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  1. ^^^ why on earth would anyone residing in the vicinity of TANGLEWOOD want to protect something like this ^^^ i mean like... SERIOUSLY?
  2. @Luminare superb illustrations. however, one can only PRAY that you were donning a HARD HAT for safety. right?
  3. ^^^ i cannot wait to view the layout and scale if this newly proposed HOUSTON edition of this particular THOMPSON brand. quite the BOUTIQUE HOTEL sensation elsewhere, their reputation for high-end EVERYTHING is stellar. nonetheless, the restaurants, spa, and forthcoming amenities should be magnificent!
  4. @Houston19514 always trying in earnest to present the last word per se... even with uncalled for provocative responses. trust me, it's probably best to keep the "other side of me" in check...
  5. ^^^ @iah77 ...and? it was still a W HOTEL BRAND during my most spectacular stay. not to mention, the city of dubai, harbored TWO W HOTELS to our ZERO during my time there... LOL!
  6. W HOTEL the PALM - dubai, uae W HOTEL al HABTOOR CITY - dubai, uae @iah77 perhaps the REAL QUERY that you should be presenting is... WHY DOESN'T HOUSTON, THE 4th LARGEST CITY IN THE USA... HAVE ONE YET? (dallas has one, atlanta has two, austin has one, and so on) please feast your eyes upon the above illustrations that i have showcased. i have harbored the utmost pleasure of vacationing at both of these W HOTEL pleasure palaces in dubai, uae, while i was working abroad in afghanistan. high-end style, sophistication, supreme service, foremost amenities, spectacular design, location, ultra-posh, and comfort, are just a few of the primary reasons that i often opt to vacay/stay at a W HOTEL brand. it very often makes me sick to my stomach that our fair city of houston has to jump through all forms bullshit hoops just to try and land a W brand. we have very recently tried DESPERATELY to land one downtown at the GEORGE R. BROWN (and even this one fell through). JUST WHAT ON EARTH IS THE HUGE PROBLEM WITH HOUSTON ACQUIRING A W BRAND HOTEL... all the while, all of the other major cities across the globe are getting them (or already have them)? WHY ON EARTH DO THEY JUST KEEP SNUBBING HOUSTON? it is highly embarrassing when my good friends from out of town ask me about our W HOTEL... and i have to state to them that "we do not have one yet" and then hear them gasp and say "WHAT? YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING"!
  7. @bobruss i have been told by many pals that the "food at the TURKEY LEG HUT is incredible!" apparently, this is the sole reason that their respective patronage is so very remarkable. although i have yet to get there per se... it is on my bucket list...
  8. @Skyboxdweller simply OUTSTANDING illustration! we can even view the new road construction happening upon POST OAK BLVD...
  9. ^^^ @thegypsypoet. upon your opening! please do not hesitate to ALERT US of your official GRAND OPENING... i shall like to stop by...
  10. @j_cuevas713 BANK OF AMERICA TOWER. amazing indeed...
  11. ^^^ can't wait to get there. love me some SPANISH RICE w/chicken/shrimp enchiladas. oh boy...
  12. ^^^ so totally cool! this establishment's chicken sandwiches along with fries are to DIE for...
  13. ^^^ @CaptainJilliams more likely the latter. they probably became a bit pissed that the ZONE ran out of dildos...
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