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  1. Luke's became Anne's, which is still there as far as I know, and is basically about the same as Luke's. Or at least I never could tell a lot of difference... The Bar B Q place at Post Oak and Benning was Post Oak Ranch. .
  2. #1 When the dino's roamed the earth, that was the site of Mel's Bar B Q. It burned down if I remember right, and was the plant store a few years later. #2 I worked as a caddie there 2-3 times in the early 70's.
  3. Wonder if they ever finished all the work they were gonna do on that thing. I was thinking it was semi dry docked for rust repair, but haven't kept up with it.. I once spent the night on that thing. We ran a ham radio special events station on that in the early to mid 80's.. We set up our station in the CIC as I recall. They still had the old radar sets in that room back then. We worked most all bands, and even had a 1200 watt amp set up. it was winter, and I almost froze to death on that thing at night.. The metal conducts cold big time.. During the day, I had pretty much the run of the ship, and got to check out most everything worth looking at, except for the closed off sections. The radio room was closed at that time. I hear it's been restored now, and has some ham gear set up I think. It was a hoot.. Wouldn't mind doing it again some day.
  4. Dang Michelle, you have had some nice Fords.. I once had a 1960 Falcon coupe kind of like your red one. But mine was green. Had the mighty 144 cid six in it. Almost a bulletproof car. I never managed to kill it, and it still ran fine when I finally sold it off. Wish I would have kept it now, as it would be pretty collectable. I still have a 1968 F-250, and I also have a 1974 F-100, but it's in the garage and I haven't driven it in a while, although it still runs fine. Still drive the 68 quite a bit.. The buckets were a semi rare option on the 68's.. Not really connected to the Ranger in that year.. IE: a 68 Ranger didn't have buckets, unless you special ordered them, and you could order buckets with any of the trim levels in 68, if I remember right. Didn't have to be a Ranger. But like I say, they were pretty rare, and you hardly see them on most 68's. Regular ole Bench seat in mine. My first car was a 1965 Chevy Impala Sports Sedan. That the version with no pillar between the front and rear side windows, and the rear window came to a sharp crease at the top back, rather than the more curved version of the regular Impala Sedan.. Had a 396, and was faster than a scalded house cat. My dad bought it new off the showroom floor, and I inherited it as my first car when I started driving. My everyday car now, besides the trucks? A fairly boring Toyota Corolla.. I bought it when gas was sky high, and I wanted a gas sipper.. I do have to say, it's been flawless and I haven't had a single problem with it so far since I bought it in 2007. So it has been a good car, if kinda boring.. :/ And does sip the gas, which helps on the semi long trips I often take. I remember in the 60's, I always liked T-birds because of the pseudo airplane interiors, gauges, etc they had back then.
  5. I tend to agree. Blood and Money is the only book really worth reading about the story. I never liked the movie, nor the other book too much at all. But also Blood and Money is a good book as far as getting an image as to what Houston was like in those days. Pretty accurately descriptive in many ways. I even went as far as to purchase a second original hard cover version off fleabay a year or two ago. The only let down was there are no pictures in it, like there is in the paperback version. But I have both versions, so I guess I can live with it. I used to have an autographed copy, as my mother knew Thompson, but it runnoft somewhere over the years..
  6. Not sure how I got it in my head that there was an indoor pool.. Maybe I was confused to the location being as it was so overgrown at the time. I can see from the older pictures that you could loop around the driveway without stopping even in the old days. So I guess what I thought were carved out driving trails in the overgrown grass, were actually tracings of the original drive that looped around the garden area, or whatever it was, east of the house. I think it was the summer of 1974 when we went there. I remember I was driving the first car I had back in those days, and I'm pretty sure I was 17 at the time as I remember that summer pretty well. In the 1973 archive image, it doesn't look as overgrown from the air as it actually was that next summer we were there. I vaquely remember we went there one night late that summer, and the police came and ran everyone off. I think that was the last time I went there. And I guess it was 2 years later when it burned down. At that time, I didn't have any real clue as to it's history. But even in it's run down shape, I could tell it must have been a pretty fancy place in it's day. The grass and weeds must have been 3 ft tall when we were there. It was pretty thick as I recall. Hard to believe it's been 40+ years since then.. Where did all the time go...
  7. Used to go to a place called the "Diamondhead" club?? I believe it was.. Back in the mid-late 70's.. I think that was in the village or nearby.. We used to go there on cheap pitcher night and drink mass quantities of golden beverage while watching bands like Allan Haynes, and such.. Didn't really spend much time in the village area other than that.. I do recall seeing Eric Johnson at the old Tower theater back in the mid-late 80's or thereabouts.
  8. Been collecting them for years here, but not limited to Houston.. Have a few thousand of them on my drives. I have many of Houston, including a boat load of the old Main street houses, several panarams, etc.. I've got a lot off of the Library of Congress, and a few other sites. One place I check quite often is "Shorpy's" site.. Lots of good pictures there, and I like it because most are large images, and most have been tweaked up and sharpened. So they look good. Quite a few new ones pop up every few days. It's amazing how high quality many of the old large glass plate images and such were back in the day. An example jusr recently posted there.. 110 years ago. And sharp as a tack. I also like the old gas station images and such. There are many of those there. http://www.shorpy.com/node/18666?size=_original#caption
  9. The truck crash was May 76. So would be around that time frame until maybe 1977 or so. Never really went in any other bars around there. Theodores the restaurant had a bar upstairs where I got adult beverages free or half price, "can't remember which", so hardly went anywhere else. I imagine everything looked about the same, except 40 years fresher.. The restaurant, which was in an old Westheimer house, burned down several years ago. The store next door was there, even back then. Back then, all the houses on Avondale were in pretty good shape as I recall.
  10. Best I can tell from the various sources, they seem to think the oak has been there since around the beginning of the cemetery founding. Which was the 1870-1880 range. So... if it's from 1870, I suppose around 143 years.. That's a pretty long time for a typical oak tree. It's getting so heavy on the ends of the branches that they have a few cables, supports and such to hold it up in spots.
  11. When I worked there, Theodore "Ted" had bought out Scruggs, and both the club on the sidestreet, and the restaurant were named Theodores. I worked for the restaurant.. Hardly ever set foot in the club.. This was the time period as the ammonia truck crash. I was behind that ammonia truck and saw the crash while on the way to work at Theodores that day.
  12. Parked many a car in front of that house in a past life..lol I once worked at Theodores as a valet parker back in the later 70's.. :/
  13. Noticed another had posted some images from Glenwood. I have a few I took around the beginning of last year.. I'd like to take some more if I ever get around to it. A few notable graves I haven't got to yet. That monster tree is something else. I don't think I ever posted these here, but if I did and forgot about it, sorry about the dupe..
  14. It probably is.. But the original is a higher resolution. Which is this one.. You should be able to click on this one to see full res. Well, maybe not after posting it.. This is the full res link.. http://home.comcast.net/~disk300/westbury.jpg
  15. I've never seen any.. It was the typical victorian era 2 story type of house. Or I think it was two story anyway.. It also had a large attic. When it was open, they had both outdoor and indoor dining areas, and I believe a bar area if I remember right. Seems like the bar was on the second story. BTW, I'm almost positive the name of the restaurant was Theodores when I worked there. I do not remember it being E.T. Scruggs. And the club around the corner was also called Theodores at that time.. It's been so long, I can't even remember "Theodores" last name.. We called him "Ted" as I recall.. I remember his parents used to come in a lot also. I'll probably come to me some day.. It's wandering about in the fog.. :+ For some reason, I'm semi recalling that E.T. Scruggs was the original name, and Ted had a partner at that time. They named the restaurant for one, "Scruggs", and named the club after the other. "Theodore" But.. Seems to me that Ted bought him out, and renamed both the restaurant and the club Theodores. I think that's the story anyway, but don't hold me to it.. That was 35 years ago.. :/ It was a fairly hopping place at that time, particularly for the lunch crowd.
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