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  1. a photo I took of the kamrath in hunterwood closer up of entrance and the price designed house in timberwilde
  2. Actually, while we are on a "whodunit" kick, just across Chimney Rock, at 407 Westminster (next to the Neuhaus & Taylor Frame house), there is a grey unidentified mod. It is one house west of the Frame house. Do any of you know the place?
  3. Not quite so double-wide-esque in person. It is actually a pretty cool place. It sort of floats over a sloping site, and theres this really neat ovelapping square motif in the iron gate. But because it is so close to the street one cannot capture all of this in a photo. BenH, I'd say I agree there are some Harwood Taylor looking aspects to the place.
  4. I'm glad you asked this. I've wondered the same! Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
  5. I wish I could have seen the Braeswood house before. I didn't know the inside changes were drastic, only that it had been painted. I figured the changes were no different than the changes made to the Carter house on the site. I'll try to set up a pic host and post the images. What I would love to see are some great photos of the Frame house on the website. For me that is just the epitome of what I would like to see people doing around Houston. I truly appreciate the caution and restraint that was done on that project.
  6. I was wondering what happened with this, but forgot to follow up. P.S. Jason if you need photos I also have some that I took which are pretty good. I have a good shot of the Price house in Timberwilde, and also the Kamrath that Brichford shot as well. Oh, I also have some of that white house on Braeswood that you, Vanessa, and I love so much. Unfortunately it does not photograph well. The clerestories are nearly impossible to get into the photo because of it's lot size. The site looks great, btw!
  7. Wow the house on Crocker is cool. I love the brown brick fireplace, and the polished brick floors. This house has a great understated luxe look.
  8. Jersey01

    Bill's House

    I'm looking forward to seeing the photos that you took! I love that house and the Price designed house down the street.
  9. Jersey01

    Bill's House

    Here's a link to the house in Timberwilde, M. Brichford posted it on lottaliving. I thought I remembered the pyramid being more massive in person. I haven't been on this street in a while. http://www.lottaliving.com/gallery/main.ph...g2_itemId=10862
  10. Jersey01

    Bill's House

    This is an odd house, but in a luring type of way. It certainly makes one want to see inside. It is probably one of those rarities where you can call something ugly/beautiful. There is a house in Timberwilde that is a flat roofed modernist mansion and it has a massive pyramid sitting on top. This reminds me of that.
  11. From what I can see, I'd say that maybe the rug isn't so MCM-esque. Wait, did I just coin a new term? Kidding, anyhow something softer that balances the wall color but a little lighter with some texture, and a little larger in scale. Or maybe just some pattern. Hate to say it, but check West Elm. I think your furniture is really great. I love Wassily chairs, but they make the room more Bauhaus than googie. The sofa, too. Something that will make everything in the room feel more cohesive would be painting the baseboards and trim the same color of the walls. I think someone already mentioned that and it is a great idea. If you want the whole house to feel cohesive you could maybe continue it into adjoining rooms. I think continuity of style is something that is really imortant in design that people often ignore. As far as artwork, I think some great simple vintage looking photography would look nice as well as a few colorful geometric pieces. Finally, a couple of lamps, with really big shades would do the trick. Check out this link: This place is very high budget but has a great look and could be done for much less. Maybe you will see some looks that you can implement. http://www.midcenturyrealestate.com/proper...7desertsun.html
  12. All rooms in mags are totally staged. Photo 1 vase is on end table, phot 3 same vase is on fireplace, etc. But it really doesn't matter because the look is still achievable. My parents house looks like something published because my mother is OCD but it is still comfortable and realistic, lol. As soon as some pics are posted I'll also contribute my 2 cents to your place. Looking forward to seeing it.
  13. While we are all talking about furniture, have any of you ever come across any Poul Kjaerholm pieces anywhere in Houston? Danish design is among my favorites.
  14. I will definitely have to go to the UH arch library to see this.
  15. I'm sure many of you might have seen the new place on Westheimer called "Cool Stuff" among all of the antique places. I had the chance to stop by yesterday and I have to say they do indeed have cool stuff. They had a really great sputnik chandelier and a Gerrit Reitveld chair. It is unfortunate that these places have not really caught on, Mid Century Modern (next to American Apparel) is now gone.
  16. Bleh. I'm not a purist, but some updates just look yucky. At least these changes are fixable, though I doubt that would happen.
  17. If I remember correctly P.M. Bolton lives on Pine Hollow. His house was on the RDA mod tour. And I guess it is worth mentioning that in the original post an unidentified mod which was talked about across the street from 65 Briar Hollow. If you are talking about 63 Briar Hollow (the grey and black mod in the cul-de-sac) it is the Carter house by Wilson, Morris, Crain, and Anderson. It was saved by the Echols family.
  18. There are a couple of cool houses on N. Braeswood in Braes Heights by Krakower. One was the mod of the month back when we still did that. I went to the open house, and it had really neat details, particularly the custom vertical wood and unique angled kitchen cabinets and the back is complete glass. The strange looking building mentioned in another post is the old SW Bell building on Fannin, and was by him as well. And I believe there is a house in or near Tanglewood that was done by him, though it was in danger of demolition a while back so I'm not sure about it.
  19. Heck yeah I love the houses on Bluebonnet. There aren't a ton of examples of pure international style in this region so the Wirtz & Calhoun house is quite destinguished in that respect. And the Gordon house has all of the interesting characteristics such as being furnished by Flo Knoll. I don't know about significance, but the houses on Briar Hollow are pretty cool. 62 Briar Hollow, the Carter House by W,M,C,&A that the Echols quite nicely saved and the also the Barnstone house at 65 Briar Hollow. I think that Philip Johnson's buildings at St. Thomas are worth mentioning.
  20. This place was restored by Leslie Elkins in 1992.
  21. Gotcha. It read as a reply to my message. Btw thanks for the local.live tip. I was unaware of it.
  22. Finally a happy story! Hopefully this is a trend that will continue. Like everyone else who regularly pokes around here I would love to keep posted with stories and pictures.
  23. I'm not really too sure why I would write them a letter since I've been there before.
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