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  1. If you not find any solution on CNET then you can see this one- https://appuals.com/the-5-best-voice-changer-software-to-use/ Here you will get a top list of voice changer software.
  2. Any brand of cool mist humidifier would be alright. I have a everlasting comfort ultrasonic cool mist humidifier- it's filter-less though... It's been great for us. I've clean it weekly to keep on top of any bacteria growth-
  3. In winter, especially in the basement with oven and our main bedroom, the air becomes quite dry. I had the same problem in the old house, I decided (at least overnight) a small humidifier working in the bedroom. This works fine, but in the end does not make the floor hardwood, where I had a good moisturizer. The new house is bigger and we spend more time in different rooms - so I was wondering if you put a moisturizer on the HVAC system can not be a smart way to solve the problem and its solution to the whole house, not just a room renting a moment. Do you have any experience before and even better, have you bought and installed yourself
  4. i wanted to know if anyone had puzz 3D skyscrapers to share so i made a thread for it. so if you would like to post pic's of yours then feel free.
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