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  1. this is somehow uglier than the decaying bar that is currently on the property. It's a shame something more novel can't be placed here. This lot is essentially surrounded by the most functioning-native greenspace/woods inside the loop (sans memorial park). I am pretty consistently amazed at how many songbirds i see in my backyard a half-mile south of this area.
  2. everything i've seen from Metro has shown the only theoretical BRT stop between the NW transit center and downtown to be between shepheard/durham. I've never seen anything suggesting Studewood.
  3. central market will always be HEB's flagship for houston though? the gumption to build this across the street from Whole Foods is just.... wow.
  4. Willow BBQ is apparently going to be pitmaster... it's going to be called J-M BBQ. "Fall 2020" ( i did not read the first page before posting this, whoops)
  5. will be interesing to see how this does when it's view is i45 construction for 4-5 years
  6. its kind of incredible that Oliver Street will be the block in Houston with the most change in 2020. Between this, the Urban South strip, and then the "lower heights" at the top of it. just an insane amount of development over a half mile strip of warehouse district.
  7. im amazed these aren't already owned by Rice or one of the hospitals. these are so gorgeous
  8. City Orchard had little "go this way" signs from oliver->center->national and i was very incredulous when i followed them this weekend, and very pleasantly surprised by this being real, it could literally have opened last week.
  9. The Axe Throwing Place, and the City Cider(which has an absurdly large side-yard (and 2 house-brewed beers on tap+4 housebrewed-ciders and ~8 non-local ciders on tap) are now open. Urban South just posted that they've brewed their first beer in the building as well. they've also connected National Street and added parking lot, so you don't have to take Oliver St which is pretty rough right now
  10. Local Group Brewing appears really close to opening and it is right across the street.
  11. all of my search efforts are for not.. so apologies about placement but does anyone know whats happening on the block next to the new Buffalo Bayou Brewery that has been fenced off
  12. huh? I am a millennial. Everyone in my friend group lived in Montrose 10 years ago, literally none of them live there now. I will say that @Luminare is right, you can still rent in Montrose affordably, but as soon as you want to buy.... Montrose is meaningfully more expensive than the heights. You can still get decent houses on the eastside of the heights for 400-500k, you're paying 700k+ for that house in the montrose.
  13. all i see is that it's going to be harder for me to casually get southside coffee on saturday mornings. I'm also really unsure who is going to come here? Montrose has already been effectively priced out for millennials, so it doesn't have the same sort of foot traffic as even areas of the Heights do. Haven't two shops already closed in the brand new strip center across from Uchi already in less than a year?
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