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  1. Don't know the schedule, but Cherry Demo posted signs two days ago.. I suspect it is coming down soon..
  2. So.. after the house fire south of 15th on Yale yesterday, there was another fire (don't know if it was a house, the road was closed) north of 15th on Yale this morning.. And still hadn't heard any news on the cause of the large house fire on Heights.. so.. WTF?!
  3. We have two kids and we're zoned to Field.. there's no way in **** we'd send our kids there.. It's really a shame that we have to pay such exorbitant property taxes for such pitiful schools.
  4. Yeah.. many friends in Woodland Heights and south of us got their nice big cans.. grr.. We are constantly overflowing our "bin" by about 4 times and have to take our glass to the Center St recycling place.. We're going to dump all our crap in our friends' bins now..
  5. I've noticed that as well (the brick on Heights).. I wonder if the rail from the old street cars is still under there as well.. It would be cool if Heights had it's original brick restored, but I'm sure the durability and maintainability of asphalt is much cheaper..
  6. I've a friend who's renting a garage apt on 6th 1/2 st pretty much behind Onion Creek.. I think it's an efficiency style and I think it's still available.. PM if you want more details..
  7. A dbag sports bar! Woo! I guess they're not hurting for business since they can turn people away. I've never really had an inclination to go to this place.. Porch Swing pub down the street has a couple'o TVs and has always been a nice hangout..
  8. We are! Especially for glass as I understand this new recycling "program" includes glass.. We constantly have our bin overflowing after 1 week. I don't know how we generate so much trash.. but at least we recycle most of it! Come on already COH..
  9. ah ha! looks to be it.. I was trying to google it but it wasn't coming up anywhere.. Thanks
  10. I noticed a new place near the subway strip center at I10 and Heights and while briefly driving by I read something like "Healthy Pharmacy" or something like this.. Anyone know anything about it?
  11. Unless it's a date night, it's not easy to take the kids to a nicer place.. Plus the wife and I have been on a diet so it makes it difficult to eat out.. but either way, these are the places we hit often enough to make a list of, but maybe not 12 times a year: Berryhill Hickory Hollow Someburger Shade Glass Wall Tetototoehkawan on Airline.. (sp?) Oh Yeah: Dry Creek for breakfast.. mmm.. Gotta try still Stella Stola for date night, and Mam's for kids' night. Edit: Duh
  12. I've bought quite a few bikes from craigslist and have had pretty good luck. a barely used Mt bike and a couple o' road bikes. You have to have patience and maybe join the RSS feed so you can see them as they are posted. I had specific size Cannondales I was keeping my eye on, and finally after 4-5 months, I found what I was looking for. Some bike shops have used bikes as well. Houston bicycle Co. in Montrose near Westheimer and Taft has used ones. Blue Line bikes in the heights has some too. Some pawn shops will have them but who knows if they're hot and they're general condition. Otherwise new will always get you what you want when you want it. I still like the local bike shops: Houston Bicycle Co, Blue Line, Daniel Boone Cycles, and Bikesport near river oaks. Good luck!
  13. I'm with Heights_Yankee's answers so I won't repeat them. But, must emphasize: yes, please, "Coke".. Pepsi? ugh..
  14. Indeed.. I'll give it a try before I dismiss the place. There are some great places in the Heights and I support many local eateries/coffee shops/stores etc.. McCain's I agree couldn't figure out what they wanted to be. I looked at getting some fish and steak there once and ended up going to Kroger instead since it was too expensive. McCains had coffee and nick-nacks.. Just didn't get it. If Onion Creek can survive while making people wait for an hour for a burger or pizza, what can't? I'd hate to set the bar that low tho. Anyway.. I always wish new small businesses in the area the best of luck.. so.. Best of luck! Edit: Coffee clouds the mind..
  15. Don't know what's going to happen to the house.. but it's raised like 20' in the air!
  16. what is this thing?

  17. Nevermind.. built in 1978..
  18. Sad.. hope they rebuild.. or at least re-locate in the area.. Midtown just wouldn't be the same without a Mai's.. How old was that building anyway.? Old wood I would suspect burns better than today's pressure and bug treated woods..
  19. I would think it would be expensive to have all that equipment tied up for so long.. but.. whatever.. at least they're not tearing it down..
  20. Yeah.. it's been sitting on rails for months.. They were going to build a "strip center" there, but decided against it.. there's a thread around here somewhere about it.. I wonder when/if they're ever going to move the thing..
  21. Score! Yeah.. I think that's it.! I was pretty sure it was where the law office now is.. Okay.. so my wife and I are both right.. I was right about the location but not about the name. ps. It was quite a reception..
  22. Somewhat related question, was Sara's BnB ever located on the East side of Heights? Like on the corner of 9th? We stayed at a BnB there after our wedding at Rockefeller's about 10 years ago and it's been an ongoing debate where and what it was called.
  23. Cool thanks.. I didn't make the connection with it being the same location. Didn't know they had upstairs dining. Looking forward to checking it out.
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