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  1. i am pretty sure if you asked all 7mm "Houstonians" if tripling the width of the highway next to Minute Maid Park was a good idea the plurality would say no. but maybe thats just me remembering that 290 has been the butt of jokes for damn near two decades now.
  2. this is definitely not in Sawyer Yards, Rice Military, Old Sixth Ward, or Downtown. lol. sigh. "washington ave corridor" or maybe "6th ward" Has The Optimist backed out? i was realllly looking forward to that, but now that Tony Mandola's is opening a few blocks away I guess that might have changed?
  3. the worst part is the one possible stop that's actually in a pretty-dense neighborhood (Houston Ave/First Ward) is the least likely to be built.
  4. uh, except Dallas literally managed to kill their most recent downtown highway boondoggle and that failure is the exact reason TxDOT came here to push for the i45 reno. https://www.dmagazine.com/frontburner/2017/08/its-official-the-trinity-toll-road-is-dead/
  5. i've parked in the basement to go to southside a couple of times, and they're the smallest parking spaces i've ever come across in houston. if a f250/350/etc. ever accidentally goes down there, I do not think they'll be able to park or leave. My forester barely fit in the spots, it looks like whoever designed the piers didn't bother to think through if 2 parking spots could even fit between them. it's rough.
  6. destroying an entire neighborhood's aethestic/vibe/thing in a week, jfc.
  7. Harrisburg was waaay further down the bayou than the east end.
  8. does the first ward not exist? or the 6th ward? how the hell is second ward "houston's oldest neighborhood"?
  9. wow thanks for backing that up with literally any facts or knowledge or opinion. Did I see you at any of the txdot or CoH meetings the past 3 years?
  10. there are literally no positives to this project. It will cause even more significant traffic around the i59-288 merger, it will destroy basically all of the pregaming/postgaming culture around Minutemaid and BBVA, it funnels all of west-central houston's traffic to 610, exacerbating every other bottleneck of traffic this city already has, it racistly closes off near northside from downtown. In the event of a disaster, everyone north of i10 will be cut-off from getting to the medical center for any emergencies. It doesn't even tie into any public transportation plans, TxDOT is still a big "we don't know" when asked how long this would affect light rail service.
  11. my brain breaks trying to understand just how much this area will change if the i45, bayou, and rail re-alignments all occur in the same decade.
  12. page 33 of this https://www.downtownhouston.org/media/uploads/attachments/2017-11-02/Plan_Downtown_Report_FINAL_Spreads_sm.pdf i know the last few i45 meetings also had a similar(identical?) rail alignment as part of the Houston requests to TxDOT
  13. @triton So you were right on the east side, and I was right on the west side... here's the plan as it is in the last Houston Downtown Plan.... so I guess it is true we should be worried/mad that the new i45 plan doesn't imply this'll happen. ugh.
  14. The only thing i'm positive on is that all of the tentative plans have Winter Street line being removed and the southern line, that already has a separate grade crossing at Houston Ave, becoming the single line, how that works west of white oak bayou i'm fuzzy on.
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