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  1. There is truth to it. It may not go down like that but the Tarkett redevelopment will be exciting, only so much can be said at this point.
  2. you guys are close, think summer/hicks street improvements , oliver street extension?, feeder improvements?, studemont improvements?, signals gone, added?, etc.
  3. A proper indoor upscale mall (not an outlet mall) would see a lot of foot traffic and the area would support it IMO.
  4. I live in the Cinco Ranch area. I have driven this section 3 times since it opened. Once to the outlet malls and twice as a route to North Texas, Dallas and Possum Kingdom. That worked quite well allowing me to avoid all of 45 and the beltway south of Madsonville big time saver too.
  5. These are being built near Cinco Ranch not really within. At the northeast corner of the intersection, behind the shell station of Westpark Tollway and Mason. The neighborhood of closest proximity is Canyon Gate just to the the north
  6. If I had bought a new home in one of these nieghborhoods I don't think I would be too excited about Bellaire eventually being completed into the mission bend area and on to highway 6.
  7. Southampton Montessori is a good one.
  8. Ok forgive me because I was born in 76 so I was truly a child of the 80's bad hair, clothes, everything. We lived off Reveille/35 just outside the loop very near Gulfgate mall. My world was pretty small then, so here is what I recall as cool in Houston at the time for me. 1. Astroworld - back in it's prime. 2. Gulfgate Mall - cool things. The bowling alley under the mall. The Vision Street Wear store. the theater with the pedestrian bridge over 610. 3. NASA - was a cool tour back then before they built SCH. 4. Stewart Beach in Galveston. 5. Putt Putt and Supertrack on I-45 south - arcade!
  9. Ok I comprehend now, sometimes you read something and it just doesn't come from the perspective you think it should or something.. anyways. When I used to live way in town I went to Whole Foods once, My impressions as I remember them were, this place is for those "granola" people, then I went back to Krogers on West Gray. That was about 12 years ago so my opinion and memory may fail me and I will have to check it out.
  10. Regarding the design of 99 without feeder roads in the segment between the westpark tollway and I-10. My understanding was that this section was designed under the idea that it would never be tolled like the rest of the Grand Parkway. Since selfishly I live in the area I will take the lesser of two evils and make due without having access to the commercial sites from a ramp, rather than having to pay a toll to go 2 miles several times a week. I can avoid the Fry Road mess and never go there on weekends. I could see driving through that area before it was built out that a good majority of the homes west of 99 in this area are landlocked of sorts and have one or at best two avenues out and thus congestion.
  11. It's a really cool concept. triple decker driving range with a bar/restraunt/waitresses. Balls with chips in them, and targets to hit. There is a screen at each station and you track you and your friends shots and compete to hit pie-shaped targets for points. Think like a bowling alley. I am not doing a good job describing it, you have to see it. Just look at the link or google = top-golf
  12. My link really cool, i've been to the one in Dallas, been waiting for one for years Coming at I-10 and Memorial Brook Drive. Just west of Hwy 6 on I-10 Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  13. As I said I would last year I signed up to use this same company. I got no communication form them, and after the hearing they mailed me a letter indicating that they agreed with the CAD's assesment of my home's value. Cut and dry, no indication that they had fault on my behalf. I will be doing this one my own this year. Good luck
  14. Update, Well it looks like a sports complex baseball fields. Looks like little league size.
  15. I remember seeing a siteplan with a sporting goods store as well, but I cant Find it.
  16. There has been a pretty good chunk of land cleared in the west end of the Barker reservoir just south of Westheimer Parkway near Fry Rd sort of across the road from where the children's soccer fields are.
  17. Do you have a link to one of these start to finish guides?
  18. You need to go back and watch the finale again, or part of it. Check out the last 15 minutes again. Specifically the conversation between Christian Shepard and Jack. They did not die on the island, well some of them did, but not in the plain crash. Everything that happened on the island was real. Jack died in the finale. some of the other people died before him (Juliet, Sun and Jin, Shannon, Boone, Chollie, etc.(and after him) like the people that left the island on the Ajera plane(Sawyer, Kate, Miles, etc.) Also Hurley and Ben stayed on the island presumably for a long time before dying. They were all in a purgatory (sideways world off the island(LA) waiting for each other. I was overall let down that some of the mysteries and mythology kind of faded away in importance over the last season, but LOST has always been more character driven and full of spiritual seeking (man of faith vs. man of science) to me. And on that level it did not dissapoint.
  19. Ive screwed up and let them raise my values every year since I bought my house, this being the fifth year. I am going to try Appealpropertytax.com on the logic that I think my value is way high and they should have more success than I would with the iappeal online myself.
  20. I grew up just south of Gulfgate mall down the street from the Reveille Ice House. Only one I have been too in Houston was the one on West Alabama saw a girl get bit by a dog while drinking beer.
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