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  1. Some of this might be old news , but I noticed a demo crew working on an adjacent house today which got me looking into this property. This article from October 2018 (at the end) references a "2727 Flats" apartment midrise to be constructed on a small parcel of land on Houston Avenue just across from Woodland Park...with the owner being "2731 Houston Ventures LLC" https://www.virtualbx.com/construction-preview/houston-metro-to-upgrade-northwest-transit-center/ The only permits I can locate are wastewater-related from September. An existing variance request sign for January 2019 is still posted, best I can tell is that they received the variance to reduce the building line from 25ft to 10ft on January 31st. Sharing in case anyone out there has more info on it, or perhaps this one may still be in the works? This empty lot is a bit of an eyesore, having some more density in the area sounds like a plus to me.
  2. First floor going up fast, liking the small setback between the building and Taylor St (which currently has the right lane closed for related construction I presume)
  3. twisterhunt

    803 Usener

    Remodeling continuing to progress along nicely!
  4. This will be a great add to the area, and hopefully the TXDOT staging area goes with it. If only we could get the Army Corps of Engineers to approve the MKT connection between Stude Park and the Heights Trail - that project has been dragging on for years and would go a long ways to connecting two of the major hike and bike trails!
  5. Went by the site the other day and looks like some preliminary work has started. The lot is closed off and mostly demoed at this point.
  6. Yep! It's Studewood. Got that changed...
  7. Here's the permit info, luckily it let me post a screenshot this AM. Looks like the dates are from Oct 2018 - 3K square feet would pretty be decent-sized for a restaurant / wine bar!
  8. Hey everyone - long time reader, first time poster. Looks like a new restaurant / bar is in the works just south of White Oak Drive where a couple bungalows used to sit at Studemont and Usener. Noticed a lot of activity at that corner over the past couple weeks, and appears permits (can't seem to get my screenshot to post) were sold back in late 2018 for a new wine bar and restaurant. If this pans out, should help make that stretch of Studemont a bit nicer and compliment the large project proposed across the street where the office building currently sits (if that ever gets built).
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