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  1. Well it's been awhile since I've been here, but it's great to know that there are other people that remember a good thing! Peace, Jules
  2. We were told during the 70's that Elvis was staying at the Royal Coach Inn and playing at the Houston Arena. We were members of the swimming pool club at the Royal Coach Inn and that day (date unknown) we were not allowed to swim because Elvis was there. Not much, but I hope it helps! Peace, Jules
  3. During the 70's my parents bought our family annual swimming pool memberships at the Royal Coach Inn. This continued for years. We brought family and friends there to play Marco Polo or whatever. The signs posted there said "no cut-offs" due to filter clogging, lol. We entered through a specific back door to enter the pool area. We were informed by posted signs if a famous person was staying there and we were not allowed there to swim that day(s). Elvis, The Osmonds, and more stars stayed there in order to play/act at the Houston Arena Theatre (down the street). I would love it if someone out there had some pics of the Royal Coach Inn, especially the pool area. Is anybody out there (no Pink Floyd intended)? Any information would be great! Thanks, Jules
  4. Don't forget the Sharpstown Drive-In Theater (near Bellaire Blvd. & Hillcroft), now an apartment complex.
  5. I experienced my first horse ride there. I remember a big red barn there too. I'll look for some pics on this. Thanks for the memory blast! Peace, EnviroMain And what was the name of the old stables on Westheimer (west side)? I rode a couple of times out there too sometime in the 70's. Does anyone have a picture of that?
  6. Julie MainLived on the corner of Neff and Larkwood for what seemed like forever at the time.Is this Carolyn Wilhelm? This is Julie Main, Environmental Scientist. Who is this???? Yes, I played BB in high school too. Had a personal reunion with Dawn Simmons, Stacey Wilbanks, Becca Grassl, Julie Murphy, Lisa Baum and more a few years back. It was very nice. Becca is talking about putting another customized reunion together again. Peace, JAM
  7. The only Beer Barn I know of was a drive through liquor store located on Richman in Sharl]pstown. But I did find this, even though it's not too helpful: http://www.noplacebuttexas.com/george/geohou.htm Peace.
  8. I had forgotten about the Derweinerschnitzel. I don't remember 16 cent hot dogs, but I remember we used to stop there for lunch after we went to Homer's or Sacco's. Take me back to the 70's when life was so easy! Peace.
  9. Which one? There has to be at least a dozen Fuddruckers in Houston. Good burgers!
  10. Chuck Wagon's hamburgers were the best! There was a Chuck Wagon Drive-In located near Bissonnet and Beachnut in the 70's. Good ole' mustard burgers!
  11. I remember it being only open for a year, if that long. I believe it closed it's doors in 1971 due to lack of customers. I remember seeing the biggest goldfish I had ever seen (~16"). Also you have to join or sign in, but here's a link to a video of the park (5th link down): http://www.sixflagshouston.com/videos/
  12. I see your Avitar is Holder's Pest Control. My brother was in Pack 321 Boy Scouts with Dale Holder's (owner) son. They used to live in a large house on the corner of Wateka Drive and Troulon Drive in Sharpstown. Did you know that Dale Holder has a tatoo of that "roach" image on his arm?
  13. Interesting article: http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/stories.../28/focus1.html
  14. This is from O.W. Gray "National Atlas" published in 1884.
  15. Wasn't the sneak preview of the movie held at the Sharpstown theater next to the mall? I remember there was a rumor that Kenny Rogers and Mickey Gilley were supposed to attend it.
  16. Thanks for the info and Happy Holidays!!! Does anyone know how many streetcars did Houston originally have?
  17. Found this currently listed on eBay. Genora's White Kitchen #2, 616 Main St. Thought you might like it.
  18. A friend sent this picture to me because it is the Capitol Hotel on the corner of Texas and Main (prior to Rice Hotel). She said the picture was taken in 1892 and was saved somewhere from the web. It's the streetcar that I am interested in. I can see the electric cable on top of the car. Does anyone know the name of this streetcar?
  19. Notsuoh (Houston spelled backwards) in the early 1900's. You can find this photo at http://www.houstonian.freeservers.com/history/1900.htm.
  20. Doesn't look too familiar. Where in Sharpstown was it located? Looks like the drive-in is in the background.
  21. And there is the house I used to live in located in Montrose, 4104 Greeley @ W. Main- presently Robin's Nest Bed & Breakfast at http://www.therobin.com/history.shtml. You can also get additional information from a 1970's article from Houston Home & Garden in the SEARS AT SOUTH MAIN thread here at HAIF. You can find this photo at http://www.therobin.com/history.shtml.
  22. Also found at http://www.houstonhistory.com/poduct2/album3/jsalbum.html Eugene Pillot House, 1803 McKinney Avenue at Chenevert Street. Built in 1868 and moved to Sam Houston Park in 1965. Extant. Jedidiah Porter Waldo House and Garden, 1213 Rusk Avenue at Caroline Street. Built in 1884-85, moved to 210 Westmoreland, and remodeled in 1904-1905. Extant, George E. Dickey, architect.
  23. I found these photos at http://www.houstonhistory.com/poduct2/album3/jsalbum.html There the home is referred to as the Inglenook, John Henry Kirby House, 2006 Smith Street at Pierce Avenue. It was originally built in 1893-94, remodeled 1807-1900, and then incorporated into a new house 1925. Inglenook, side view looking north Inglenook, Greenhouse
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