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  1. There is a huge argument to be made that the project fails to keep local connectivity between the heights and near northside. The current plan takes away the North Street bridge, taking away germantown's connection to near northside. IIRC there is also a big question mark on if Link st and Cottage st are kept connected. also the deck park is a fantasy. It would take 100 milion of private money to make any of that work.
  2. there goes one of the best views of houston (unless you're in a very specific-spot of potin's patio) and no street level retail... sigh.
  3. it's adding. Highway construction is not some cutesy libertarian math equation. They don't get to drop the pierce elevated into the hole and reuse it.
  4. The current plan has 22 lanes being built underground between GRB and Eado. This shows 8 lanes existing and 5 more if you count the feeder. So 8 to 22 is 14? If you want to be generous, then i guess this is showing 13 lanes being subsumed by 22, so "only" 9?
  5. the more i drive by this the more i am really really saddened/frustrated that they won't be doing any first-floor retail. 2 full blocks right next to the bike path like that.... just begs for a dish society/local foods.
  6. saying Katy is diverse is fine and all, but you're the one displaying your complete ignorance if you think white flight is "BS" or somehow not racist.
  7. you say this as if Baltimore is supposed to care about Columbia's transit, or that Portland is supposed to care about Salem. That is the problem with Houston, suburban people think they should have a say in the city itself, thats not true of other places.
  8. have you been to Baltimore? their rail/lightrail set up is very similar to Houstons. Both Baltimore and Houston were built out with streetcar suburbs. In what way is Houston "nothing like" Baltimore? Also, who cares about Katy? If people want to keep making unsustainable and slightly racist "But our school district" decisions, why should the urban core keep having to make the sacrifices? It's cute you're talking about "getting out of our subdivision would be difficult" out as if the reason the Afton Oaks people didn't kill the richmond line was pure and blatant racism.
  9. half expecting this to be the new West Elm location
  10. they're stupidly simplistic because they've literally been proven true time and time again across the globe.
  11. trying to imagine the nerve/gaul/ignorance required to call something Founders District thats nowhere near the founding of anything.
  12. i love them as a thing and i love ice cream and i go to them when their softserve pairing sounds good, but my preference is always chocolate ice cream, and they have the weakest/worst chocolate ice cream of any small parlor i've ever been to, like, blue bell's dutch chocolate is stronger. So my preference is just to buy the central market small batch and stay at home. The central market small batch is also 100% better than Jeni's and literally half the price, so this new doesn't do much for me.
  13. Wait.. do people actually like it?! is there a secret menu or something? when my friends moved near there i got excited and went twice, but it was really bad both times, like, worse-than-lubys-bad, so i was really sad, because simple meat-and-3 places are my jam.
  14. this area is brutal. basically all concrete and car exhaust, no shade whatsoever. everytime I have to run to that walmart i feel like i'm in the most inhumane part of late capitalism. really surprised someone would spend the money on this to re-develop, and not, say, the dinner bell cafeteria.
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