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  1. In the black community, Houston ranks higher than Dallas in coolness and things to do. Although Houston has done a 360 in its reputation, it's still slower in certain things. Often times we we're mentioning Dallas can we please leave Arlington and Fort Worth out of the discussion.
  2. There is an office building in the rendering. Im assuming this is it.
  3. I know, yet they all have smart phones. I don't understand it.
  4. Pathetic is being too nice but I'm loving this development and thank you Dallas Morning news.
  5. A hotel? I wonder what brand he could attract? I bet it gets built before that W hotel does.
  6. If Urbannizer is asking questions about a site, then that's not a good sign.
  7. It's an amazing site however I feel that there will be morons who will want to be artistic on the inside of the tunnel. There are too many hard working people working on this fine project.
  8. These are great discussions but are always in the wrong thread. Btw, are the pics I'm seeing on Instagram is the master plan for this district?
  9. Is this thread about the Mcnair development or Dillards? I'm confused.
  10. Ok.so this has been sold to a Maryland company. What's the likely branding name of this hotel?
  11. There's a lot of dirt still needed for this project. I'm looking forward to when they're going full speed ahead on this.
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