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  1. From White Oak Bayou; Texas Tower sticking out ever so slightly...
  2. Fun to watch both of these towers go up at the same time! Just a couple feet of 609 Main still in view :)
  3. Not sure if I'm counting right, but it looks like they might be building out the last occupied floor right now?
  4. Looks like it might be a furniture store...?
  5. Someone is breathing new life into this historic building on Byrne & Morrison streets in Woodland Hieghts. Looks like it might be a law firm moving in? Work has been ongoing for a couple weeks. Swamplot had a good article and link on this spot back in the day: http://swamplot.com/inside-the-masonic-lodge-now-selling-out-in-the-woodland-heights/2016-08-11/ Nice to see this building hopefully being put to good use once again!
  6. All three properties recently went pending and appear to have finished settlement quite fast. I wasn't able to find much beyond that, though there are new "no trespassing" signs on the corner storefront/fences and landscaping in front of the smaller lot/house has been cleared in the past couple weeks.
  7. This property along with two adjacent lots are newly listed as of yesterday... https://www.har.com/homedetail/312-teetshorn-st-houston-tx-77009/10190053
  8. There's some chatter on the other thread about this: The trail is closed for at least a cpuple weeks while they do an investigation. As for the connector, maybe if enough of us contact the Parks Board it can be prioritized before 2030 🤭
  9. Yes, though it's been in "planning" for years it seems 🙄 Part of the issue was getting Army Corps of Engineers approval on the minor bridge crossing that would be required. As of early this year, I heard rumors that progress was being made on moving forward with a connection but I imagine that's changed now...
  10. About to eclipse 717 Texas from our vantage point! Selfishly hoping we'll still have a partial view of 609 Main...however this and the Preston will soon have a huge impact on the skyline coming in from the west!
  11. This is the open triangle lot across from Hughies on North Main bordered by Harris Ct & Conoly St....so it seems to be a couple parcels of land. Fence is up with some site work...permit suggests there might be a 'school' going here, though I haven't been able to locate much more beyond that.
  12. Very slow going (to the point I was worried construction had stopped) but managed to catch a couple guys working on site this afternoon
  13. White Oak Landing sjgn is up, and per Redfin looks like a couple potential units are already pending....
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