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  1. West Alabama and Mulberry - love that intersection! Before the Menil in 87ish, what was there? Was Menil Park always there?
  2. lending is as cheap as ever now.
  3. If demand is low (i.e. lots of empty storefronts all over Montrose), shouldn’t rent decrease?
  4. Not to mention the entire empty strip of shuttered restaurants further south on Montrose, just south of Richmond. Why can nothing stay open there?
  5. Any bets on when the McDonalds across the street will shut down? I was just at Sweetgreen and saw one of the Sweetgreen employees eating McDonald’s during his lunch break on the Sweetgreen patio. That summed up the state of Montrose right there.
  6. A great spot for retail in the area is the abandoned Museum Florist shop at 5007 Montrose Blvd. I really love the retro look of that brick building. Anyone know when it closed?
  7. HCAD is down at the moment, otherwise I'd check.
  8. According to the Instagram page of the business Glass Cypress, located at 1711 Indiana Street in Montrose, the owners of the store will be "reinventing a shopping experience by reconstructing three blocks on Indiana Street into a mixed-use commercial subdivision. Indiana Street will metonymically refer to a stretch of real estate in the heart of Montrose which will offer over twenty contemporary luxury goods stores." This was posted on their Instagram page, which has 98,000 followers, two days ago. I did some digging on these guys, and they seem to be early 20-something
  9. Will be interesting to see how this pocket of Montrose develops once the tech innovation area next door is complete.
  10. Is this location cursed? Or is something bigger and better moving in?
  11. what website did you find that? I just see one name on HCAD’s site.
  12. On a related note, what’s the story with the abandoned house caddy corner from this development at 120 Portland St? It’s in ROUGH shape and has been for a while. I was driving down that street last night and I’m pretty sure squatters live there since I saw one laying out on the stoop. I believe it used to be a restaurant back in the 70s/80s. EDIT: Oh wow, I just read this on the Wikipedia page for none other than Joseph Finger: ”On 6 February 1953, a month short of his 66th birthday, Finger died at his home at 120 Portland Street.”
  13. Anyone knows what the future of this lot is? The old Drew’s BBQ spot has been vacant for over a year and a half.
  14. When will they start beautifying the surrounding area? That shiny new building sure will look odd surrounded by burnt out plants and boring streetscapes.
  15. I always figured it was an outdoor patio for Bacco next door, but I suppose it could be something else.
  16. I suppose BCN is there, and the are just southwest of there seems to be doing great (BB Lemon, etc). That whole pocket on Richmond just needs a complete refresh.
  17. How do you think this Sears development will affect the easternmost part of Richmond Ave, just on the opposite side of the Spur....say from Montrose Blvd to the Spur? That little stretch of Richmond is pretty lifeless and devoid of any real development for a while now (with the exception of Lotti Dotti). I feel like it’s ripe for development once the Ion is up and running just across the Spur. I read somewhere that most of the businesses on that stretch of Richmond closed about a decade ago when they all thought they’d be driven out by the University line on the metro rail (which obviously nev
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