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  1. So far I've only seen the Moksha Indian Fusion Cuisine. Has anyone been to this place? What is the decor and the food like? Yelp lists it but there is no information because it's still a new place. I have other questions I'd like to ask later on. I probably won't have time to go there until this weekend. I'm also open to other Asian-pacific restaurants as well. My GF is from Houston and has been to peiwei countless times so we're looking for something different. Thanks!! ps: new to pearland
  2. Happy holidays, What are ideal cafes, diners, or restaurants in Houston or the surrounding area (I live in Pearland) that are excellent first-date locations? somewhere not too casual and not too fancy. What attractions or parks are ideal for couples on the same day, if her and I were to have a morning brunch? There is this one girl I know who lives between the Beltway and 610, and I've thought about taking her to the Pearland Town Center for lunch and a matinee. But the distance will be too far for her and there's not a lot to do where I live. Thanks for your advice
  3. Whats up, I work in retail. New to the area, and I moved from Houston itself to Pearland this year with my relatives. I love Pearland so far, especially since I had gotten a job at their new shopping center. But at times it makes me wish that I *shudder* was older, had a wife and a family because I nearly stick out like a sore thumb when I go to certain places like Red Robins to eat lunch or a dinner after work. And then I went to Sam's Boat one time and all I saw were couples, or groups of couples and not a single woman there. No one looked at me strange, but I still felt awkward being ther
  4. I'm specifically interested in medium-sized or large stores. My friends and I went to a smaller shop in Rice Village and couldn't believe the prices. So far my option is Burlington Coat but I've called 2 two stores in Webster and League City and they haven't answered.
  5. Is there a comedy club at the Pearland Town Center? Or is there a bar in the Pearland/Silverlake area that hosts comedy hour? JUST CURIOUS. ))))))))))))
  6. Thanks everyone, you've been extremely helpful and you've opened my eyes as well.
  7. playing billiards. There's a place near my home that serves beer and burgers and it's my NBA spot. Good times. But they're not places I would bring a date. If she were my girlfriend or wife, sure no problem. What types of nighttime events are great for people (single people included) who want to drink beer, but not necessarily stay in a club-like environment? Art events? I want to look for events where I won't feel self-concious for being by myself while groups of friends are sitting down on sofa #1, sofa #2, lounge sofa #3... And at the same time a place where live music is played in the ba
  8. Which places are ideal for family members (with wheelchair accessibility) and which places are ideal for friends in their 20s? I went to beer and burgers joint outside of Houston and it was more like a truck stop than anything else. The people were friendly but the only seats available were bar stools! Thanks
  9. Are they currently in the process of expanding 288 north of the Broadway/288 exit on the southbound side? Or is that a side road that they're working on?
  10. The surprising thing is how intense it snowed. I counted millions of thick snowflakes. Around 5 I was getting off from work, about to turn on 288 and I could see tiny pellets of snow. Went into HEB for a while and when I came back out it was snowing steadily. The kid inside me was like: "YAYYYYY IT'S SNOWING!!!!" I saw people out in the parking lot taking pictures of their cars and the snow flakes, while others just stopped to look. It collected on my car some but there wasn't enough to scrap to make a snowball Wasn't that bad driving home.
  11. No, I am unfortunately serious about this. I've also read your replies and I've agreed with your comments, everyone. But I've seen students with Hollister shirts and other designer clothes, wearing shades, bluetooth headsets, designer baseball caps...and it almost feels like I'm underdressed. However I DO see a lot of students with the campus reds and whites, gym pants, cougar logos, etc. My classes circulate between Agnes Arnold Hall & the Communication Building.
  12. So get this... If you don't dress up stylishly or wear the latest threads at the University of Houston Main Campus, the students there will automatically assume that you're from the surrounding neighborhood, and in class you'll receive curious or disapproving stares. I am not making this up, and I'm certainly not bashing U of H. The campus and it's educational facilities and faculty have nothing to do with this. That is...sad. I thought that U of H was a campus where people aren't suspicious of each other or look down on others because they don't look fly. If you've received a smirk from one o
  13. So here's a scenario. Brazoria county advises on College Station and Benton TX, N-NW of here for evacuation destinations. But the storm is heading in that direction anyways. So a few residents in a brazoria county town decide to head towards San Antonio via I-10 as early as 6pm today. SA is a distance, but negotiable. How is the route between SA & Houston? How safe is SA itself? OR, would it be just as easy to find a motel/hotel in Northwest Houston????????????
  14. Anyone from Pearland? What do you plan to do?
  15. First-time hurricane evacuee! I live in Pearland, Brazoria County and they're kicking us out at 8 am tommorrow. My route says to go up the Beltway towards College Station. BUT, here's the thing. NO ONE'S MOVING ON MY BLOCK!!! I asked a neighbor, and he said he's staying. ????????????? Anyways, can anyone recommend any motels/hotels along the west Beltway? How's north west Houston in terms of flooding? Thanks. - And I'm not familiar with the towns outside of Houston, so if I were to find a closer alternative to College Station, where should I go?
  16. Thanks. Btw, how's the mall? I haven't been able to drive through since it opened.
  17. where are some of the best watering holes to go to after work? I recently moved to Silverlake and I'm in my 20s. I was thinking of TGIFs but that would seem strange to go to a restaurant's bar. I've already been to Scooter's Beer and Burgers with a friend and it was OK. Thanks!
  18. So my coworker told me that Walmart offers eye exams for only 45 dollars. But I'm actually closer to Today's Vision, Pearlevision, Your Eyes. Could someone please suggest the least expensive eye exam? Also do I need to provide my Humana insurance for an eye exam at Pearlevision for example? Thanks
  19. Can anyone recommend nightclub, dance club or street events going on in Galveston? I'm from the Houston area and I'd like to drive down there and stay (maybe) two days. What's the best way to explore the island and have fun on the 31st? Thanks!
  20. I live very close to 518 and Main, and yesterday I saw Mykawa Road partially flooded, the small side streets off of North Main towards 288 flooded, and the ditches alongside 518 were half full. I'm not scared or trippin' but I am concerned. Thanks!
  21. I am thinking about Sears Tire and Auto since I have a Nissan, but there are 2 major tire repair shops in Pearland + the other smaller shops. Which ones offer the best service and are ideal for repairs in the $200-300 range? Basically what I want to do is get my tires replaced. Thanks
  22. I lost both my drivers liscense and ID, and I'm originally from another state. What's the procedure? The DPS office is closed today and I'm gathering up my secondary info, which DOESN'T have any photographs of me on it. - Social security card - Actual birth certificate - A college transcript - Temporary drivers id card sent to me from DMV. Is there anything else I can use that will help me? I do have a passport from 2002. Thanks.
  23. Wow, I'm kinda stunned by the Chinatown article. I am also guilty of making the assumption that nothing "bad" happens in Asian communities. The city I came from originally had a period of violence but it was mostly small and internal between Chinese and other Asian gangs. My co-worker told me last week about a 16 year old who got shot and killed at an apartment complex. From my old city, it was easy to tell where the highest concentration of crime was. You knew where to go and not to go. But here, it's different, especially if you're a newcomer. So where are the highest concentrations of crim
  24. Hi, Been living in Pearland for about 3 months now. I came from a densely populated city from the West Coast and my relatives and I made a plan to buy a house in Pearland. I would live in the house, take care of it and also prepare it for other relatives who want to rent in the property as well. They changed their minds, no problem. I like that Pearland is growing (I saw the forum on the lifestyle center) but as a single person this place is not for me. I honestly feel out of place being in a family area. The real estate agent touted Pearland as a great place to live, but she was expecting t
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