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  1. Ok.so this has been sold to a Maryland company. What's the likely branding name of this hotel?
  2. Any renderings yet on the Moody rebuild and the Hub?
  3. There's a lot of dirt still needed for this project. I'm looking forward to when they're going full speed ahead on this.
  4. A person after my own heart. You're speaking my language.
  5. Is that the lot where the Navy seafood is or was?
  6. This is great news for the area but am I being unreasonable in wondering why they didn't introduce this to the Houston area first over..... well you know.
  7. This wonderful development is expected to break ground in Q2. Is the tallest tower seen here still in the plans?
  8. Does anyone really understand what this development will become? This will be THE area. Just when I thought I found and area I want to live, here comes East River. Well back to the drawing board for me.
  9. How many floors are left until they start working on the crown?
  10. Is it just me but when did the MMP Mixed Use development turn into the freeway cap thread? Asking for a friend.
  11. I can see this development from Interstate 10. This will be a beauty. I love the term neartown.
  12. I'm betting HBJ will report on what's being built here before Half finds out.
  13. After the Ion is finished and the former Fiesta is finished then what's next? Are these the only 2 buildings associated with this campus?
  14. They're fencing off the plaza area behind Cougar Village and they just fenced off a building near the Quad. A gentleman holding a stop sign on Cullen said the Cullen project is a three year project. And still Moody stands. This building should've been replaced a looooooong time ago.
  15. Awesome pics!!! I find it fascinating no-one has info on this. I guess we'll find out soon.
  16. Great news Nate! Now I wonder what's about to happen there. How did this slip under the radar?
  17. I guess the elephant in the room is asking what are they planning to do with this space by moving these. W Hotel construction staging?
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