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  1. Whatever. This will be the best looking and tallest tower ever built. (...in Midtown) (...so far). Curves aren't everything. It still looks pretty classy to me.
  2. I agree. But as for the details. Are we talking, Ro, Regency Square, East River. Please give us an idea of how many and how high. Thank you.
  3. It needs a roller coaster or something.
  4. Just think how many Block 98 towers could fit on this parking lot.
  5. If Houston ever got an observation tower (like the Space Needle or better), I think the best place for it would be somewhere around where The Allen is going up near Buffalo Bayou Park or maybe near Regent Square or Hanover Square near the Bayou. That vantage point would have a nearly 360º view of all of Houston's best skylines - without actually interfering with any of them (well maybe the "Montrose skyline", but that would be fine). Yes, a casual rooftop bar and grill on top, say 300-500 ft in the sky would be nice too. I'd certainly take out-of-towners there to here them rave about how wonderful Houston is.
  6. Someone forgot to tell the Houston skyline that there was an oil bust.
  7. Beautiful in it's own way. Houston's own no frills Little Venice. (sort of)
  8. I love new vantage points! Thanks for keeping HAIF worth coming to Hindesky. You too, Highrise Tower. 👍 Same for all our noble, hard working photographers. Getting some of these shots is no small effort and I appreciate being able to see them. ❤️
  9. From some angles, it kind of looks like it was hit by a tornado. The white stucco doesn't work for me. I think the only thing that might work is something darker and less contrasty to the glass. Some kind of reflective silver/chrome/nickel or something shiny might work. Maybe not. I think they should just keep painting it new colors every week until they figure out how to make it less silly looking and more artsy fartsy as it was originally intended. If they had just kept whats going on on the top 3 floors all the way to the ground it would have looked high end. What they have looks kind of like K-Mart sushi.
  10. Fine. In the meantime, just keep paying your taxes. The Astrodome's not going anywhere. I'll bet your retirement that the Astrodome will be standing long after you will.
  11. Whim my butt. The majority of Houstonians don't want Astrodome torn down.
  12. If it happened to AstroWorld, it can happen anywhere. 😭
  13. Brijonmang can even make the least loved buildings in Houston look beautiful. Brijonmang, you are a terrific photographer and I really enjoy looking at your work. Thank you for sharing it.
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