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  1. It is interesting how so many people refer to the de Menil house with terms such as "masterpiece", myself included. Yet, by the time it was finished, Johnson supposedly wasn't too thrilled with the results. Elements such as the dining room being in the foyer, rather than like the original plans which would have placed the dining where the playroom was located, bothered him. Another element that dissappointed Johnson was the window in the kitchen. The otherwise windowless street facade seemed broken, but due to de Menil's insistence the windows were placed. I've read somewhere, probably in one of my books on Johnson, that this project made Johnson dislike doing most residential architecture. I personally love the house but if I lived there I would have to relocate the dining area back to the originally designated area. I am also not a fan of the rather large greenhouse roof over the courtyard garden. I am, however, thrilled with the preservation of this house, being one of Houston's greatest examples of modernist architecture.
  2. I can't undertand how this house could even possibly be considered a tear down. Frankly I am INSULTED. There are no mechanical problems, no structural problems, etc... I find it amazing that the only thing in this house that does not work are the jets in the master jacuzzi tub. And this place is architecturally significant. The architect who designed the place was involved with several other VERY (as in Nationally--Hello Bruce Goff!!) recognized architects. This house is not being listed as a tear-down. I had an in-depth conversation with the listing agent about the tragedy of people tearing down classic modern architecture, especially in Houston. It isn't cheap. I'll give you that. But this is a really cool 3,200 sf house on a 14,000 sf lot that is well maintained and convenient to nearly everything. None of the improvements that I listed were anything more than personal tastes and aesthetics. If I see a red brick McMansion on this location EVER, who knows what I would have to say to the owner if I ever crossed their path. Save that for some golf community! Some people just do not understand.
  3. I just visited the open house and now I want this place even more! As soon as you enter you fell like you are in L.A. or Palm Springs. It is quite informal, as Willowisp said. I particularly love the contrast of dark and light spaces. This house was clearly designed to be open but with total privacy in mind, which is greatly acheived. Clever design in the study which can be totally open or closed from the other living areas. The courtyard off of the master bath is really cool, and the master bedroom has great windows and its own terrace access. The living area is large and open, with an interesting fireplace and an illuminated soffit bordering the front. There are glass built ins which are about 3/4" thick--nice touch. The guest bedrooms have a neat layout. On walls facing out they have privacy windows and in the center of the ceiling are large square skylights. Each bedroom has double pocket doors which open into a hall with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the pool. Another nice touch, as noted by Willowisp is the design of the exterior wood siding. I would of course make a few changes. The exterior color is not quite my preference, but does look nice. Dark brown, grey, or a crisp white would look really great. Inside, I would love to see either concrete or terrazzo floor. In some MCMs saltillo tile looks nice but I don't feel that it suits this house. The kitchen counters could maybe work better with a different color cabinet, but are another choice I would not have made. All in all, this house is surprisingly untouched and well maintained. The owners have done a good job of keeping it mostly original. But I would love to see some iconic modern furniture in this place. A couple of leather Arne Jacobsen Egg Chairs would look so cool in the living room. Hopefully this house will be bought by someone who can truly appreciate this place!
  4. I recently found out that there is a house designed by Paul Laszlo somewhere in Old Braeswood. Does anyone know where exactly this house is located as I would love to drive by the place. Laszlo did some really great furniture designs for companies which include Herman Miller. I guess I really need to pick up the Houston Architectural Guide. Any suggestions of where I can find one other than Amazon? Perhaps Half Price Books?
  5. I like the Rocio Romero LV Home Kit too as a second home. Marmol+Radziner have great prefab homes as well, and use higher end products. But they are a little expensive. I'm not too familiar with this Geoff Warner Microhome project.
  6. I'm glad that people have responded to this posting. I had previously asked if anyone knew who designed this house in one of the "mod listings" posts...and voila...now I know. I love this house so much. Anyone going to the open house or simply driving by should also notice that there is a great mod about 4 or 5 houses west of this one. It is the white brick house with mitered windows and clerestories, very Neutra Tremaine House. Not very private, though, like this month's mod which was clearly designed to be part of nature but very private from the street. And I have to make a coment about the kitchen cabinets. I think they are really cool, especially the way they are leaning from bottom to top. But I'm not a fan of the green either. A natural stain would look nice with the brick and the walls in the foyer and study.
  7. I figured I'd start a list, just for a little fun. What mod buildings or homes make your list of favorites in Houston and surrounding areas? I'll start with a few (no particular order)... 59 Tiel Way, 1950, Karl Kamrath 403 Westminster, 1960, Neuhaus and Taylor 3611 N. Braeswood, 1955, unsure of architect 3363 San Felipe, 1950, Philip C. Johnson
  8. I wonder who the architect of 3611 N. Braeswood was... I will definately be attending the open house!
  9. I still love 8010 Anadell @ $499, and WOW I really love 3611 N. Braeswood @ $525. That place is really cool. Really, really, ridiculously cool! (For those of you wondering...yes, I just channeled Derek Zoolander.) It looks like something straight out of Trousdale Estates in Beverly Hills, Ca. All this place needs is some landscaping and maybe a few color changes inside.
  10. I LOVE this place! The old Checker that parks in the carport frequently makes me smile! Is the unit still available? I'm actually looking for a rental. I have also found a 1950's 6-plex 2 blocks east of River Oaks which has a 1 br unit with 950 square feet, floor to ceiling windows, and great terraces...very Philip Johnson on the outside. And it has the original Laguna Blue fixtures and tiles in the bathroom, with new hardware. If anyone knows of any other MCM "for lease" properties in the area by all means I would greatly appreciate the info. Just drop a message. Thanks
  11. Yes only mid century homes, with a few exceptions such as Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills, and Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston's Wallace Neff house in Beverly Hills. I couldn't imagine going on to see other styles. Thank god for navigation systems! I have a few pics that I will post soon, but there are very few. I knew I couldn't top the photos that I have in all of my books. I do have some cool detail photos of the concrete blocks at FLW's Ennis-Brown House in Los Feliz (which was in horrible condition.) I also took some photos of a couple of Neutra's Bel-Air houses that aren't often published. I will try to post the pics by this weekend, I have them in my other computer.
  12. I just returned from L.A. where I went on an extensive architectural driving tour. All I have to say is oh my gosh. Amazing. To see all of the Nuetras, Schindlers, Wrights, and Lautners in person was a blast. The Wolff House by Lautner is so incredible! And I must recommend that anyone who visits L.A. should check out Neutra Place.
  13. Sorry, 8010 Anadell is the address of the mod for sale that I like so much.
  14. Recently I have been thinking the same thing about the house on South Blvd looking like a Mackie/Kamrath. It is only a few homes down from where one of my friends live. I've loved that house for years. It looks straight out of Chicago. Another one of the over $200K mods that I liked was 8010 Mandell. I would love to get my hands on this place! 7 Pine Forest looks like it might be cool too. 59 Tiel Way has to be one of Houston's best houses and is on my favorite street. Such a great place!
  15. This section isn't seeing a ton of activity, so I figured I'd start a poll for fun... Who is/are your favorite Architect(s)? I'll start: Mid Century: Richard Neutra Pierre Koenig John Lautner (his more linear, less curvy buildings) Recent: David Adjaye John Pawson Marmol+Radziner Richard Meier Alberto Campo Baeza
  16. I want the Case Study Houses book also. Pierre Koenig's contribution to the Case Study Program was amazing! #22 is on my list of dream homes, along with Neutra's Brown & Singleton Houses in Bel-Air, and John Lautner's Wolff House in Beverly Hills. This book is published by Benedikt Taschen, who is in my opinion the creator of some of the best books around, and he actually lives in The Malin House a.k.a. Chemosphere by John Lautner. If you think these are expensive, imagine a $4,000 book that Taschen did on Muhammed Ali! I have the Richard Neutra: Complete Works and it is a great book. Not cheap but very worth it. http://www.taschen.com/pages/en/catalogue/...art/index/1.htm
  17. I found an authentic Eames lounge for $600 once. I like them slightly broken in, but I thought this particular chair might have been too broken in. It had cracks in the leather and was chipped. I was an idiot for not buying and still regret it. I bought 2 Dudley Best desk lamps instead, which I do love.
  18. How odd that you post on this house...I just drove by and looked in the windows of this place about 4 hrs ago. This house has potential for the right person with the right money. But we will just have to accept the fact that in 12 months there will probably be a 5,000 square foot house with a terra cotta roof in this spot. P.S. this is one of the best streets in Houston. You get a little bit of an LA feeling with the houses hanging off of the hills and all, and in my opinion some of Houson's greatest Usonian style homes. Troon is another great street is just across Kirby, though there are only 1 or 2 modern houses.
  19. Willowisp, I just had to give you props! Your place looks great and caught my attention while thumbing through the new 002. Hopefully showing off some of Houston's finer architecture could become a new regular in the magazine!
  20. Thank you very much. I will have to trek out in that direction and see the place. I did manage to find some photos from google searching now that I know the name of the residence. One page actually had an entry from one of the daughters who lived there as a child. She mentions the uncomfortable built in furniture, which I find funny.
  21. I have heard that there is a home in Houston designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. I am an avid fan, as predictable as it may sound. I've toured many of his buildings. Does anyone know the location of the house here in Houston? I'd love to drive by this place and see it for myself.
  22. Wow this is an old thread but I figured it deserved some more attention. I was wondering if anyone has any information or photos of any work done by Karl Kamrath. I recently became more familiar with his buildings, as I have always admired the houses on Tiel Way. I particularly love one of the homes at the back of the drive, the dark brown house with the Lloyd Wright-esque patina trim, I believe 48 Tiel Way. This is probably one of my favorite homes in Houston, aside from the obvious: the de Menil house by Phillip Johnson. So any photographs, links, or publications would be incredibly appreciated!
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