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  1. cheap...but just like anything ethnic nowadays....gentrification LULZ
  2. Dora the Explorer? and you want us to take you seriously? come on dawgg
  3. id recommend reading the book Houston Electric by Steven M Baron.....awesome info on Houston's old electric streetcar system
  4. engineer here, these comments help me understand how architects think....completely different from us lol
  5. We don't need a 50k stadium, yet. Just need to win consistently to bring the fans back.
  6. depending on the TxDot District, most design work is done by consultants....some, like Houston District, design some of their stuff "in-house"......Tunnels cost A LOT more than bridges (especially here with the soil type) and there's barely enough infrastructure money as it is...there's all sorts of infrastructure underground (storm sewers, water lines, wastewater lines, ets)...there's a reason you have to call 311 before digging....LULZ
  7. bridge girders/foundations are probably going to be designed for truck loads, not rail loads...gonna need some serious retrofit/$$$ after....unless someone can design a really, really lightweight train/tram
  8. i knew i had it seen it before in the standards, i need to do more low speed bridges...found a TxDot rail standard for an aesthetically pleasing rail https://ftp.dot.state.tx.us/pub/txdot-info/cmd/cserve/standard/bridge/rlstd021-20.pdf
  9. I'm sure the required hydraulic opening of the original bridge design (open area under bridge) is much, much lower than what is calculated now (newer rainfall data, more construction upstream of the bayou/more stormwater runoff). https://www.projectbrays.org/all-segments/segment-1/about-telephone-bridge/ https://bridgehunter.com/tx/harris/bh50785/ This bridge is from 1931!! Great service life. I like the old school rails on the bridge tho, i wish we constructed more similar rails in TX. We cant because of the traffic rating required at high speeds.
  10. Yes, in bridge design, the bridge engineer doesn't change the road profile (difficult to change in urban areas), so the deeper beam will create less area under the bridge for the water to flow. More area was added (thicker bridge) to impede water flow than was removed by taking out a couple of bents. However, less bents is also good because it prevents debris from being trapped at the columns and impeding water flow. It takes just a couple of iterations to get it right. Also a lot of the new bridges are being built with recently updated rain/hydraulic data.
  11. Here in Texas, the "row of columns" are called bents, in some other places in the country/world, they're called piers. The first and last bents of a bridge are called abutments. The number of bents is determined by superstructure type (CIP slab, slab beams, box beams, concrete i-girders or steel girders) and hydraulics of the stream. The bigger the beam, => the longer the span, => the less number of bents, => the deeper the bridge, => the less space under the bridge for water to flow. The water flow through a bridge is calculated by hydraulic engineers who determine whether the bridge needs to be raised or extended to accommodate the water flow.
  12. Sonner or later, a fence/barrier will be placed...humans do stupid things LOL
  13. East End should look at bringing back some streetcars using some of the old tracks...im sure the asphalt/ and or concrete can be chipped out
  14. I agree with most of yall, but i will counter just because. That other cultures (including a majority of their population) that were there before left the neighborhood a long time ago. Who replaced them? Who has provided for much of Houston's growth in population and culture since the 70/80s in this particular hood? Who is now trying to gentrify the neighborhood? I'm sure the East End District can come up with some good ideas. Good topic.
  15. good for the people that play golf there...bad for all the kids in the second ward that wanted a more functional park with soccer, football, baseball and basektball facilites....Mason is already heavily used
  16. same here, the city is very green, the strip developments ruin it....
  17. capitalism for sure....free speech has consequences....i love this country
  18. yeah, stupid posts...looks like they belong in the burbs, not the inner city...i am close by and was going to give them a shot but those posts are off putting and i lean to the right
  19. if anyone needs a PE, let me know, i can maybe help out
  20. The good news is that TxDOT is well aware of this and discussed the potential changes due to COVID during their Transportation Short Course (convention) last week. TxDOT is a collection of engineers/constructors who are conservative by nature (most of us are, unlike our Architect friends)...sure they may have some outdated views on transportation but they are evolving for the better and more quickly than the state legislature...the Short Course presentations had almost no politics, it was refreshing in the current environment
  21. damn, that location always looked like a good ambush spot...might need to ride strapped now
  22. idk but i always did like the shaded canopy portion of that building facing Cullen
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