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  1. Well, yes. I know where I am (was..sigh)located based on the map. Harty is now Service. Elizabeth, I guess, is now Tabor. I live in Meyerland now.
  2. man, you *are* the master of old school. thank you SO much. oh, and yes, just behind it. the area is SO strange. busted houses on one end, gorgeous ones on the other. there's a farmers' market and a jewish cemetary. the bayou, 2 freeways, a pony farm...
  3. I just moved to the area between airline and North Freeway and just a hair south of 610. We're not in the heights, and the only mention of a 'neighboorhood' I can find is just on MLS listings as "Sapp Gardens" but no where else! Can anyone maybe shed a little light on where I live, and lend some identity to my area?
  4. I'm wondering if anyone has a resource on how freeways were constructed in their inceptions. I don't mean the physical construction, but how decisions were made where to build, what would get torn down, early expansions, etc.
  5. Got into this argument before. Houston's culture is that we don't have a definable culture. I've met dudes in other cities that were all "Oh, have you been down Harwin near Hilcroft? Man, their Indian food is like my family's" of course, I tell them, typically, their food is cooked by someone of Mexican/Hispanic Decent, and they say "Only in Houston!" or "Only in such a big city so close to the border! It's still so good!" There's nothing to do in many cities. I went to Boston for 5 days and, yeah, walking around's pretty bad ass, and it was nice that I could get around on foot. But by the fif
  6. what a neat map! I'm living out in "tom ball" right now..kinda wish it was still two words. makes me want to study planning and development. but I don't want to do it in any other city.
  7. I lived in Larchmont for a while during the summer and the roommate I had lived there most of her life. I had a bicycle and rode to work at westpark and buffalo. I think it would be a good starter area, and that roommate graduated Lee. Said it didn't used to be so bad.
  8. Does anyone know the history of Bissonnet and how it came to be? EVERYTHING else around there pretty much is all N-S, E-W oriented and then BOOM, there's Bissonnet.
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