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  1. Is the Vale designed house the one with the flat roof that is painted white? Willowisp and I have been wondering who designed that place for a long, long time...
  2. My parade has been rained on...
  3. Seeing that they have Poul Kjaerholm chairs in the great room makes me happy! Around here PK is underappreciated. But as far as the home, it is such an incredible project and I think it really should receive some type of recogintion in a publication. By the way...anyone want to spot me the $8200 a month? I'll pay you back, I promise
  4. Is this the one that is steadily decaying? I've wondered who designed this as well. There are several really cool houses on this street. I especially love the white place with the flat roof on the West corner of this street and Braeswood.
  5. I cannot believe I just read this. I've never heard that type of response to Frank Gehry. He is certainly not conventional, I'll give you that...but...wow.
  6. Ben Koush's home is in 002...again! This time in a fashion spread. Very cool little place. Pick up a copy!
  7. Yeah I've seen these nicer, though less honest shots of this house. It's a not quite as cleaned up in person. I just love the shots from the Meyler and Co location scouts because they show a lot of views of the house that people wouldn't be able to see otherwise. But the real estate shots are definitely more flattering
  8. Wow I was really surprised to see the home that was linked. I've been to this house once before. Early last year, actually. I love the part of Coldwater Canyon where it is located. I think it is a really great example of keeping a nice (tasteful) modern aesthetic even though it is significantly different from the original. And it lacks that kitsch that many of the MCM houses have in Trousdale Estates (a nearby concentration of 50's homes in Beverly Hills.) For me, preservation is certainly very important, because I fear for a great deal of MCM architecture's future. But with that fear there is a little bit of excitement, because we are fortunate enough to have amazing resources in this day. Many concepts that architects only wished for in the past can now be expanded upon. I love this discussion because it really is such an important topic with the MCM approaching an age to which they may be considered historic. I completely respect the mindset of a purist, though I am not one. A lot of the materials used in that time really were not that great, and similar looks can be achieved by using newer or more luxe materials. As long as a home is not really historically significant, even though it may be old, I don't see a problem with a respectful update. After all, the owners have to live there. A home does not have to be a museum. I think Houston has great examples of the good, the bad and the ugly as far as this topic is concerned. A home such as the Menil house really needs to be preserved as it is. Wiring, plumbing, etc certainly need to be adapted, but the look of the home should stay intact. The Maher house by Barnstone is an example of what should not have been done. We are talking about a record house that now looks like a french/italian/generic home which has really vigorous modern bones. Though following homes are not in Houston I think one serves as a great example of a purist home and the other represents a respectul remodel. They are both by Richard Neutra (my favorite), and I am also fortunate enough to have visited the first linked home when it was for sale a few years back. Singleton House, basically untouched, though undergoing a restoration, supposedly with a purist mindset. This home is AMAZING: http://meyler.locations.org/library6180/in...itectural%2F923 Hees House, which was altered beyond recognition by its original owner and brought back as a "reinterpretation" by it's present owners. Originally the ceilings were natural wood and the bathrooms and kitchen are new but complement the house in a manner of today's style: http://meyler.locations.org/library6180/in...itectural%2F727
  9. A rust color would look really nice, a sort of statement. Sherwin Williams makes three that I like: Pennywise, Red Cent, and Spicy Hue. They also make a color which is cleverly named Window Pane, an ultrasoft bluish white, which would look good. I think that the slate color might sort of sadden the house, and contradict with the cheery 50's ranch look of the home. I'm a big fan of grey (my whole house is grey) but on this place I'm not sure. There is nothing wrong with the white that you currently have, though.
  10. I second that. Really ANY Shulman book is a great buy. I especially love his Richard Neutra and Hal Levitt pics.
  11. I've liked this house for a while. It's good to see that the car on the trailer is no longer under the carport. That was weird.
  12. Good to hear/see! The Tall Timbers section, in my opinion, is one of the coolest places to have a modern house just because of the stately Georgian and French variety that typifies the River Oaks home. It's a nice contrast, and from what can be seen looks like it will be a neat project.
  13. I love your new house. I was able to see inside of it last summer. , though only the public areas. It is so cool the way you enter an outdoor room, though at the time I visited it was cold, wet, and cave-like it really has the potential to be something great. And I love the way the whole back is glass. You have a lot of work in store for you, best of luck! Keep us updated with pics, etc...
  14. I checked out the Crocker house today. It is really a great house, definitely one of the best new construction residential projects that I've seen locally. The materials palette is nearly identical to what I would have chosen, and I NEVER say that. I want this one!
  15. I'm very passionate about the work of Richard Neutra and preserving it. I know this is a forum for Houston, but if everyone could just take a second to support the preservation of the Neutra designed Cyclorama it would be great. I'm sure many of you know this, but it is being proposed that it be demolished. All you have to do is sign a petition assembled by Dion Neutra, Richard's son. http://neutra.org/gettysburg.html
  16. Found this place out of boredom. This house has lots of potential. http://search.har.com/engine/dispSearch.cf...mp;backButton=Y
  17. Funny I was just at Bayou Bend last Tuesday and did the same thing. I was more concerned with glimpses of Maher than looking at the home I was visiting. Nice to know I'm not the first!
  18. Thanks for the sites!
  19. I will be in Austin for about a week pretty soon, and was wondering if any of you know of any cool mods that I just MUST see. I'm trying to decide if I should devote some time to driving around doing this. Not just MCM, but also some wow-factor new mods, like the new house on Montrose by the Mecom fountain, or the crazy cool newer mod on Friar Tuck. That sort of thing. ???
  20. Did anyone ever figure out who the architect is?
  21. I was thinking that the Doliver house was newer too. Very new, actually. This makes me think that inside of the Wrightian facade is just another Tanglewood ranch and they did a fine job of covering it up. Must be a total remodel.
  22. From my experience with really dark paint, and I have lots of it in my place, with satin paint in dark colors it seems to fade in sunlight more rapidly than gloss. If I remember correctly, Lowbrow, you bought that really cool house in Memorial Bend. If so, the color you chose will look really cool on that house. Great choice. In my opinion since that house has such a heavy texture to the brick, especially those columns around those narrow windows, a semi gloss might give a little depth and contrast that will soften the look of the house. I think that it also wouldn't take away from the period of the house.
  23. This house is on Friar Tuck in Sherwood Forest, very close to the famous mini French Palace. Anyone know anything about this house? It looks like a good, clean, simple design, probably 1960s.
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