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  1. 2 hours ago, gmac said:

    Compete against other cities? We have more people moving here than dang near any other city in the country.

    That site looks very walkable. You park in the middle, you can hit up a grocery store, a home improvement store, a Target, and then nab some booze on the way back to your vehicle.

    What’s disappointing for many, myself included, was the original plan was much more complex (more of a mini city center). Yes, it is walkable but the original plan was for a more lifestyle center with restaurants/bars and a movie theatre. You could park along the streets and walk around to shop while stopping to grab a bite to eat or drink. Now it’s just turned into a stop and go strip center with an anchor. Nothing desirable for those living in the city looking for the city lifestyle. 

    Houston isn’t the most walk friendly city so having these type of centers scattered around make them very desirable for those is us who chose to live in the area.  Especially if you want to just walk across the street (or just out of your apartment for those living in the new apartments) as a convenient option. 

  2. Oh, this will be so disappointing if it’s a Home Depot. If they decide to put one in hopefully it’s with a parking garage and other retail space and restaurants. Was really hoping for some more places to walk to from home. 

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  3. Okay. This is ridiculous. They will be fine. I live in the apartments right next door and never had an issue. Rents only keep increasing so it’s obvious it’s desirable and not an issue, granted it’s not multi million dollar real estate but it’s not low income or anything close to. Building this will only continue to change the area and raise property values continuing to push out any outliers that cause problems.  The problems in the area don’t come from the government housing but come from the 4th ward area across the street on west Dallas. Read the reviews for 2929 - drug dealers coming in all shapes, sizes, and income brackets ;) now lets get this thread back on topic. HA!

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