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  1. Angus fajitas for two at La Mexicana are simply amazing.
  2. The supreme at Pepperoni's is not bad and the Hawaiian is ok too. Prices and service are great. Collina's on Richmond is still excellent (and still BYOB/W) Dolce Vita is overpriced (thus they closed last month) Romano's is average but the other dinner dishes are pretty good and include a huge salad and garlic bread Star is average but at least has a buffet lunch (or did) Stuffed pizza at Chicago Beef and Pizza is not really Chicago stuffed, just about ten pounds of cheese. Double Dave's is average but lunch buffet is a bargain (if it reopens) and pepperoni r
  3. That should about do it since they can re-open now.
  4. TonTonia

    Reve At Montrose

    It's January now and the place is still vacant. I have a bad feeling about that corner.
  5. Nothing worse than green space, I guess. Be careful what you wish for.
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