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  1. 4 hours ago, cloud713 said:

    Whats going on here? Kind of looks like they built a wooden shade structure below the trellis, but that cant be right.

    My guess is that they’ll cover the wooden structure with vines, and once they grow in, it’ll offer some Instagramable shade.

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  2. 30 minutes ago, HouTXRanger said:

    In their meetings, they very much felt like they were approaching things from a "demand" point of view, and when people talked about how really they wanted to work with Ion not against them, it felt like a second thought. You're right in that the CBA has exactly zero leverage over the Ion, so I'm really not sure why they feel like they have such ground to stand on.

    Most of the motivation from the CBA group is that they see what happens to other cities when big tech gets in to a neighborhood (incredibly high gentrification), and they genuinely fear for what's going to happen to the 3rd ward if the Ion outgrows Rice's land . . . which it will.



    From what I heard at the Ion meeting, a land trust is already trying to get off the ground. I'm sure they need more money and buy-in though, and they're rapidly running out of time before land prices get out of their reach.


    All that's kept the place from exploding with townhomes is the "reputation" 3rd ward has. They're already encroaching in the northern corner . . .

    The only reason prices are that high is because of proximity to downtown, the med center, and the universities, right? Well . . . imagine how quickly the place is going to explode when there's also a rapid bus to TSU/UH, 10-20 minute rapid transit connection to Wheeler (and the red line), Greenway Plaza, the Galleria (and all the other connections at the Uptown transit center). I honestly think it's going to be one of the best connected neighborhoods in the city, and I think it'll make east downtown look like nothing.

    Is the BRT going to be on Wheeler or Alabama?

  3. 53 minutes ago, X.R. said:


    I'm torn. I agree with you in part since a row of mixed use down the Parkway, with the Whole Foods just right there, would make it a pedestrian paradise. But a part of me says that because it is such a prominent location it makes even more sense to have such a public cultural/spiritual place go into the space. The Menil/Rothko Chapel helps give Montrose a sense of permanency, and provides a v positive space for gathering and reflection for the neighborhood and Houston, that I love the thought of having that replicated.



    I know this is more of an Ismaili community center and not necessarily an Ismaili place of worship, but as someone familiar with this sect, I will say that Ismaili places of worship are very strict about not letting non-Ismailis in.


    Again, this doesn’t apply to mosques in general (anyone is welcome in a mosque in Houston, regardless of religion), but to Ismaili/Aga Khani places of worship in particular.


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  4. 3 hours ago, X.R. said:

    Not quite the signage I expected us to get from an establishment as fine as Acme Oyster, especially for their first foray into Houston, but I guess thats ok...😉

    Looks like a Clearasil zit ad if you ask me.

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  5. On 9/16/2020 at 11:16 AM, rgarza said:

    It’s plaster. Fabric sails would’ve been cool, but I imagine it’d be a nightmare to keep clean. 

    @rgarza When do you think y’all will be testing the illuminated tubes at night...anytime soon? Would love to see how it looks lit up!

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