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  1. In regards to the location..... if you are driving east on old Hwy 90, it would be on your right hand side. Between Johns Road and Lamkin Road. My mom's family lived right there off Lamkin, in Sheldon Woods.
  2. I recently started writing about my family, and this restaurant played a big part in it, so I came across this page. My parents met at Western Travellers. My dad would stop in for lunch, and my mom was his waitress. If not for this place, I wouldn't be here. Haha. I remember going there when I was a young boy. My grandmother started working there in about 1964, when it was still a small cafe. The owner, Travis Wall, added onto it in the early 1970's, adding the waterfall and the Spanish Room. My grandmother would get there early in morning and would bring her 3 daughters (my mom and my 2 aunts) to work with her. They would sleep in the booths in the Spanish room, covered with table cloths, until about 8am. The Spanish room was only used in the evenings. My mom and 2 aunts would bus tables. My mom was allowed to begin waitressing when she turned 12. My mom remembers Frank. She says he was very funny, and a very nice man. She even recalled a few funny stories about him. My grandmother worked there until the 1980's. She stopped working there about a year before Travis sold the place. I'm in no way trying to be rude or disrespectful, but the information about Travis burning it down and later being arrested is not true. Travis sold the place about a year before it burned down. It was under new ownership at the time of the fire, not owned by Travis at that time. Travis and Cindy had already moved to east Texas and had a restaurant out there that they were running. So he was never arrested. Travis and Cindy both attended my grandmother's funeral in 2006, and were doing well at the time. My mom and her 2 sisters are a wealth of knowledge in regards to Western Travellers. One of my aunts still has a few menus from the restaurant. I love hearing about this place. Hope everyone enjoys.
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