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  1. What are you guys talking about? That house across the street is spectacular! (rolls eyes!) What an unusual addition to an otherwise pleasingly understated neighborhood. I mean, I hate bashing someone's house when they probably have no idea, but c'mon people.

  2. Are you talking about the house that is in Shadyside facing the fountain? It is a really great house and I love it when a modern house is built in a mature neighborhood with classical houses, as long as they do not compete with what is already there. This house does a nice job at that, I think.

  3. I like this one! It really doesn't need a lot of work, and pretty good location. The comment about the garage being bricked in bothers me, though. Inside I think some terrazzo would look really great in the formals/foyer. What I love about this house is the original light fixtures and the kitchen cabinets with real wood counters are pretty cool. The quirky tree in the middle of the driveway is pretty unique!

  4. Concerning the formica v. granite: It is all in what is important to a homeowner. For enthuisiasts of 50's ranch or MCM houses, original tile or formica is very desirable. Cork, concrete, formica, or retro tile certainly fits a house like this very well. It is the same thing as adding crown molding to a modernist room. The typical American likes the Home Depot updated look. This is especially true for most Houstonians. Everyone here wants the Tuscan, Spanish, or Georgian look. Whereas, in cities like Los Angeles the more original and retro the better. The Singleton house by Richard Neutra fetched almost $7 million. The buyer said the reason they chose the house over others was because it still had the original blue formica in the bathrooms, even with a few chips.

  5. This is a nice place, not really my style but at least these people didn't try to make it all traditional looking. For any of you who watch Nip/Tuck, with the right furniture this house could sort of have the look of the Mcnamara's house. This place did need some work when they bought it. If they get the asking price I know what business I'm going to get into! That is a decent profit, considering this took less than 6 months to clean the place up.

  6. I've been doing some heavy research on Paul Rudolph. In my research I discovered that he designed a house here in Houston in 1972 for John B. Rogers. Do any of you know whether or not this house is still standing, and if so, where? I sure hope it is still with us!

  7. I actually really like this house, or should I say I could like it. I like mods that are rectilinear like this. I love all of the rear facing glass. However the garage addition is just bad, along with the red painted brick in the kitchen/ living. The master bath must be 80's. Reminds me of the movie "Ruthless People" sans bright colors and fake Warhols. Hopefully someone will see its potential, though that is a lot of work for $350.

  8. I have a good friend that lives on Memorial in the Sherwood Forest area near 610 and the noise from Memorial isn't bad. Of course the yards are larger in that area, so the house is set back a little farther, but his house has large windows facing Memorial. This house that is for sale has a solid brick facade, no windows facing the street. I think that would be a huge sound block. Of course cities are going to have noise. I lived on Main St at Texas Ave for 4 years and let me tell you, that is much noisier. And it really didn't bother me, except for when light rail was being built but that is a huge topic in itself.

  9. This house has some serious similarity to some of the works of Harwood Taylor. The curved brick wall and the courtyards with full length windows remind me very much of some houses that he designed which are now gone.

  10. This house has a great Los Angeles vibe. Love the reeded glass off the foyer in the living, gives a slight Craig Ellwood vibe, though only slight. And I know some of the purists out there will cringe at the baths, but I think if you are going to remodel the bath of an MCM, then this is a great look. Is this how much this area is going for now? It's crazy, if this house were a few blocks north on Braeswood it would probably be in the $400's and if it were a few blocks south in Willowbend it would maybe be in the $200's. I'm no real estate expert, but it seems that this area has drastic cost difference from one street to the next. Then again maybe this is normal?

  11. I would hope this house has some Miesian furniture. I have an architect friend that confirmed that this was the Todd house and that as far as he knows, Mrs. Todd still lives there. If that is the case it is highly possible that this house is maintained as original, which I love. This is a great house and I especially love the way it is situated on it's property. I also really love it when mods are located unassumingly in neighborhoods that are mostly traditional and historic.

  12. I've repeatedly heard of a house that Anderson Todd built for himself. I'm told Philip Johnson called it "more Mies than Mies!" I'm familiar with the Todd designed house on Shadowlawn. Is this the one that he designed for himself? It mentions nothing of this being his own house in the Houston Arch Guide. The one thing that I with the guide also included is an index by architect. That would be nice.

  13. Yes! this is such a cool house, or at least what I've seen. I've driven by during a driving tour of the RDA homes. I especially love the bright orange paint that he used on the doors. Hopefully I will bump into Ben Koush some day so I can talk him into letting me check this place out. I'm going to be doing something similar in a couple of years. Glad to see 002 recognizing houses like Ben's and Jason's in the past. This should be a regular contribution to the mag.

  14. I actually considered living there last year. I had lived at Post Rice for 3 years and was exploring my options. It is pretty nice for a lease property. I like that the building is preserved so well and that there are conveniences with the hotel next door. It also has a safe garage which is important. The building and units are tastefully done, but very "safe" as in tans, cremes, whites, etc. Humble Tower definately has a New York feel vs. many other downtown apartments.

  15. Thanks everyone for your posts. I'm still in the interviewing process. A few names you have not mentioned that I will also be interviewing are (1) Wittenberg/Obelholzer (2) Rudy Colby Designs (3) Stern and Bucek Architects (4) Camilo Parra

    Any thoughts regarding the above?


    Stern and Bucek are probably one of my favorite locals. They are great at new construction as well as renovation projects. They did the Menil renovation. Anyone qualified to work on a Philip Johnson structure is good in my book. Karen Lantz (of Enter) does a great job too. If you've ever seen the TV show Nip/Tuck, I would say that her style reminds me of that show. She has a great sense of modern style, if that is what you are looking for.

  16. rps: Isn't that the '54 Parade of Homes place? If so is it still for sale?

    I also have a question that may be answered by those of you who bear the guide (I still haven't gotten a copy, ridiculously enough!) Does anyone have any info on 2252 Troon in River Oaks? I've always loved this house, it's one of my favorites in this city. It looks like it may be Bolton & Barnstone, very pavillion-like.

  17. I just got back from driving over on Macgregor. There are som cool places, mod and traditional. I noticed a couple that had the Mackie/Kamrath look, and Willowisp has confirmed my assumptions. I was also interested to see that there were several houses about a block off of N. Macgregor that resemble one of my favorite houses in Houston, a white MCM on the 3000-4000 block of N. Braeswood and the corner of Glen Arbor (near the Mod of the month.) They must be by the same architect, not sure who that is though. I would love to see some activity over on Macgregor to bring it up to it's potential.

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