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  1. Agreed @scarface....coming in from the north side the same holds true for Brava, it looks like an extension of Market Square. Fortunately, both buildings make a huge difference on the skyline viewed from the west side! Much more balance to the north of Chase Tower....
  2. It looks like this is the group involved in designing the project: http://www.tnassociatesinc.com/ I too am holding out for something more than Oscar's or the Fuel Depot just north across I-10, but based on some of the renderings for other projects on this page I'm keeping my expectations in check 🥴
  3. Sharing a time lapse of Brava and TX Tower going up since late 2019, viewed from Woodland Heights. Unfortunately the view of 609 Main gets blocked, but it's been fun to watch these two go up at the same time!
  4. It's still open until July 31st, Thursdays and Fridays from 8am-4pm. https://www.theleadernews.com/food_drink/food-briefs-cafeza-to-close-july-31/article_639b309e-d434-11eb-9a84-af8b1b37ae3b.html I haven't come across any listings - the bones are there hopefully someone can reuse for a similar purpose maybe...
  5. Disappointing to see another historic demo (per HCAD this structure goes back to 1926), though IMO this building has been in fairly rough shape for years. New permits suggest a 4K sq foot c-store + kitchen. Hoping that with Caveza closing across the street this can bring some new life into the area - and it's something more than the c-store (Oscar's) that is already just a block north of here...
  6. New signs showing 50% sold now. For a couple days the other week there was some machinery (?) on-site, but it doesn't look like anything was done to the property.
  7. Nothing too exciting to share - though this sign for a civil engineering firm popped up in the green space next to the old Luckys...perhaps that's a positive sign. Not sure what percentage of units sold they need to reach to move forward? Saw a sign that 30% were sold months ago and seems like a few more have gone pending since then.
  8. From White Oak Bayou; Texas Tower sticking out ever so slightly...
  9. Fun to watch both of these towers go up at the same time! Just a couple feet of 609 Main still in view :)
  10. Not sure if I'm counting right, but it looks like they might be building out the last occupied floor right now?
  11. Looks like it might be a furniture store...?
  12. Someone is breathing new life into this historic building on Byrne & Morrison streets in Woodland Hieghts. Looks like it might be a law firm moving in? Work has been ongoing for a couple weeks. Swamplot had a good article and link on this spot back in the day: http://swamplot.com/inside-the-masonic-lodge-now-selling-out-in-the-woodland-heights/2016-08-11/ Nice to see this building hopefully being put to good use once again!
  13. All three properties recently went pending and appear to have finished settlement quite fast. I wasn't able to find much beyond that, though there are new "no trespassing" signs on the corner storefront/fences and landscaping in front of the smaller lot/house has been cleared in the past couple weeks.
  14. This property along with two adjacent lots are newly listed as of yesterday... https://www.har.com/homedetail/312-teetshorn-st-houston-tx-77009/10190053
  15. There's some chatter on the other thread about this: The trail is closed for at least a cpuple weeks while they do an investigation. As for the connector, maybe if enough of us contact the Parks Board it can be prioritized before 2030 🤭
  16. Yes, though it's been in "planning" for years it seems 🙄 Part of the issue was getting Army Corps of Engineers approval on the minor bridge crossing that would be required. As of early this year, I heard rumors that progress was being made on moving forward with a connection but I imagine that's changed now...
  17. About to eclipse 717 Texas from our vantage point! Selfishly hoping we'll still have a partial view of 609 Main...however this and the Preston will soon have a huge impact on the skyline coming in from the west!
  18. This is the open triangle lot across from Hughies on North Main bordered by Harris Ct & Conoly St....so it seems to be a couple parcels of land. Fence is up with some site work...permit suggests there might be a 'school' going here, though I haven't been able to locate much more beyond that.
  19. Very slow going (to the point I was worried construction had stopped) but managed to catch a couple guys working on site this afternoon
  20. White Oak Landing sjgn is up, and per Redfin looks like a couple potential units are already pending....
  21. Agreed. In general, that stretch of 19th really could use a face-lift (better parking, sidewalks, landscaping) to make it a much more attractive area and something of a destination. Unfortunately, I haven't come across any plans for that to actually happen 😕
  22. Thanks for sharing! Cautiously optimistic....I always thought this space had great potential to be something more than a vacant storefront. I see some similarities with this property and Henderson & Kane in 6th Ward for example...
  23. The old Highland Park Care Center on 2714 Morrison closed and relocated a few years back; since then the site has sat relatively untouched and been quite an eyesore IMO. Saw a demo permit the other day and they didn't waste much time....its already a pile of rubble today (it was too dark to get a good photo). This is a good tract of land, not sure what the plans are but will be nice to see something new in this spot. It is next door to the mid rise condo (Morrison Heights) which seemed to generate a lot of debate when it was built several years ago...so would not be surprised if something less
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