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  1. Great read. Thanks for sharing.
  2. 7 tips to decorate your own bungalow

    The tips mentioned above seems to be really helpful. Whether it is a home or a bungalow, it is always suggested to keep the space well decorated so that it reflects back the beautiful environment. One of the most effective ways a number of people rushing for, in order to make their home interiors look amazing are the installation of modern style furniture. The unique design of trendy and classy furniture always makes the home interior look more modern and luxurious. There are a number of stores available who offer high-quality furniture at the best deals. One just has to make some efforts in finding the genuine furniture store.
  3. Houston photo: Houston, Texas

    That was great indeed. Thanks for sharing.
  4. I wonder...this thread is 10 years old...!!
  5. Sewage release yesterday during flooding

    Just hate its smell
  6. I have got the humidifiers installed in my home with the help of an expert. I avoiding try it on my own as I have never done it before.
  7. Houston photo:

    That seems to be really unique.