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  1. I loved All My Friends Are Going To Be Strangers. I need to read it again. It’s been awhile. I have not read Moving On. Thx for mentioning.
  2. I’m so excited to throw myself into this list. Fantastic contributions by all. Thanks very much. Grew up in “stinkadena” late 60s— early 80s but adult life, my work and social life were spent in Houston. I loved it growing up. It is different now in appearance because of many things and it is hard to visit. I moved away in the late, late 80s. I want to build my own home Houston library and bring back some of those great memories. Working downtown in the the Texaco building, the wonderful food and fun bar scene. Music scene was the best. Thanks for the great list.
  3. I am looking for suggestions on the best books, coffe table and/or history, of Houston and Houston architecture. I’ve searched but I would like some educated suggestions. Thanks.
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