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  1. Can you believe that someone would build something like this with consulting HAIF first? What are they thinking? Everyone knows there is no better place to get advice than from guys who hang out all day on internet discussion boards.
  2. Swear to God. I saw his gobbledy-gook of letters in a blur as I just quick scrolled around it and didn't even bother reading. Was there anything clever their I should have read? Let me know. There may be some real gems or deep insight or maybe even the answer to world peace or winning lottery numbers but I'll never know. Somehow reading it would be condoning it. And I can't bring myself to condone REALLY BAD, bad graphic design. Now what are we talking about again? I forgot which thread I opened. Oh yes. That magnificent Aussie Project. Still love it. Any news?
  3. ^ Just wanted to let you know that your post are always so annoying to try to read so I never read them. Have no idea what you are saying because it's just not worth the headache. I don't think this ornamental stuff is the least bit entertaining. I'm sure you're a nice guy and all. But these cheap graphics and bizarre showboating is stupid. That's all. G'day!
  4. Why do you guys always turn such great threads like this into such boring snoozefests? We all know that Houston could use some more Disneylands or Space Needles or Mount Rushmores or Statue of Libertys or whatever. Take this outside or to another thread so I don't have to waste my time reading any of it when I feel like looking of renderings of midtown's new skyline and reading about start dates and such. Thank you. Have a great day. Impeach Trump.
  5. I think they should tear down all malls and replace them with Discovery Greens.
  6. You may be right about this project. But you're way out of line when you start trashing the whole city. Then it just starts to sound like you're carrying a lot of personal baggage and personal resentment. At that point, you just get thrown in with all the "Everything About Houston Sucks" crowd and nobody's listening anymore. I get it, you're 'passionate'. Good for you, but there are a lot of great looking projects in the works in Houston these days.
  7. I'm not impressed by this either, but drama much? Calm down. No one died!
  8. ^ I love what he said, but I can't bring myself to put a 'like' on that silly, lame clip art. So I'll do it from here.
  9. ...or you 'know you've won' because you stayed up too late the night before huffing silly string. But no, it's best that you just keep telling yourself that you 'won' so at least the nurse can put you down tonight.
  10. @Aug Infowars much? Now who's reaching? Nancy checkmated trumpo on the longest Govt shutdown in history that he was 'so proud to own'. His shutdown produced nothing for his cause and I'm sure McConnell can't wait for another one and another 8 point drop in the polls. The only way trump gets peaches is if Judge Roberts allows it next year. Nancy may allow Dumbo to build a few miles of 'discount' barrier in 'strategic' locations if he keeps on downsizing. But there will never be the Great Wall that President D-bag and his army of nazi zombies were screaming for 2 years ago, because even HE doesn't want it now. Checkmate! This is not even about a wall anymore. It just about the orange slug (and you) trying to save face. BTW, I think the only thing that keeps you spry is the internet, your hand and your wacko imagination.
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