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  1. They should have artists paint murals on the columns at that overpass. Could be really cool.
  2. Hanover is doing the work in partnership with the TIRZ and city.
  3. Anyone have any idea on an expected completion date?
  4. Per HCAD, Apache owns the entire block outside of 6 Blvd Place and Metlife owns the block surrounding the pocket park.
  5. Or because no one over the age of 30 wants to live in Midtown and people under the age of the 30 don't pay the rents necessary for a succesful highrise development.
  6. Hanover is burying the power in front of their development. I'd imagine that anything like the above is temporary but who knows.
  7. The one on the road is going away. Having it off of the road and under the trees is 100x better than what was there.
  8. My uncle new a guy that was in the band for a while. CB Hudson
  9. Except for the fact that carry costs (including pref and or/opportunity costs) on that expensive of land is millions of dollars a year. Heck, the taxes on that property alone are half a million a year.
  10. Probably true but Kirby Ice House has a higher NOI (and a much higher return due to the difference in cost) than the proforma for the shelved multifamily development that was planned on the site, so you never know.
  11. Glass half full view - this will be a great redevelopment site in 30-40 years!
  12. Axiometrics has them at 53% occupied and The Travis at 41% occupied. ApartmentData has them at 53% occupied and the Travis at 39% occupied. Based on what I can tell from the occupancy schedule on the website, Drewery opended in July '19 and The Travis opened in April '20. For comparison, Apartment Data has The Driscoll and Colombe D'or both opened in August '20 and are 60% occupied 45% occupied respectively.
  13. Yes, but they are significantly lower than most of the other highrises that are going through the same pandemic.
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