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  1. The info about the limitations of the 172 is pretty accurate. It's best as a trainer -- 2 person plane for local use. Great aircraft for that purpose and it can travel for 2 people + bags, when necessary. Most 4-seat single-engine planes are for 2-3 people, once FAA-required fuel reserves and weight and balance calculations are figured in. The speed info was very conservative. It's possible to fly into a headwind and have short periods of flight that slow (45mph), but more typically, your ground speed is in the 90-100mph range -- and you aren't bound by roads (unless you're having to use them
  2. I think the cable company even refused it, which I find really puzzling.When did Houston get so prudish? Anyway, I don't think it will hurt IKEA's turnout. They're giving away FREE chairs! Free Poang Chairs to the first 100 people at IKEA Houston 6/9/2010
  3. So, IKEA is going to have a grand reopening next week and apparently is having a little trouble getting the word out because their commercial is too risque. I don't think it is, but whatever... I hear they'll have free food and $100 sofas for the first few hundred people there.
  4. I'm in for the dome, provided there are real plans for video screens and lighting on it.
  5. I created a Super Bowl spot a few years ago which was placed through a partnership we had with an out-of-town media buying agency. We got prime placement, right before the end of the second quarter and a discount off the published rate. I'm told the published rate is always just a mark they strive for -- big discounts happen every year. I hear that just about everyone here hoping to rent out their houses for thousands per night, back during our Super Bowl was disappointed, too. A lot of the hype surrounding it is overblown and perpetuated by a strange collective desire among the "Super Bowl c
  6. Mine: US: Get Back - Beatles UK: Ballad of John and Yoko - Beatles Wife: US: He don't love you like I love you - Tony Orlando and Dawn UK: Stand by your Man - Tammy Wynette
  7. Surely no lighting could be so spectacular as to be seen from five blocks away. Why do blinking lights so interest you?
  8. I remember liking their first iteration here 20 years ago. I believe the location where Sullivan's is on Westheimer was an On the Border. Of course, I was 20 years old then and probably didn't know much better. The fact that I could get a margarita without ID was enough for me. they left this market about 15 years ago and reinvented the concept. I haven't been to one since they re-entered the market. Looks like I may have missed my chance...
  9. They seem to have an idealistic notion to stick to a scientific, museum-like attraction with minimal "theme park" attractions such as thrill rides. Even Disney offer only a couple of thrill rides in -land and World. I don't give this vision much chance of success at this scale. My guess is that, after realizing pretty good attendance over the first season of phase one, interest in phase two will be low and repeat visits will be hard to generate. So, they will back off their idealistic eco-educational plan and play more to the masses. Then, you'll see some roller coasters, motion simulators and
  10. I like AXH. I can park my car right at the terminal and be on a plane within 10 minutes.
  11. Taz's Texas Tornado was a permanent installation of a traveling coaster from Europe that rarely ran, due to maintenance issues.
  12. The Houstonians craving this are unaware of The Galleria. I think <100 sounds about right. On a serious note, a comparison to The Galleria is valid, I think. When that mall was introduced into a seemingly illogical setting -- It was considered the middle of nowhere at the time -- it focused on destination retail and the novelty of an ice rink in hot, humid Houston, to draw people who were curious. It also was designed as an enclosed city unto itself, with a nod to "public spaces" (ironically on private property) that had rarely been seen outside much older cities. It invented (or more accur
  13. Strange, I found the discussion of places he would "seldom frequent" and "occasionally frequent" to be very poorly said.
  14. And you are impressed with it? I didn't have any fantasy in mind, I was merely observing. I didn't actually WANT anything out of HP, as I find shopping, dining, entertainment and living options in other parts of Houston to be excellent. I have no secret hard-on to buy Gap khakis or even Cartier watches downtown. If retail is, in fact, the answer to building downtown life past 6pm, and if we all agree that downtown life is our goal for whatever reason, I think this seems like poor execution. I think turning the shops inward does exactly what The Park Shops did -- it eliminates its interaction w
  15. If HP had about 10 times the retail space and some air conditioning, it would be a run-of-the-mill mall. If its storefronts faced the street, it would be a curious collection of lackluster shops that make a downtown shopping district. If its tenant list were interesting enough (except for HOB and Lucky Strike-those are great, but perhaps not enough to sustain it) it would be a destination. If it were connected to residential or better positioned near a critical mass of residential (no, a few Midtown bargain hunters shopping for high school apparel isn't enough) and gave that population a publi
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