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  1. ^^^ @hindesky dude, these illustrations are brilliant. wow!
  2. ^^^ @hindesky BIG THANK YOU! it looks as though they are really coming along with their exterior work. i view this particular project as very important for this district, and i cannot wait for the final culmination of this project.
  3. ^^^ @nate4l1f3 One of Houston’s oldest hotels is moving ahead with a $16.6 million renovation just three years after it invested millions in upgrades leading up to the 2017 Super Bowl. The Four Seasons Hotel Houston, at 1300 Lamar St., has received a building permit from the city of Houston for an interior remodel. The building permit was issued to Turner Construction Co., which served as general contractor on the hotel’s last remodeling effort in 2016. Details about what the latest renovations will entail are limited at this stage. A Four Seasons spokeswoman said the hotel is still finalizing plans for the renovation and has not set a timeline for when the project will be completed. However, if this latest remodel is anything like past projects the hotel has undertaken, the upgrades could be extensive. The Four Seasons’ last round of renovations included a redesign of the hotel's spa and fitness center. The spa’s upgrades included the addition of three treatment rooms, a relaxation room, a couples’ suite and a nail salon area. The redesigned fitness center saw new equipment installed, as well as additional locker rooms and steam rooms. White marble, eucalyptus and oak burl wood were added to the fitness center. The Four Seasons has been making moves lately to refine the amenities available to its guests. In May, the hotel promoted Judith Piotrowski to general manager of Bayou & Bottle at the Four Seasons Hotel Houston. Piotrowski has worked at restaurants across the city, usually in a beverage role — from bartender at Copa Osteria to bar manager at Weights + Measures and beverage director at Pax Americana. The Bayou & Bottle concept was created with renowned chef Richard Sandoval as part of the hotel’s multimillion-dollar renovations prior to Super Bowl 2017. "In general, I think, since the renovation our customers have been more excited about coming in — you walk into this absolutely gorgeous place," Piotrowski told the Houston Business Journal in May. Another year-and-a-half of renovations were in the works, Piotrowski said at the time, and were expected to begin with guest rooms. Built in 1982, the Four Seasons Hotel Houston was the city’s first to receive a Five-Diamond rating from AAA, earning the honor in 2016. AAA currently rates the Four Seasons as a Four Diamond hotel. According to the organization’s website, the only Five-Diamond hotel in the Bayou City is The Post Oak Hotel at Uptown Houston.
  4. ^^^ lennar's (21 floor - 290 unit) GENTRY apartment tower in the BUCKHEAD district of Atlanta. a much more cooler, sumptuous, calmer design than what is hereby projected for houston's RIVER OAKS DISTRICT. notice just how generous the patios are in this particular design. i would LOVE to view the pool and amenities terrace. somehow, i get the feeling that it's quite generous as well. actually, this particular design would fit beautifully inside the ROD. lennar needs to re-discover the design phase for its houston development. as it currently stands... HOT MESS!
  5. ^^^ it's rising baby! i am SERIOUSLY hoping to move into this gorgeous edifice one day. my DREAM residence...
  6. ^^^ this particular edifice seems to be HUGE. not to mention, it also seems to be very well constructed. WOW!
  7. ^^^ are we absolutely sure that these "renderings" are indeed accurate? this particular edifice looks like a HOT MESS! it seems to be ALL OVER THE PLACE. the garage area is a pending disaster. the pool amenities terrace is searching for adequate space... right? surely, better and more modern renders are forthcoming... SURELY!
  8. ^^^ @The Ozone Files remarkable illustration! please post more...
  9. ^^^ @hindesky why on earth would anyone DARE to "HATE" you? you're being MUCH to hard on yourself...
  10. ^^^ wow! did any of us HAIF patrons have any idea that HOUSTON'S first BLOSSOM HOTEL was going to be so very ULTRA POSH/LUXURIOUS? apparently, judging from the aforementioned interior illustrations... this prospective hospitality edifice is set to be on par with THE POST OAK HOTEL in UPTOWN HOUSTON. illustrations of this particular magnitude, just reek of HIGH END amenities and BIG MONEY objectives... period. should those above illustrations hold true, this place is going to be simply gorgeous... wow!
  11. ^^^ i'm a shopaholic! (there, i've admitted it) however, EVERYTIME that i have ventured forth in my vehicle within that little area between NEIMANS and DILLARDS, i ALWAYS... AUTOMATICALLY... slow down to a complete crawl... in open anticipation of pedestrians coming from both sides of the street. heck, i have very often been one of those "pedestrians" myself. therefore, please allow for the benefit-of-the-doubt here. i REALLY do not believe that in-coming traffic is going to be ready to MOW DOWN crossing pedestrians without WATCHING OUT and being completely CAUTIOUS. PEOPLE FIRST is my motto...
  12. ^^^ i for one simply cannot wait to see this most remarkable and brilliant edifice come into fruition. INNOVATION TOWER is a prospective ROSE that is yearning to bloom...
  13. ^^^ maybe it's all of the added and very intricate details that have contributed to the longevity of this property's overall construction. for example, notice the very intricate detailing of the brick contrast pattern outlining the sidewalk. anyone could have just constructed a very simple sidewalk per se, but they did not. this particular walkway/sidewalk is stylish and obviously a bit more costly than your average sidewalk. somehow, this seems a bit european in its overall detailing and scale. very nice...
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