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  1. I’m not sure that’s true. My Monday-Thursday hotel rates in Manhattan (when I travel their for business) are far higher than the same hotel’s Friday-Sunday rates.
  2. With the rapid development and densification of Midtown, I wonder if Montrose will pull even further ahead of the Heights in terms of desirability. Currently, both Montrose and the Heights offer ultra short commutes for downtown office workers, but now that Midtown seems like it’s in the midst of a 180, Montrose stands to gain as well IMO.
  3. Do you ever fear parking your car and leaving it alone while shopping at that Fiesta? Serious question.
  4. I think the new HEB on Washington will do great, but in my opinionWhole Foods just isn't worth it in Houston. Its value proposition compared to Central Market is extremely low. Heck, I can get 90% of my weekly groceries at Central Market for the same price I’d pay at HEB. It’s only that 10% of items that I’m better off buying at HEB for a lower price. Whole Foods is a lot more expensive than Central Market.
  5. Or a UNIQLO. Wait what retailers have popped up in Montrose recently?
  6. St. Thomas University has already expressed interest in buying the old library, so it would be part of their campus.
  7. I wish this was at the intersection of Westheimer at Montrose where the Specs is.
  8. https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2019/09/30/houston-restaurant-group-unveils-plans-for-piano.html Houston restaurateur Benjamin Berg just unveiled his latest project, a revamp of Cafe Annie called The Annie Cafe and Bar, but soon he will be moving on to something else: a piano bar called Link & Lee. There are currently few details on the project — permits haven't even been filed yet — but Berg confirmed that the concept is being developed. The roughly 1,800-square-foot bar will be at 4321 Montrose Blvd., the site of the now-defunct Bar Victor, which closed
  9. Just to confirm, no ground floor retail is planned for this, correct? I think a coffee shop would do well here. The closest ones are Black Hole and Siphon.
  10. I love what Caydon is doing with this, but the real question is...will enough people want to live in this part of Midtown with all of the baggage that entails? It isn’t all that far from the Greyhound station after all. I have no doubts this area will transform into something great over the years, but who will the first brave souls be to lease an apartment here? I mean at this price point, why not just live in the Hanover Montrose or in one of the nice residential towers downtown?
  11. Squatters and panhandlers certainly seem interested.
  12. Makes sense. I wonder if this lot is truly large enough for a mid rise? Clear Channel seems to own the lot just east of this one on Woodrow (currently a billboard there). I suppose if you combine the two, it would be large enough for something.
  13. What did they update this month as compared to April? Looks the same to me.
  14. It was pretty busy when I went for lunch earlier this week.
  15. Sounds cool! Anywhere I can hear yalls music online?
  16. So excited to see what this building will become! This pocket of Midtown is going to be unrecognizable in a few years.
  17. Will there be a new exit on the southbound portion of IH-69 after the rebuild if Fannin is no longer there? Or will the next available exit be all the way at Shepherd?
  18. Something we drive by everyday and “don’t see”?! I live in Montrose and I see it everyday. I’m sure residents at The Hanover and the forthcoming La Colombe d’Or are thrilled.
  19. How will the amenities at Broadstone be compared to the taller Carter next door? Will they both be targeting the same demographic?
  20. Being up there is one of my favorite places in the city to relax. My house is only a 10-minute walk from there and I bought the house in Montrose two years ago when Glassell was still under construction, so this public space has been a particularly great amenity for me - wasn’t even a selling point when we bought!
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