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  1. Those are excellent shots. Thanks for posting.
  2. I'm not sure we need martial law anymore. At this point, about 8 in 10 Americans say they support measures that strongly advise people to stay at home and limit social interactions to 10 people or fewer. Polls showing 80% of the country together on any issue are rare. Finally, we now have an issue that unites most Democrats and Republicans. How would a national stay at home order work? I suppose it would work the same way it works at local and state levels. The only difference is that it comes from the federal govt. I don't think any stay at home order, local or national, can ever truly be enforced. People will violate it for sure and they will rarely get arrested or ticketed, but it will keep MOST people at home. It will keep stadiums and theaters closed. And that will likely keep the transmissions lower. Trump has the power to persuade a lot of people. A national stay at home order coming from him, may not be enforceable, but it would definitely keep the transmissions lower than twitting about "liberation". https://www.kff.org/?gclid=CjwKCAjw-YT1BRAFEiwAd2WRttcjq9YvJn8NTmFPOaL8UGPH_8VpVV5-agy1mtIfkZuePd14D68gLBoCJj0QAvD_BwE https://www.foxnews.com/us/americans-support-extending-coronavirus-stay-at-home-orders https://www.newsweek.com/americans-back-national-stay-home-order-1496997 https://apnews.com/9ed271ca13012d3b77a2b631c1979ce1 https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/494028-poll-more-than-70-percent-of-americans-support-stay-at-home-orders
  3. I'll give you that there is a lot going on that is outside his control, but he could be slowing the transmissions with a national stay at home order if he wanted to. At very least, he could just stop tweeting encouragement for people to go out to mingle and protest in close proximity during this death spike.
  4. I can't argue with that. I can't think of one way America is better off today than it was 4 years ago.
  5. Yes I hate the president and I don't like passing up any opportunity to bash him. But I really am repulsed, frightened and angry about this covid situation. If this had happened under Hillary's presidency and we had the exact same death numbers as we have now and she was on t.v. everyday lying, promoting untested drugs, pathetically trying to convince people she was flawless and was unable to complete normal sentences like trump, I may not be here at HAIF expressing my frustrations, but I certainly would not be rushing to defend that kind of behavior or 46,996 preventable American deaths (as of 3:38pm) either.
  6. Wrong, it's absolutely intelligent, honest and relevant that America is at the top of that list. It's no coincidence that the countries on that weird, outdated, incomplete chart are listed in order by cases (mostly), not per 1000. Those aren't just numbers to compare with each other, they are actual LIVES too. Not that republicans give a sht about human life anymore if it threatens the economy and it isn't THEM that's suffocating to death in their own snot. (Dan Patrick cough cough) The number of cases (per 1,000) is a reflection of how the crisis is being managed. America has more cases per 1000 than most of the nations on that chart. Only 5 densely populated countries have more cases per 1000 than America. We still beat out 9 other peer nations. Sorry, that chart (wherever it came from) doesn't make me feel any better. I'm still certain that America would be lower on the "per 1000" section of that list if we had more competent leadership. I hate to think what that chart will look like after after we prematurely open up the country and after the next round of trump inspired "freedom" rallies. BTW, Georgia gyms, bowling alleys and barbershops are opening up on Friday. The number of deaths (per 1,000) is a reflection of how good that country's medical infrastructure is. I feel pretty good that America is way down at number 9 on the (per 1000) death list, but that has absolutely nothing to do with anything trump has done. The govs are fighting tooth and nail for ventilators and PPE. Trump's filling the hospitals with patients, the doctors are saving the patients. That chart is (mostly) ranked by human suffering and all it proves to me is that there is more human suffering in America than in any other country on earth. And that make us and our horrible, incompetent president the WORST (4 x worse than the next highest country) just like I said in my earlier post.
  7. I got your response the first time. But I'm saying (again) that by any metric, (be they the false numbers of 3rd world nations or the more reliable numbers from our peer nations) trump's dismal performance in this crisis in unworthy of a nation of our stature. If blaming it all on trump helps in any way to get him out of the white house then I would say it absolutely IS getting us somewhere. As you know, Trump is a disaster on every level and long before c19 showed up. Coronavirus will likely be his greatest legacy of failure of all time by far. 45,000+ deaths in 2 months and an economic meltdown is nothing to sneeze at. People recover from p-grabbing, but people are dying by the thousands now, losing businesses, jobs and 401k's. No matter how much you want to compare American death rates to lesser countries (even if it's just for fun and to make a point), no place has more deaths on earth from c-19 than America the Beautiful. Trump owns it COMPLETELY. Yes, covid can and will be politicized by the left, just as it has been and will be by the right. The republicans can't wait to say that trump single-handedly cured c19 and fixed the economy. So, no, I have no problem countering it by saying he completely responsible for every last c19 death in America. Ying-Yang. Trump's election proved to me that people don't read the fine print. They vote based on whatever can be contained on a bumper sticker. So yes, all anyone needs to know is that America has the most covid deaths on earth and trump was in charge when it happened. And BTW, it's really easy and logical to put all the blame a leader who: • Spends the first weeks of infection ignoring it • Once it looks like a polling liability, politicizing it and calling it a democrat hoax • Minimizing the threat • Shutting down agencies that were designed to fight pandemics • Waiting too long to enact Federal mobilization efforts • Ignores warnings from doctors and scientists • Waiting too late to invoke The Defense Production Act • Pushes an untested, unproven medication • Forces Govs to compete for dwindling supplies • Doesn't provide national testing • Encourages people to gather in public and protest during the middle of the first spike of the pandemic • Uses t.v. briefings to push his re-election campaign - at taxpayer expense. • Spreads false information • Risks further spread of virus and lives The bulk of the hotspots were coming from the the super densely populated northeastern states fast and with little warning. Now the biggest new clusters ARE coming from nursing homes and meatpacking plants in the midwest slowly and with plenty of warning. Republican govs and trump are ignoring the deaths and the risks and the lessons that should have been learned in NYC and are encouraging those very same states to get back to work. Kuddlow said today that the businesses where the virus is spreading shouldn't be held liable for customers and employees. PATHETIC! You want to give the NYC vicinity some of the blame? O.K. with me. But states do NOT have the same resources that the federal govt. has and trump spent a lot of time ignoring their request and accusing them of asking for supplies that they didn't need. Trump could have helped lower the rates of infection and death if he wanted to in NYC. He didn't want to. NY hates him, he hates them right back. And that personal hatred is reflected in those horrific numbers in addition to their population density. No matter how you want to frame it, it's a failure from the leadership at the top. The higher the office, the more of the blame they should get.
  8. Judging world leaders by # of infections? Listen, I was no fan of our leader's p-grabbing, Ukraine-bribing, election-rigging, ally-abandoning, criminal-pardoning, nation-dividing, veteran-insulting, race-baiting and baby-caging even before I ever heard of c19. But this latest disgraceful failure is really hitting home. I want my Caydon towers. So what's your point? North Korea and Yemen are worse than America? Captain Obvious. But even if Trump isn't the worst leader in the world, his handling of this crisis is lame by First World Country standards. I wouldn't put too much pride in the fact that America's handling of c19 is likely better than 3rd world nations and banana republics. I mean, if that's all you've got to defend trump, you're screwed. Trump is better than Un. Fair enough. But maybe you should raise your standards. "Trump is better than Un" will make a terrible bumper sticker. Maybe we should aim higher. Germany and South Korean leaders seem to be doing a pretty good job not sacrificing segments of their population in the name of retaining power. Maybe America should follow their example. We're probably going to have 1,000,000 cases and 50,000 deaths of c19 by this weekend. I don't know how that compares in percentages to the rest of the world and it doesn't even matter. It's unacceptable that America has so many cases and deaths when we had so much warning before the first case was detected. America's death count did not have to be this high. Other countries have proven that. It's possible that America didn't have to be in first or second or even third place in cases and deaths if the virus had been taken a bit more seriously back in Jan or Feb. Hard to imagine any leader recklessly and irresponsibly urging people to gather in large numbers to protest the best safety measures we currently have. Not sure if KJU or Yemen's leader did that, but we know for sure trump is doing it. And we know why he's doing it. Gotta keep them MAGAhats out of the trash can for as long as possible even if means killing granny.
  9. Except that science doesn't care what you believe. All we have to go on is numbers. Everything else is guessing. Keep spinning and grinning and adding and subtracting and multiplying and I'm sure you will eventually convince yourself that no Americans actually died at all and that 22,000,000 didn't file for unemployment last week and that Houston's future has never been brighter with our $13 trump oil. It makes perfect sense to me that America would have the highest number of cases. We partied through spring break from coast to coast. It was just a hoax back in March, remember? And trump just tweeted about "liberation". The Georgia gov discovered 2 weeks ago that covid can be transmitted by people without symptoms (NBC was reporting that back in Jan). He's opening up gyms and nail salons on Friday. The curve is flattening, but I wouldn't be surprised if we get another spike or two before we're done with it. Yes, I always expected that America was going to get it up the butt with that incompetent lunatic as president. But never thought I'd see things get this bad. 4 more years of THIS! No thanx! BTW, you don't have to convince me that we can't trust China. But the majority of Americans don't trust trump either. Any country can spin numbers any way they want. That goes for America too. Even if China does have more cases and deaths than the U.S., coming in 2nd place doesn't make me feel any better about trump's decisions or the position we all find ourselves in. Neither would being anywhere on a top 10 death list. Even with trump as president, I thought we were more advanced than this. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2020/04/20/one-poll-number-that-could-haunt-trump-coronavirus/ https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/493534-poll-majority-of-americans-disapprove-of-trumps-handling-of Oh look, as of 7pm America has over 4 times as many cases as the next highest country. And almost as many deaths as the next 3 countries combined.
  10. O.K., then... 1) The United States has more COVID cases than the next FOUR countries combined. TRUE. 788,920 vs 689,494 (Wow! I feel SO much better now! Wait, no I don't.) 2) The United States has more COVID deaths than any other country on earth. TRUE. 42,000 vs 24,114 (ALMOST DOUBLE! Wow! America FIRST! - So proud!) 3) The United States is the WORST. TRUE. Simple math. We have more covid cases and deaths than any other country on earth. (That's what trump gets to take to the ballot box.) As for your context, ALL the credit goes to the United States medical community for saving actual lives, not to trump. The medical community gets high marks for survival rates (especially considering many hospitals are working with inadequate supplies and testing). Trump gets low marks for encouraging the spread of cases and for making the Govs compete with each other for supplies and test. And don't be surprised to see another spike in the cases after trump has been encouraging people to gather in large numbers to protest stay at home orders. INSANITY! I'm sure the republicans are really proud of the 43,442* Americans who so gallantly threw themselves on the sword in the last 1.5 months to save the economy (oil is $11 a barrel today). Like Dan Patrick said, there are more important things than living. (especially if you don't have the medical resources of a Lt. Gov. wink, wink). You miss the point. Group these numbers around anyway you want, (4 countries, 5 countries, WTF difference does that make?) but it doesn't change the fact that trump has failed America by allowing us to lead the world in cases and deaths. I don't think America was destined to have the highest number of cases and the most deaths on earth. I think that happened because we got a slow start on testing, coordination and quarantining. Trump had a chance, through policy to curb the numbers. He blew it. He should own up to it. He should be made to pay for his "serious miscalculations and errors" on election night - and hopefully beyond. But congrats on Americas total only surpassing the next 4 highest countries combined. 4 beautiful, fantastic. 5 nasty fake. 🙄 *3,442 more since I originally made the post, we'll be at 50,000 by this weekend, we might make it to 5 combined countries yet.
  11. Dumbed down? You mean like blaming China for all our problems? No doubt this was going to be bad no matter who was president. But the fact that the U.S. has more covid cases and deaths than the next 5 countries on the list COMBINED does not reflect well on the leadership at the top. The problem is BAD MANAGEMENT. Trump is totally incompetent and it's time for him to go. It's obvious if you listen to him, he doesn't know what he's talking about most of the time. His staff has to draw him pictures. Sometimes he's on stage saying the opposite of what his own staff says in real time. He's all over the map. One minute he tells America to do whatever their governors tell them to do, the next he's encouraging his pathetic low information cult base to attend large gatherings to protest whatever their governor is doing. It's obvious, he doesn't care who lives or dies or who gets sick or whether or not you lose your business or your job. His only interest in this is getting re-elected and he bases all his policies on how he's polling from minute to minute. Trump is total madness. But using those daily briefings as political rallies has to be the worst. And I don't think they are helping him anymore. Most Americans see straight though all his BS. Not all countries have it as bad as we do. In fact, we are the worst. No matter how republicans spin it - these appalling numbers are real. The buck stops with the president. Just ask any GOOD manager or president. If trump wants to take credit for the stock market going up 1000 points in one day, then he gets blamed that it goes down 10,000 points in one month. That's just how it works - merit or not. And he also gets to be the guy in charge the day oil went down to $0. Sorry, it comes with the territory. If trump wants to say that America is now "Great Again" while we have: • 750,000 covid cases • 42,000 deaths • 22,000,000 unemployment claims • $0 oil ... then he can be held responsible for those very same numbers that he says are making America "so great". If trump loses the next election because he gets stuck being the face attached to these horrific numbers in the minds of the electorate (as he should be), then I would say these arguments hold plenty of merit. Trump will do and say anything to have 4 more years so I don't have a problem if anyone wants to use these numbers against him to get him out of office. Since all those items happened under trump's watch, Obviously trump didn't institute travel bans or rode 'heard' on China fast enough (whatever that is supposed to mean). All those items are directly traceable back to Trump being an incompetent grifter who is in WAY over his head. ..."the latest democrat hoax"..."the test is beautiful."..."it will magically go away in April." ..."we have 15 cases and will soon be down to 0". That's right. What we really need is four more years of this bullsh¡t. How many people have to get sick? How many people have to die? How many people have to lose their jobs? How low does oil have to get before we give someone else a shot at trying to put this country back together? How many more Mulligans? China Schmina. Blaming China isn't going to fix the problems we have now. Americans know who's to blame for this Trumpocalypse. Common sense tells most people that when something or someone isn't working out, you make a change. America has never been more f*cked up. As president, Biden couldn't do any worse. In fact, America and Houston were doing pretty good back when Biden was VP.
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