Houston, TX 77006 Property Details 13,200 SF Available 6,600 SF Retail 6,600 SF Office Up to 3,000 SF Restaurant Patio Seating Ideally Located Between Montrose and Midtown Delivery 4Q 2020
  2. I googled the Cypress location and the street view from February 2020 shows ongoing construction.
  3. There website is up and going. https://www.avondalehighline.com/ They are renting apartments for move in as early as September 1st. Rents seem extremely high at $2.40/sq ft considering the community offers no amenities, however their website says up to 2 months free if you lease before opening day. I live near by and might schedule a tour to check out the interiors.
  4. Anyone notice "Midtown 41" behind Pearl @ The Mix? Has that lot been discussed before?
  5. Also from the pedestrian bridge near Shepherd and Memorial.
  6. It looks like the northern part of the building goes up to 9 floors, while the rest of the building stops at 8.
  7. I heard the VooDoo on Westheimer will be closer to Catbirds.
  8. It looks like they're eliminating the entry point on to Hawthorne/Burlington from Bagby which doesn't make sense to me. The road that extends south of Courtlandt in the proposals will essentially be a private entry/driveway to someones garage. If they keep Bagby south of Elgin, they should extend the road, as it is now, to Hawthorne/Burlington so it serves more of a purpose.
  9. The image to the right states "Ground Parking Retail Level" Is this an indication of possible retail?
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