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  1. I walked by Georgia James yesterday and the door was open so I poked my head in. The drywall looks like it has been installed and they were tiling behind the bar. It looksike it'll be open in the next 60-90 days.
  2. Soft goods retail is extremely difficult to lock in until the building is open and the tenants can actually see the space. They are also concerned about who the other tenants are in the space, so even if you have a signed LOI, they won't sign a lease until they know their co-tenancy. F&B is a destination so they care less about co-tenancy and they typically have more financial backing so they can sign leases earlier and start spending money on design earlier. That's why you always see F&B announced first and soft goods dragging behind.
  3. Crazy that Highland Village's owner's money comes from chemical weapon sales to Iraq... https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/opinions/1992/02/09/exporters-of-death/3810097b-cd11-45cf-b284-d72275a611af/
  4. The group of companies known as Related Group and Related Companies are unrelated. 😀 My understanding is that Stephen Ross helped found Related Group with Jorge Perez (its founder and CEO), but that it is completely unaffiliated with Related Companies.
  5. I'm pretty sure that Related Group is the one buying the site, not Related Companies. Related Companies isn't looking in Texas to my knowledge.
  6. Maybe it could replace the Greenspoint Mall.
  7. Personally, I'd rather keep leaked info here for us to enjoy and allow the developers to release information to news outlets based on their PR group's carefully thought through plan.
  8. I actually walked by it last night also. I feel like they need more dart boards? The place looked empty but 80% of the boards were being used.
  9. I drove by it today. It's crazy how much nicer the park looks next door just because they removed the chain link fence.
  10. Bring the Astrodome down to it's steel studs and put a park in the middle of it. Next question.
  11. They should have artists paint murals on the columns at that overpass. Could be really cool.
  12. Hanover is doing the work in partnership with the TIRZ and city.
  13. Anyone have any idea on an expected completion date?
  14. Per HCAD, Apache owns the entire block outside of 6 Blvd Place and Metlife owns the block surrounding the pocket park.
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