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  1. At least you won't need sunscreen in that pool.
  2. Real city? I think it's going to take just a little bit more than a mile and a half of subway do to that.
  3. @Reefermonkey - I'll admit that I'm emotional over NEEDLESS waste. I don't think that is a bad thing either considering that emotion is probably one of the things keeping Houston's most well known historic landmark from being needlessly or recklessly torn down. Until the dome starts generating some kind of revenue, it's always going to have a target on it's back. Emotion and sentiment are powerful weapons when it comes to preserving historic landmarks. But so is logic. It makes no sense to destroy a one of a kind building that has so much unique potential when it isn't hurting anyone or costing anyone any more than a percentage of a cent in taxes every year to keep it standing. According to this source, maintenance cost run to $170,000 annually, there are over 4.653 million people in Harris County. That comes out to 0.03653556845046 cents per person, per year vs. $40,000,000 or so to tear it down. I'll be happy to pay for your share of the Astrodome's upkeep for the rest of your life. Assuming you are 10 years old and live to be 100. That means I owe you 3.2 cents. Where do I send the check? You haven't convinced me at all that removing the dome will improve the local economy, our quality of life, NRG Park, the city of Houston or ANYONE in the world. I'm not even sure your fight is actually against the dome anymore or if its just to simply win a HAIF pissing contest. But it doesn't matter. I want to thank you for giving me an opportunity to make my case for saving the dome and preserving an important part of Houston history.
  4. Keep trying. No one's buying your re-characterization of your "mischaracterization". 1. It's ridiculous to destroy a historic landmark because of a little rust. The Astrodome's "bones" are just fine. 2. The public has made it clear that they don't want the dome destroyed. Find me a current poll that says otherwise. I can't find anything showing public support in favor of destruction at all. Not voting yes to spend millions to fund someone's idea back in 2013 to repurpose the dome is NOT the same thing as voting to destroy it. Those are 2 SEPARATE issues. Get a vote that shows the majority in favor of demoing the dome and then we'll talk. Until then, you're just pushing your own personal "interpretation" of what the public "has made clear". 3. Boo Hoo. The Texans and the HLSR should have thought about the dome's close proximity before they built NRG. The Dome was there first. The Texans and the HLSR are not hurting for business or money. They can just deal with the Historical Landmark they decided to build next to. Demolition was NEVER part of the deal. 4. Why does anyone HAVE to add a business to NRG park? Isn't their any other place left in Houston to set up a business that DOES NOT require demolishing Houston's biggest and most famous historic landmark? I think they can find one if they try. Go tear down Greenspoint Mall or something. 5. There is another alternative. Leave the dome alone until the conditions are right to repurpose it. You know, just keep doing what we've been doing for the last 20 years. I don't see that anyone in this city is hurting because the Astrodome looks the way it looks. Houston's still thriving. People are still working. The Texans are still packing them in. The Rodeo still smells like 💩. There isn't any panic in the streets. I'm all in favor of improving it. But I can live with it just as it is until it reaches it's untapped potential. HOWEVER LONG IT TAKES! Imagine seeing the Historic Landmark Astrodome completely revitalized, appreciated and turned into a year round tourist attraction. It's not that hard. And then going to Hermann park or Memorial Park to appreciate the environment. I'm sure a revitalized Astrodome wouldn't hurt Houston's ugly reputation any more that some stink tank built in the middle of a gargantuan sized parking lot. Repurposing an already existing structure into something useful and profitable is just about best bang you can get for your buck. No demolition cost. No rebuilding cost. EVERYBODY WINS! Except those who are in favor of destruction for the sake of destruction. Those guys can go jump in a retention pond.
  5. O.K. I'll try not to hurt anyone's feelings BUT I still have to point out for the record that destroying Houston's biggest and most famous historical landmark because it might get in the way of some unknown, yet-to-be thought up, fictitious, development in the future is a preposterous idea. Seems like someone who objects to keeping the dome around because there is no guarantee that it will ever be developed in to anything practical would already understand that. The idea of removing the dome just in case someone in the future might want to develop the land it currently stands on is no different than the idea of keeping the dome around just in case someone in the future might want to repurpose it into something of practical use. One abstract idea is just as uncertain as the other. The one big difference in these options is that if you tear down the dome you don't get it back. Maybe this future development happens, maybe it doesn't, but we know the one thing that won't happen is getting our historical landmark back. And even if they did replace the Astrodome with something more practical, no future developer is going to be able to replace the established historical landmark we would lose. The only thing we would be guaranteed is that we would absolutely lose forever the big one that we already have. The Astrodome has to be the single most irreplaceable building in Houston, not because of what it is used for, but because of it's unique significance in Houston's development as a world city and the development of architecture in general. Not sure why this concept is so hard for some people to grasp and how it can be so easily dismissed. Now go tear down the Alamo just in case some developer might want to build a strip mall on the land it occupies and leave the dome alone. (too good not to repost) Here's to "dead monuments of the past".
  6. It's function is that it exist. Mind blowing isn't it? And it still exist for a reason. You underestimate the value of sentiment. All your 'tear it down' talk over the years hasn't made it go away. As I said I don't care if they ever find a use for it that satisfies you. You are incapable of seeing the big picture so I'm not sure you're worth any more of my time. I made my case for saving the dome. Luckily I'm not alone. "To be honest, I'm not sure I trust the county on this... blah, blah, blah... Now that's what I call fake news. It just your opinion. Nothing more.
  7. Quit making up your own fake news, reefmonkey. I have no more reason to trust YOUR assessment of the dome than the county's.
  8. Just because we haven't found a use for the dome by now, that doesn't mean we NEVER will. It might take more time than YOU may be willing to give it, but that doesn't mean OTHERS have to give up trying. Even if they never find a use for the Astrodome I don't want it torn down. NOT EVERYTHING can be measured in dollars. Sentiment DOES have value. Especially in a place that doesn't have much sentiment to start with. Better uses? In all likelihood, what would have once been the ground the Astrodome now stands will be a beautiful, brand new, all-purpose, highly useful parking lot. Houston has millions of those (you can now park where useless old Astroworld used to be). But Houston does not have any structure that comes close to the uniqueness and cultural relevance as the Astrodome. Say what you want, but to me the best thing Houston has regarding it's place in the world (outside providing jobs) is that fact we just love to build buildings (our skyline is becoming a monster). So I think we should have at least ONE building that stands apart from all others. That is what the Astrodome is. In all of Houston's history I don't think we ever built anything as unique and revolutionary or anything that ever achieved the world fame that the Astrodome did in its day. I think the Dome represents Houston at its best. Yes it's old, yes it's useless. But it's worth preserving. We are not a poor city. We can afford to keep it standing until a new use can be found. But even if a practical use is never found, it still has value. I know that the Astrodome means nothing to a lot of people in Houston and even less to people who moved here from somewhere else or who don't give a crap about anything outside the perimeter of their own front lawns. But I think they are being short-sighted and cheap and forget that money isn't the only thing of value in world. Feeling good about something also has value. Home town pride has value. Yankee Stadium? New York City has dozens of culturally relevant buildings. Houston does not. Maybe a parking lot is as important to you as the world's first indoor stadium and preserving a grand scale shrine to mid-century architecture. But it's hard to imagine Houston ever building anything in the future that will ever come close to being the potential world icon that the Astrodome could become to Houston with a little love and good marketing. I know, it's not Buckingham Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral or the Eiffel Tower but it's going to be the closest thing Houston will probably ever get to it. We can't just tear it down like it never meant anything to anyone. What it represents to Houston's place in history is irreplaceable. As much as I enjoy NRG stadium and Minute Maid Park, I'd rather see them torn down than the Astrodome. I'd rather the Astrodome become a dilapidated eyesore like the Roman Coliseum Ruins for the next hundred years or so than to see it torn down and replaced with a parking lot. Whatever it takes as long as it's still standing because even a century from now the Astrodome will likely will still be the only thing Houston ever contributed to the elevation of world architecture and building technology.
  9. ...and then there's just foolish destruction.
  10. It's not fake news. It's a fake tan.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if it came straight from one of those Trump hate rallies, you know, where his head is all red and his eyes are bugged out and he's screaming about Mexicans and revenge. Comparing Trump to Hitler is more appropriate than ever. The only diff is that instead of scapegoating Jews, it's Mexicans this time. Fat Hitler wants you to believe that Mexicans are responsible for: • Taking your job - although he has employed several undocumented workers at his hotels and despite saying the economy has been "fixed" • Doing all the crime - although native born Americans still top the list • Spreading diseases - BREAKING NEWS! Coronavirus didn't come from Mexico Fat Hitler says: • We need a multi-billion dollar wall to "protect" us (and is pulling funds from the military to do it - not Mexico, like he promised) • Hispanic families deserve to be caged and separated • He isn't concerned that his tweets sound racist, because 'many people agree with me' • Much more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Racial_views_of_Donald_Trump BTW, the meme actually says: Trump NOTHING like Hitler. Hitler wasn't fat and bald... 😆 But I disagree. Fat Hitler reminds me a lot of Original Hitler. Original Hitler gained power and kept power by turning society against one of its minorities. I've heard plenty of deplorable white trash say that they voted for Fat Hitler because "they are tired of looking at all the Mexicans everywhere" or something similar. From my observations in the actual world (and the internet, of course), the racists seem to be more emboldened by the day. The racists used to only spread their trash when they thought no one outside their circles could hear them (unfortunately, growing up a casually dressed, middle class white boy from Houston myself, I've always been "near" their circles). Not anymore, their cult leader Fat Hitler has given them all the confidence they need to say it in your face - or do what that wacko from Allen, TX did at the El Paso Walmart with his rifle to stop the "Hispanic invasion" as he called it. Here's another lazy and lame meme for you... What's lazy and lame is dismissing angry reaction to racist comments as 'lazy and lame'. In fact, some might even call it a little complicit.
  12. Easily? Speaking of terrorist, Fat Hitler lost the popular vote by millions last time. Robust economy or not, his approval numbers are always below 50% (sometimes WAY below). 60% of the nation can't stand the sight of him. And Democrat voters have been fired up about getting out to the polls EVERY year since he was elected. They were not fired up necessarily because they loved the Democrat candidate who was running, but because they wanted to do something to stop Fat Hitler. I don't think Democrats will be staying home this year either. They are angrier than ever - spreading TDS is GOOD thing! ANY Democrat candidate running against Fat Hitler will have a very, very good chance. Fat Hitler might steal the election again (with the help of some foreign nation he grants a favor to), but saying it will be 'easy' is something only a 'stable genius' would say. And speaking of extermination, let's face it, Fat Hitler supporters alway give away the REAL reason they support him. Economy my @$$! That's right Auggie, I have TDS. 🙄 Whatever. But I've learned to live with it, love it, embrace it and do my best to infect the world with it. At this point, spreading the anger can only help us in November.
  13. Really? I thought you knew you've won when the other guy had nothing left to say except to comment on spelling errors and punctuation because he ran out of garbage to spew and was trying to avoid the actual point of the post. But come on. Won what? Is this a contest? I thought we were both just having fun. I know I was and will continue to until the mods shut us down. But after I made light of Rush Limpballs (misspelled on-purpose) impending imminent painful and deserved cancer death and didn't get my wrist slapped, I knew I was free to post ANYTHING. (By the way the sh¡t meme is just chocolate HA-HA). Please allow me to explain. I thought the large font in a different color would make it easier to for you to read. I wanted to respond directly to each of your comments individually. Originally, I was just going to use the normal font (14-pt. Arial) and color (C=0, M=0, Y=0, K=0) but after seeing my brilliant comments intertwined into your retarded comments, my stellar comments became too lost and hard to distinguish from your hog wash comments. They needed to stand out a bit. If I made any spelling errors or forgot to use a comma or something I'm very, very sorry. I only use spell check when I'm being paid to do it. I'll go back and try to find the typos and correct them, (probably won't - not sure you're worth it - I might go back and proof yours, tho). But if your talking about when I spelled out the word 'Trump', S-H-I-T-F-O-R-B-R-A-I-N-S, that was on purpose. Just so you know I'm a great sport. Since you have declared yourself the 'winner'. I present you with your trophy. Don't get upset. This poop isn't for real either. And BTW, on your meme, "There's" is supposed to have an apostrophe. It's "THERE'S" not "THERES". It is a contraction. It means "There is". I don't know what "THERES" is supposed to mean. No need to thank me or apologize for it. That one was easy to catch. Sleep well.
  14. ...Says the guys who spends every minute of the day looking for stale overused memes that a fourth grader would be proud of. FYI, it took about 1 minute to find, copy and paste that list of Trump's "accomplishments". It's all over the internet. Go tell it to Judge Judy. Do you make a habit of speaking on behalf people who try to spring PEDOFILES, MURDERERS, and TERRORISTS? Are you an evangelical? Was your priest hot? BTW, In addition to voting for him, American NAZIS campaign for Trump too. And I don't hear Republican's complaining about it. By all means, keep drinking and smoking. Fox T.V. and Rush Limbaugh says tobacco is one of the healthy things you can put in your body. I think we'll get to November, but thanks to Trump, we have North Korea working on long range missiles, Iran working on it's nukes and a disgruntled mad-as-hell "stable genius" with a chip on his shoulder and his finger on the button. So nothing is certain any more than it ever was. BTW, Thank you for spending 'Acquittal Celebration Day' with me. It's been an honor both baiting you and humiliating you.
  15. For someone who likes to bait, you sure get baited easily.
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