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  1. Agave plants -aka- Century Plants (Agave americana). I’ve got two large plants in my yard and they are the devil! Poisonous sap (leads to itchy welts if it gets on the skin) and sharp dagger fronds which also contain countless little thorns along the length of the “leaf/frond”. They grow easily, and if you don’t trim them they grow prodigiously! The fronds can get big enough they could impale someone with ease. Perfect to thwart potential ne’er-do-wells! I reside in the CLC area and would be happy to let you take them if you so wanted. We are going to get rid of them this
  2. It is a shame the Buccaneer was demolished! Had it survived another ~10 years it may have ended up being salvaged into a hotel/condo as you say Reefmonkey. I have long thought that Galveston could support a few of these type of projects, but it’d take a George Mitchell, or similar type of person - someone with deep pockets and a vision.
  3. Well... not trying to argue... but buildings across the country are all very similar from a commercial construction perspective. Hotels are all the same, condos the same, these stick-frame 4/2 apartments. It’s cheap, it’s effective, and meets code compliance. i think this has become more noticeable because of the proliferation of these all over cities. We’re in the midst of a National apartment building boom - for better or worse. in a way it’s good. We are building density with buildings that will be easily replaced by more substantial structures.
  4. Glad you cleared that up! Urbanizer has been carrying this forum for years with his inside scoop in real estate developments. I had little doubt he probably posted these a long time ago, and I’m glad he did. But it is hard to go dig thru page after page of some of these bigger topics, particularly if you’re on a mobile device.
  5. Icon, Humble Building, Franklin, Rice and Bayou lofts we’re converted in some cases 20 years ago. You are correct, however are those Class B? I think most of those qualify as historical buildings (to be obvious). I’m glad this is happening (or will), and I’m glad the historic properties are finding new life.
  6. This could be a pretty decent hotel. 200~250rooms, and some nice banquet spaces?
  7. I would be a smidge surprised to see a building like 1600 Smith get converted... Then again, while I sat in traffic on my evening commute I couldn’t help but think that both 1600 Smith and Republic Tower (sorry - can’t recall its current designation) would provide interesting upper floor conversions into hospitality projects. Both are big enough to provide a lobby space in the main lobby area as well. Only logistical issues would be: elevator access (not sure if a sky lobby is involved), and possibly amenity space (pool, meeting areas) etc. It could be done. Esperson is destined
  8. I’m sure this is posted elsewhere in this thread.. link to DC Partners site: http://dcpartnersusa.com/properties/the-allen/ http://theallendevelopment.com/
  9. The Seawall is an imperfect structure, however, a 20’ sand dune would be eroded by a catagory 4-5 hurricane. Forr what it’s worth the Seawall is an impressive construct. That and the grade raising is why Galveston was not destroyed in: 1915, 1961 (Carla), 2008 (Ike)... I’m missing another few dates from post Grade Raising. You couldn’t adequately protect a modern city with sand. The Japanese build tsunami barriers around all their coastal cities. A storm surge may not be as instantly dramatic, but it still can rip structures from foundations.
  10. Of course! Thanks! i knew there was something. I think I’m crossing my Uptown 40 floor building streams?!?? Seems there’s one tower with 40 floors and a SketchUp massing model that’s just not really sophisticated. Same property that Monarch -aka- G-Class (?) assumes/is hopeful for a future W Hotel.
  11. I saw this. I’m puzzled why the writers would hone in on low/mid-rise apartments though? Couldn't one make this same argument about.... any typology here in the States? In a nutshell these buildings are all alike because of the economics surrounding such a development. X’ -X” by Y’ - Y” multiplied by (X) = $$$$$ a month based on $X PSF... If we ever shift back towards a more vernacular based design perhaps we would start to see some different architectural trends emerge on a regional/local level? Would certainly be more interesting.
  12. Possibly? I’m thinking they could utilize some sort of separate occupancy that’d allow the co-mingled kitchen(s)? What does the restaurant do for restroom access? If it is a separate space then they would have to provide for the patrons in lieu of the hotel - not with the hotel. Will have to research this via Marriott’s design site sometime when I have time.
  13. Pardon my ignorance, but is there an actual rendering for said high-rise? A 40 floor building is costly, and presumably the developers needed a rendering for/to assist selling this to their lenders (much less the public). I’ve seen the SketchUp model, but surely that was not the actual rendered building?!?
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