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  1. The scale and scope of these projects has me feeling like the entire Montrose grid is under construction. It's been a real headache. And for mere lipstick. These asphalt covers will be rollercoaster rides yet again next year.
  2. Speaking of, is the plan to pair the ped signals to provide safe synchronized crossing of both Bagby and Smith on foot and bike? If not, this project was an absolute waste.
  3. Not inn. Rather salon/ballroom. https://www.papercitymag.com/home-design/la-colombe-dor-grand-salon-houston-dismantling-new-home-clubs-houston-oaks/
  4. It's actually jarring in how little it resembles its immediate neighbor. And the French inn is long since gone.
  5. Have we chosen a name yet for this area of Midtown? I miss the days of Swamplot. I'll start. SoMid--that's South Midtown. Or SoMid(dle of the road and uninspired and full of transients that are being heralded as the new urbane Houstonians but stay less than a year and have trash tastes)
  6. This isn't true, though. Look for D&Q (Houston's best beer shop), Ono Poke (Houston's best poke), Foelber Pottery (a goddamn institution), Chapultepec, BCN, etc. Appearances are deceiving. This is the Houston I love quite frankly. The Houston that's a little less obvious (and, sure, slightly unkempt) but rewarding.
  7. Boomtown Heights was once a spelunker's paradise! It felt like taking respite in a cave! The gray, textured walls, the pervasive damp, the dim lighting, the lingering smell of smoldering cigars next door.
  8. A freshly repainted St Joseph Medical Place.
  9. Unless synchronized, peds/bikers will still find themselves marooned on a narrow strip of land between signal cycles.
  10. @Avossos Can Harrisburg Blvd underpass serve as a template? It's such a dynamic and colorful experience as one traverses the space.
  11. Peeking through. Also, is this Houston's best angle?
  12. Squint hard enough and The Driscoll's crane will appear to the right of the Holy Rosary spire. I'm currently being treated to one of the most dynamic views of Houston!
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