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  1. Anyone know what is planned for the renovated house on the NWC of 15th and Yale (201 W 15th)? The renovation looks great and seems like it could be a restaurant.
  2. As a PVA grad, I really hope that HISD can afford to build a quality project that will accomodate the classroom, rehearsal, lab, perfomance spaces plus parking, all within a 62,500 sqft footprint, without skimping. It is going to cost so much more to go vertical. Please, please, please give HSPVA the quality campus this amazing school deserves.
  3. You can go to HCAD's website and fill out a form to notify them of the change of ownership. This may trigger them to investigate the deed records and update the HCAD website.
  4. According to Culture Map, this space will be home to Sweet Paris Creperie - http://www.sweetparis.com/ Yum!!!
  5. That remaining Orr tract would make for a good Trader Joes site.
  6. NW corner of W. Dallas and Gillete will be apartments.
  7. Developer's Website: http://www.mmprop.com/featured-properties/current-investments/2411-washington-avenue/
  8. This is a 10.5 acre site for sale by the City of Houston. It is referred to as the Gillette Site or 1701 Allen Parkway.
  9. Chron reports that BB's is opening at White Oak and Studewood. YES!
  10. I am all for well behaved, leashed dogs on restaurant patios at the restaurateur's discretion. I see this as a financial benefit to the city. I have a well behaved puppy, but after work she needs some quality time with us or she won't be such a good dog. The last thing I want to do is put her back in the crate so I can go out to eat. This either means one of two things. 1) Lots of dinners at home made with pretty much tax free groceries or 2) Dinner out with the dog, maybe even a margarita or two, all of which generates sales tax revenue.
  11. Looking for the Heights store hours, I noticed on their website that they have a place holder for West Ave. location. Assuming this is happening, it is nice to know there will be a reasonably priced food option in West Ave. Awesome
  12. Looks like in Houston they do not offer the Cable Channels.
  13. We ate there last night. It was a great quick meal. We are certain to regulars. My favorite part was to watch all of the folks walking in from the neighborhood (sans vehicle)to have dinner. I love it. Thank you Jenni and family.
  14. Unfortunately, we are getter another Subway. I am not a fan of Subway but I guess I am grateful that someone is putting money into North Main. I was kinda hoping that the art car auto shop was expanding. You never know what kind of monster will be in the shop's lot waiting to have a little work done.
  15. Crews were painting the Yale railroad underpass yesterday. The bright colors look great and it reminds me how nice infrastructure can be when just a little more than the bare minimum is done. Thanks whoever paid for this project.
  16. There is not much of anything left in the Western Union Building except for an old back up generator (too big to carry out the door). Old timers say that because Western Union was located at the corner of Louisiana and Capitol this intersection became the point where all the wires met, both telegraph, phone, power, etc. This intersection remains diverse with telecom and power connectivty.
  17. I see that a new building is under construction in between the Chili's and Xpedx. Anyone know if there is a tenant lined up?
  18. I think the helo was in town to deliver a new window washing crane to the roof of 1100 Louisiana. I noticed the new equipment on the roof for the first time on my drive in the morning.
  19. If you have building materials that can be reused, the City operates a re-use warehouse at North Main and Crosstimbers. You can donate your reusable material at this site.
  20. EMME - you just made my day. I really hope this happens. I could even bike to the grocery instead of driving over to the Buffalo Market. Love it.
  21. I will take some Duncan Donuts coffee over Starbucks anyday. I sure wish we had a 24 hour DD in the Heights.
  22. A man at Dragon Bowl told me that Lola's should be open for regular business this friday.
  23. I believe Walmart is building a new store at Northline Mall on the northern end of the proposed light rail line. Not inside the loop but pretty close.
  24. I love MAM's and signed the petition. I love the idea of dressing up the unused parking lot. How cool would it be if this parking lot became known as the destination for cool trailers dishing out their unique and diverse delicacies (not just a taco truck but something more like the Airstream trailers in Seaside, FL or South Congress in Austin, TX). I would sure visit Fiesta even more often.
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