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  1. To to fair, the purple line and green line were built with the intention of the university line feeding into them. It's like if you build Spur 527 before you build US 59. Also, from what I've seen in the Metro presentation, they expect the University BRT to generate more ridership than the 3-4 planned light rail expansions combined. I think that warrants rail for an "incremental return."
  2. That issue could be solved by having a walkable environment and an efficient biking and bus system. Yeah cars are still needed by some magnitude, especially if you live in a rural area, but in a large city, having walkable areas accessible by trains should be priority. I will never understand this argument. Should we stop driving cars since they have been around since the 1900s? Should we stop using our phones because they were invented in the 1876? Trains in America may be abysmal (although that's due to a lack of investment in them) but that's not the case everywhere else. Go to Spain or Japan and tell them that their maglev and bullet trains are outdated and see how they'd react.
  3. Tell that to most European and Asian countries. Ah yes, this is much more effective and efficient than taking the train.
  4. Now that Houston won the world cup bid, do you guys think Metro will feel more inclined to speed up progress on the University or Inner Katy Line, or even start working on the Metrorapid line to IAH/Purple and green line extension to Hobby? After all, the Red Line (originally the Main Street Line) was built partially for the 2004 Super Bowl.
  5. Before you know it we're gonna hear transplants refer to 59 as "The 69".
  6. So should we rename Lockwood Northeimer then?
  7. Imagine if someone sued HCTRA in the 80s because they weren't a "real road agency."
  8. 12 rail lines for local stops and 4 rail lines for express stops.
  9. I don't understand this all or nothing approach TxDOT has. Are they really that allergic to the idea of working with local leaders and residents impacted by the project, even if it sets them back a year or two?
  10. While I do agree that the bus lines being busy is great, what I meant is that the buses might exceed their capacity, which could become a huge problem in the near future.
  11. My only concern with BRT is the possibility that the buses might get too busy, especially on the University or Inner Katy corridor.
  12. Yeah I rather they just build the bus lanes and convert the centermost lanes into hov/hot lanes.
  13. So basically this'll be a separate line, but riders will have the opportunity to continue on the Silver Line, right? Also, in the presentation, it also ties into TxDOT's plan to add managed lanes on I-10. Does that mean there's gonna be one transit lane and one managed lane in each direction? And I see between NWTC and the future high-speed rail terminus, they plan to use the 290 hov lane. Does that mean they're going to expand the 290 hov lanes with on/off ramp to the High-Speed rail station, or are they gonna have their own dedicated transit lanes? From what I've seen, originally they were gonna start construction this year and finish it in 2024. I've seen another Houston Chronicle article that says that it'll be done by 2026, but I'm not sure what the exact timeline is now. Either way, I hope they get started on it soon. We need an Uptown to Downtown line ASAP.
  14. Let's be honest, today's America wouldn't have built the interstate system.
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