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  1. So NYC had more commercial building starts than Miami, DFW, Chicago, Washington DC, LA, and Boston...combined. Well, that puts the Dallas-Houston rivalry in perspective.
  2. Is that so?!? LOL! Anyway, we have already derailed this thread enough, so maybe I will start a new thread in the TMC forum for further discussion. Thanks!
  3. It's a "fact" in the same way that it's a "fact" Terre Haute, Indiana is "bigger" than Manhattan. The "fact" that the TMC covers slightly more acreage than Dallas' CBD (note, they always leave out the rest of downtown for their little comparison) is disingenuous at best. The TMC is a testament to Houston and Texas, but claiming that it is bigger than reality is silly and reinforces some of the worst stereotypes about Texas.
  4. Wow...one sarcastic post by SMF, and a few insecure Houston fanboys get in a tizzy over the possibility of Dallas getting a supertall. What are these people going to do if Dallas actually builds one? Have a stroke? What if Dallas gets three? I would visit this site just for the show. I must admit, I enjoy visiting architecture sites, but we certainly are an eccentric bunch...getting our panties in a wad over things most people couldn't care less about. We're like a bunch of Trekkies at a convention arguing to the death over whether the Enterprise can defeat the Battlestar Galactica. LOL!
  5. The Hunt Hill bridge cost $69.6M - the rest was for land acquisition, design, inspections and ramps. Since a bridge extending Woodall Rogers was going to be built anyway, Dallas decided to build a nice bridge, instead of yet another boring overpass. Years from now, nobody is going to care how much the Margaret cost - it's a nice addition to the Dallas skyline paid for, in part, with private funds. Data source: http://www.dallasnews.com/news/margaret-hunt-hill-bridge/bridge-headlines/20120221-true-cost-of-dallas-margaret-hunt-hill-bridge-182-million.ece
  6. The proposed towers are residential, no? Residential development in Dallas' CBD is quite active so I am not sure what you mean by "no growth." See Downtown Dallas running out of empty buildings. Obviously, the proposed towers are just fantasy for the moment, but the fact that one of the more forlorn sections of Dallas' CBD is the subject of developer attention says good things about the market in Dallas.
  7. Thanks. The freeway is covered and they are now starting to add dirt. I believe they start planting trees before the end of the year.
  8. On second thought... Emirates adds Dallas-FT Worth, takes one flight from Houston
  9. Cute, but hardly an accurate analogy. Other than the game itself, the biggest event, the NFL Experience, is in downtown Dallas the week of the big game. Dallas is benefiting very nicely from the hoopla, especially considering that the city invested nothing in the stadium. The fact is that events and parties are planned all over DFW - there is plenty of $$ for everyone. Let's hope it doesn't snow that week. And good for FT Worth with the ESPN thing - Sundance Square is perfect for what the network is looking for.
  10. Here's the deal. The building makes no economic sense to me either, but it's a private building, with private funding that as far as I know has received no special tax incentives from Dallas. To me, the topic of how is building is financed is mundane because I have no skin in the game. An example of an interesting financing topic is the convention center hotel - because as a Dallas property owner, in a sense I am now in the hotel business and have a vested interest in the enterprise. If you wish to discuss the financing of the Museum Tower, then knock yourself out. But I fail to see how the building of a relatively modest condo tower has anything to do with Dallas' attempts at becoming a world class city. I fail to see how your imaginative description of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge has anything to do with the tower. I fail to see how anything in your post made any relevant, factual point regarding the financing of the tower. Seems to me you are no more interested in discussing the nuts-and-bolts of how this building was financed any more than I am.
  11. Not to disagree, because Dallas clearly didn't do due diligence in planning the bridge, but my understanding is that the bridge approaches have been cleared by the Army Corps of Engineers. I'm not an engineer, so maybe I missed something and you are right. As for the tower, who cares? I'm never going to live there, I'm never going to pay for it, so I will just sit back and enjoy the show. And frankly, I don't care to know the balance sheet or funding sources for every tower, bridge or road built in Houston, so why are you guys in a tizzy over Dallas? Chill out - it's pretty tower, what more do you really need to know?
  12. You are right, a little development is better than nothing. - Main Street Garden. $17 million - Belo Garden. $6.5 million - Woodall Rodgers Park. $60 million - Omni Dallas Convention Center Hotel. $490 million - The Perot Museum of Nature and Science. $180 million - First Baptist Church Dallas. $130 million - The downtown YMCA. $5 million - AT&T Performing Arts Center. $354 million Total: $1.24 billion. Thank you, njeppeson, for compiling the original list. Of course, this post in no way bashes Houston; I am simply pointing out that Dallas recognizes the problems and potential of its downtown. In an economy where many cities have seen plans for downtown renovations put on hold, Dallas is doing what it can to move forward.
  13. Body: Nikon D80 Lens: Nikkor 18-200mm VR Tripod: Manfrotto 190XB, 322RC2 ball head Post Processing: Adobe Lightroom & Fireworks Most of the images were taken in manual mode, maximum aperture, ISO 100, with 2 - 10 second exposure. Hope this helps.
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