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  1. anything being built on Oliver st isn't in the "Greater heights" anyway, so not sure why it's part of this discussion.
  2. because the police organizations are racist and they like a candidate that uses a hard R.
  3. the neighborhood should be able to BOO this architect out of existence. Putting the parking lot exit/entrance AT the trail like that? total dick move by someone who apparently never bothered to visit the spot.
  4. it's really such a shame the Printing Museum was so mismanaged that they put their building up for collateral and have now lost it.
  5. can someone explain if this (highlighted in yellow by me) means the Houston Avenue bridge is being raised, lowered, or not moved?
  6. How about you show me where they've said that i45/i69 underground wouldn't be used as retention ponds during a major flood event. When I asked TxDOT employees how people in the heights/Washington Corridor were supposed to get to the medical center during a major flood event without the pierce elevated they told me with a straight face we would use surface roads.
  7. they're literally said the i45/i69 underground would function similar to 288. how is that false?
  8. the single raised Bus lane is audible where I live, ~6 blocks south of i10@houston, and I cannot imagine what 5xing the amount of raised highway would do to the passive noise level of the First Ward. the "this is for evacuations" is bullshit because 288 floods intentionally and every version of the i45 plan has them deciding to nullify any ability for i45/i59 through central houston to be functional during a storm, this portion of i10 would not have any traffic to move north/west by TxDot's already stated plans.
  9. best thing about OTA is 2.3's weeknight star trek run, 7pm Star Trek, 8pm The Next Generation, 9pm Deep Space Nine, 10pm Voyager, 11pm Enterprise
  10. hopefully this won't become another cbd joint
  11. it would make sense for Pappas to have a huge stash of pappasitos roof tile/adornment somewhere .
  12. wait, did you creep on my social media? 😂 Azurmendi was great, La Rioja was a ghost town after the past 2 years of no tourism dollars. but, yes, i would love more transit options, and I'm still extremely pissed the i10 BRT line isn't going to have a First Ward stop.
  13. I'm not a highway apologist, but I did just spend 10 days in Spain, in a rental car, going to dozens of restaurants/museums/churches/hotels/scenic areas inaccessible by trains. The independence offered was very very real.
  14. really sad that covid killed the Ford Fry Seafood joint planned for this.
  15. closing right after the MKT trail finally reopened is such sad timing. glad it'll be reopened, hope they don't try to make it club-y
  16. incredible amount of indoor space... this will bring us to 8 breweries in the firstward+nearnorthside+frosttown area. just insane. going west to east: city orchard urban south htx holler buffalo bayou bad astronaut local group st arnolds frost town
  17. is the parking lot only accessible via N Jackson street? this place feels like it's going to get a lot of people lost in a very odd sliver of town. I guess they're just hoping that everyone that visits them is coming from St Arnolds?
  18. the design and size of this hotel suggests it should be closer to the price point of The Carpenter in Austin, which is 200-400. and to repeat, none of the hotels y'all suggested are ones I could in good conscience recommend to other millennial travellers. The Heights House is a trashy uncool embarrassment, and the others are very much expense account/business traveler-driven.
  19. There are literally no boutique hotels to recommend to out of towners. Do we have lots of nice business traveler-oriented hotels? yes. that's an extremely different aesthetic/vibe than something like a bunkhouse or ace or McMenamins
  20. super neighborhood 22 / washington corridor would be the right way, yea. first ward + 6th ward + west end + rice military + memorial park. Theres half a dozen current threads that should be there instead of "heights".
  21. can't believe they really threw all of us into the heights (i realize this battle was fought and lost a year+ ago, but its still infuriating)
  22. sooooooo sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow.
  23. between this, the bellrock, and the Art House, how many Units is that coming online after covid in First Ward? 1000?
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