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  1. The "looking out my window" count has them finishing the concrete work on 40 and starting the work to pour 41.
  2. Using the very unscientific "counting floors outside my window" method, it appears they are pouring the 37th floor now.
  3. By my "looking at the window" count, they are pouring the 35th floor now.
  4. Aris is a fake "window" exterior that gives up its secret at night when the lights shine through. It's better than a wall (certainly better than the Rice) but I feel like this has some nice elements that flow well into the overall aesthetic of the building. But I'm not an expert - I analyze data for a living soooo
  5. I agree, it's been surprisingly nice. The stone will be curved and has a nice look to it already. For a parking podium, it's better than any other I can think of in the near vicinity
  6. Watch the top floor almost out of frame - windows installed in less than six hours
  7. I believe (I'm just counting out my window 😄) they are finishing the concrete on 28 and beginning on 29.
  8. Forgive the play-by-play but bam-- already done with the glass panes on the east side for the 12th floor. (Forgive the fisheye Nest cam lens outside my window!) Happy to share the live stream password if you want to look live, just shoot me a DM.
  9. The glass panels are coming up on the east side and fast. They were going up at a rate of about one every 30 minutes yesterday before they went home for the downtown rally.
  10. If my counting is correct, we're now over halfway (they are starting on floor 24)
  11. Thanks for that explanation! I live next door and the crane lights are a new night light Was wondering what was going on. I walk the dog at 5 a.m. and work is going on, come home at 7 and still working, look out the window -- they're still at it
  12. The tunnel under block 58 is open - I discovered it yesterday from the parking garage immediately to the north. It has a tunnel to Chase and to the Calpine building. Also noticed the giant submarine flood doors they installed. Good thinking.
  13. The view out my window in the Rice is looking right down on the progress and I see the drone almost daily. It really must be an asset in construction.
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