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  1. no, that was announced a few months ago, Killen's plans to open a "meat-n-three"-type lubys/hickoryhollow restaurant there. http://houston.culturemap.com/news/restaurants-bars/03-25-19-ronnie-killen-new-restaurant-killens-comfort-food-101-heights-hickory-hollow-braun-enterprises/#slide=0
  2. "Washington Avenue Corridor / 1st & 6th Wards" has a nice ring to it.
  3. honestly really surprised this area, and the little area behind Lawndale haven't tried to become a historic district.
  4. i lived in Dallas for 3 years and recently moved back to Houston. It's insane how much better central Dallas's movie theater options are than Houston's. From still having their Angelika, to having a huge brand new Alamo Drafthouse on the outskirts of downtown, to Inwood Theater and Highland Park theater, to Texas Theatre, to Magnolia Theater, a nice dolllar theater in Irving, half dozen decent mall movie theaters within 15 miles of downtown. central Houston has... River Oaks playing movies only for senior citizens and the AMC8 thats a shallow shell of its former sundance which was a hollow shell of its former Angelika and that absurd iPic, and then Edwards Greenway with its paid parking garage. It sucks.
  5. I'm concerned this is going to be an iPix with how small the cinema footprint is. Our town desperately needs more movie theaters, but not ones where it's $17 to see a movie in a small room. I'm also really concerned/saddended that there is no obvious connection with the MKT trail, because that would be the way I come here 80% of the time.
  6. crock

    Reve At Montrose

    was flabbergasted by how well it looks when driving by it yesterday. If only there was some way to get the giant midrise being built above the plumbing store to have the same sort of architectual lines/vibe.
  7. theres a "new kind of department store" thats opened in dallas and about to open in NYC. If this was announced as the anchor, I'd feel a lot more confident in this project: https://neighborhoodgoods.com/ The biggest Issue I haven't seen brought up yet is that this will be essentially the groundzero of the i45 apocalypse. There will be months/years/decades(?) where there will be major highway/parkway construction that will make this impossible to get to on weekends/weeknights.
  8. I remember the first day Bishop Cider opened in a little hole in the wall in the bishop arts district, I walked right up to Joel and asked him where his apples came from/what varietals they used, and he mumbled something about the northeast then said Michigan and maybe New York. If you care about craft or actual cider, they're total and complete garbage. i'm hopeful the houston cider company thats being built near sawyer yards is truthful about their owners attachment to a specific orchard and that they focus on actual varietals/heirlooms, and not just making flavored apple juice.
  9. i see 0 chance of the traffic they've caused from this change to be lessened in the least from when the 59s exist opens. all the new traffic is literally from 3 right lanes merging into 1.
  10. they are basically going to drink Joystix's milkshake and thats a bummer. @CrockpotandGravel the 1201 oliver street development with the New Orleans Brewery and Houston Cidery is humming along without any TABC issues, so i doubt it'd be any different here.
  11. so we're... 18 months from people complaining about Martha’s Kitchen and the Catholic Charities on reddit?
  12. we desperately need to keep a halfprice books in that part of town. maybe they'll end up as one of the mid-sized boxstores in the area between Target and Krogers?
  13. would be nice is 1st ward wasn't lumped into marketing jargon bullshit of "lower""sawyer"-heights. but i digress.
  14. biggest difference is you don't get sweaty taking a scooter 1-2 miles. source: we own both bikes and scooters and our decision on which to take is based almost completely on if we can be sweaty where we're ending up.
  15. didn't want to create a new thread so.... I've bought a lovely old house that someone put split units in. Does anyone know of a a/c company in central houston that might specialize in these units? I kind of just need someone to walk me through maintenance best practices, etc.
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