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  1. Pre-sales on the condominiums will be very telling. The developer stated in a recent town hall meeting that new roadways and TIRZ is approved so it seems to be moving forward, albeit not as quickly as originally estimated.
  2. Kingwood Parc is outside TIRZ, so may be stalled for awhile. King's Creek is not and is moving forward...
  3. HoustonMidtown brings up a good point, 3/2.5 units are atypical for the market right now and average unit sizes are creeping lower rather than higher. This product type works for families but the lack of yard and eclecticism of Montrose seems to preclude that for some potential owners. Some projects are aiming as high as 70% 1/1 distribution of the unit mix. How will the parking work? There should be at least 24 parking stalls at a minimum for the 12 units, not including visitors and facility management. The single level doesn't seem like it's enough. I'm skeptical of the project's fea
  4. I'm pretty sure ZC also designed Highland Tower and 2727 Kirby....among others
  5. it seems many of the trees are planned to remain and there's a generous pedestrian zone at the SW corner
  6. Downtown...bring back the Bank of the Southwest Tower!
  7. It's the block between Tangley, Dunstan, Morningside and Kelvin - the half East of Local, Benjy's and Kelvin Arms.
  8. final rendering sans stucco @lockmat it is looking West
  9. aerial of development...footings in progress and several weeks away from back-filling retaining walls on Block C.
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