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  1. Beautiful photo. I'd love to see the east side of that curve look like the west some day.
  2. But to be fair, nothing will ever be good enough for that intersection by the internet.
  3. Worse than a rusty old lumber yard, sea of warehouses, chemical plant, storage facility, giant parking lot with a CVS in the middle or suburban style strip center? Do you know where you are? I understand why a touristy themed restaurant wouldn't be someone's first choice, but believe me, a Tillman themed anything is not the worst case scenario for that neighborhood.
  4. Those shots make Texas Tower look better than the renderings. Usually works the opposite way. Refreshing to see reality surpass dreams for a change.
  5. Discovery Green just keeps getting better and better. See you in hell, Embassy Suites!
  6. delicate flower. delicate flower. delicate flower. All you people ever do is delicate flower.
  7. Great photo. Brochure worthy. Texas Tower shines out like Houston's signature tower.
  8. If you are waiting for Houston to become San Francisco, you are wasting your life.
  9. Houston looks like way more fun. Houston makes me laugh. Dallas makes me yawn. Now compare Houston's prettiest hotel with Dallas' most obscene trestle.
  10. This will be the biggest and best building ever built in the history of Midtown. Houston will be lucky if it gets built at all. Even ugly, old Dallas and tiny, over-rated Austin would be happy to have it.
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